How To Choose Patriot SBC Heads? [The Definitive Guide]

Buying a quality SBC head is a little bit tough if you have a tight cost. Well, new small block chevy heads are expensive. It’s also hard to say if it can give you better performance or not.

Patriot SBC heads can fulfill all your requirements. Doesn’t matter if you are going for a racing car or a normal one. These heads also give a beautiful look and easy porting. Apart from these, there are many reasons why patriot SBC heads are a good option. So, how to choose patriot SBC heads?

Patriot has been giving services for many years now. It’s no more known as patriot performance, instead promaxx performance. Still gives the same facility.

While choosing heads, you have to make sure that the heads go with the parts. Otherwise, it won’t give you good performance. Perhaps, it will overheat. Let’s go from the beginning, the things you should know about SBC heads.

How To Choose Patriot SBC Heads

How To Choose Patriot SBC Heads?

Let’s say you are totally new and looking for SBC heads. What would be the things you should look for in your SBC head? Well, follow the rest.


Heads are mainly made of aluminum or iron. Iron-made heads are cheaper, but aluminum heads are effective. Aluminum heads conduct heat and produce more power than iron heads.

Aluminum heads are also lighter in weight. It can also maintain the heat capacity of the engine.

Even if you have a low budget, aluminum heads are better to choose.

Port Configuration

While buying heads, make sure the style of the port is preferable for you. There are different shapes of ports found in aluminum heads.

The other thing that matters is the location of the port. Sometimes intake port configuration may vary from the standard. While buying,notice the port location and its structure.

Heads with two ports are better as they give more stability and also improve cooling. You may need to raise them to increase the flow.

Port Volume

Port volume also includes port flow. The better flow, the better heads. That’s why knowing the type of engine is always a priority.

Choose the right size of heads for the engine as it will improve torque numbers and also a better flow.

Valve Angle

The valve angle means the angle of the valve to the block deck. The valve angle highly influences the airflow through the port. It also improves performance.

When you change the angle, everything regarding the port changes. In SBC the angle of the valves is mostly 23. You can also find the angle between 9-18.

Valve Size

Large valves are better as they give better flow. Also, the size of the valve matters here. The spacing of valves provides a chance to move the valve away from the cylinder when it opens. That’s how it creates better airflow.

Also gives a chance to use a larger valve within the same space and reduces shrouding.

The diameter of the valve also influences airflow. Large springs give better performance but are not suitable for SBC. SBC heads don’t have enough space for larger ports and valves.

Port Flow

Airflow is the most important part here. As i have already said,Better airflow gives better performance. It’s indicated in the description of the product as CFM (cubic feet of air per minute).

CFM will let you know the amount of air flowing.

Combustion Chamber

 The compression ratio for an engine defines its performance. If the compression ratio is high, it will produce more power. At the same time, overheating will damage the engine.

So, it’s necessary to know the compression ratio and choose the preferable one. While choosing heads, you should also keep in mind what outcome you want. If it’s a racer car, you may want fast speed.

So, choose wisely.

These are the most important things that you should keep in mind. While building engines, heads are quite important. So don’t waste money.

Patriot SBC Heads

Now, finally back on the topic. Though promaxx is the changed name of patriot performance, still it’s cheaper, providing better quality products.

One can even get assembled heads at a cheaper rate combined with a glamorous look. Amazing right? Patriot SBC heads are lighter in weight. The lighter weight is always better for racing cars.

Also provides better airflow. If your SBC heads can not provide good airflow, then it’s a waste of money.

These heads are budget-friendly. But the problem starts because of the chamber. Smaller chambers are better, but most of the patriot heads go with certain chambers. So, chamber configuration is really important to know.

Like 188cc patriot heads only go with 64 chambers also the 185cc heads. Patriot heads also provide better valve size for airflow, which is really hard to find within the budget.

Sometimes you may face problems as well if you buy the heads without considering the engine type.

If you don’t have a bigger budget, go with patriot SBC heads. They are not just cheap but also give better outcomes.


SBC heads are pricey. So, spend money wisely. Buy the heads according to the type of engine. If it doesn’t adjust with the engine, what is the benefit of using it?

Also, choose the heads which provide good airflow. Patriot gives more facilities at a cheaper rate.

If you have enough budget, go with the ones you think are appropriate for your engine And also put the outcome in consideration. I hope now you know about how to choose patriot SBC heads.

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