How To Choose Patriot SBC Heads? [The Definitive Guide]

Buying a quality SBC head is a little bit tough if you have a tight cost. Well, new small block chevy heads are expensive. It’s also hard to say if it can give you better performance or not. Patriot SBC heads can fulfill all your requirements. Doesn’t matter if you are going for a racing … Read more

5 Best Stock SBC Heads [Reviews With Buying Guide]

If you have been driving your car for years and years while bringing no changes in the engine, you should notice that your car speed has reduced. It does not have the same speed it used to have when you first bought it. We, too, faced the exact issue until we decided to use SBC … Read more

SBC Aluminum Head Torque Specs – Details Explained

A car needs to have changes, especially the materials that Influence the engine and a car’s speed. Do you know what change we are talking about? It’s changing the head bolts. So what are the SBC aluminum head torque specs? One should change the heads by replacing the old head bolts and installing the new … Read more

SBC ARP Rod Bolt Torque Specs [Easy Methods]

Small block chevy rod bolt, known as SBC arp rod bolt torque specs, provides all those requirements you may seek while purchasing for a fine and shine quality torque arp rod bolt. Now the question that lies ahead is, what are these SBC arp rod bolt torque? Small Block Chevy engines redirect towards the famous … Read more

SBC ARP Head Bolt Torque Specs [Easy Steps & Tips]

Thinking of installing ARP head bolts for your SBC? If this is the case, then we would say you have made a great choice because these head bolts do their job great. Generally, ARP stands for Automotive Racing Products, handling the business of creating ultra-strong fasteners for your car engine.  The ARP head bolts are … Read more

SBC Main Cap Torque Sequence [Effective Ways]

Torque Tester

Torque is the way of forcing something to rotate on an axis. Torque means a kind of force, while the torque sequence means a tightening procedure. We use a torque wrench to torque a flange fitting. However, Small Block Chevrolet (SBC) is the most accepted engine in the whole world. If you are thinking of … Read more

Torque Specification Of Chevy 350 Torque Converter

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5 Best Flowing 23 Degree SBC Head [Reviews With Buying Guide]

Every car needs to have new parts installed as the replacement of old parts. You should do it for the car’s well-being. Among those replaceable parts, the cylinder head is one. This little buddy can do some seriously amazing things to the engine that the engine gains more power and the speed becomes faster. But … Read more