5 Best Stock SBC Heads [Reviews With Buying Guide]

If you have been driving your car for years and years while bringing no changes in the engine, you should notice that your car speed has reduced.

It does not have the same speed it used to have when you first bought it. We, too, faced the exact issue until we decided to use SBC heads, which are specifically made to increase the power and speed of cars.

Now the question comes, which cylinder head will be perfect for your car? How do you define the best stock SBC heads?

To answer these questions of yours and help you decide, we are here with the top-class SBC heads reviews. So, keep reading to know every detail you need to make a better buying decision.

Best Stock SBC Head

Which Type of Stock Head Is Best For SBC?

Which Type of Stock Head Is Best For SBC.jpeg

The number of high-performing sbc heads is significant because it includes both iron-made and aluminum-made sbc heads.

It’s high tea you know about all the types for a better understanding of the products. Let’s dive into the types of best sbc heads.

Iron Made

Iron Made

Iron heads are famous for offering great mid and low-lift flow. This flow is perfect for any Chevrolet engine, especially for 383 and 406 engines.

It is possible to produce torque power of 520 ft-lb or over it with a proper small cam with the iron heads.

Also, most iron-made cylinder heads chamber is designed carefully for making the correct compression ratio.

But iron heads offer almost the same amount of airflow as aluminum. Iron heads are perfect for such engines that have low compression. For such engines, iron heads can do the job of increasing power.

Aluminum Made

Aluminum Made

Aluminum-made sbc stock heads have plenty of benefits to offer. It works like a thermal conductor and discharges a little heat to keep the engine surface a little cool.

Moreover, the less weight makes its favorite to the race head making engineers because this characteristic of aluminum heads lets the engine live a long life.

Besides, even the engine goes too hot, and the aluminum cylinder head is damaged anyway, repairing it would not be challenging.

That is why people can repair aluminum heads more than one time. It saves a lot of money. Aluminum is also ahead when comparing the durability, and it does not crack easily because of the lightweight and attracting less heat.

It might somewhat get melted or wrapped. The seat rings can fall off, but still, the heads will be fine. You can understand now why aluminum heads are costly over iron heads.

It’s all about the quality. Aluminum sbc heads offer excellent airflow, though there is not much difference with the airflow rate using iron heads.

One sad fact is the aluminum heads have a hidden cost, which is raising the compression ratio. As for the power-increasing fact, aluminum-produced heads work best for a fresh engine and have higher compression ratio pistons.

5 Best Stock SBC Heads Review

1# RHS 12060 Pro Action 23° 235cc/64cc Aluminum Cylinder Head

RHS 12060-01

If your priority is a prominent flow and you want the atomization to be better, RHS 12060 Pro Action 23° 235cc/64cc Aluminum cylinder head is needed.

Its optimal port design is so great that it can even enhance dynamics. The manufacturer and brand RHS has got a good reputation for providing fantastic stock heads.

They made the product’s intake multi-angled which is unique. Both the radiused exhaust seats and multi-angled intake can raise horsepower output and flow.

It can reduce the detonation risk with the help of its efficient water jackets, improving thermal conductivity and cooling.

Moreover, its compression is increased, and for this, the thick faces of the deck let angle milling. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

The RHS brand worked hard in designing the combustion chamber so that it can create superb combustion thermodynamics. Also, it encourages fuel efficiency.

Every accessory bolt hole is adequately drilled. Even those are trapped to fitting tolerances. The head has a straight plug. It’s made of aluminum, and stock heads made of aluminum are considered a high-quality product.

The product will fasten up any car with a small block chevy engine capable of making airflow up to 5 percent.


  • It has a multi-angled intake feature for which the air flows smoothly.
  • It is made of high-quality aluminum for giving better durability.
  • The Head plug is straight, which helps a little to increase the speed.
  • Over 5 percent airflow is guaranteed, so it doesn’t get heated up soon.
  • The newly designed chamber includes an advanced runner and port, which betters the engine’s overall performance.


  • Item weight is a little heavy, which can cause damages to the engine block.
  • It is not affordable for everyone because it costs a bit high.


Overall, the RHS 12060 Pro Action 23° 235cc/64cc Aluminum Cylinder Head does deliver what it promised. Though it’s not the world’s best, the product gives a good enough service compared to its price.

Its car fastening ability made us astonished, and hopefully, it will keep working for a more extended period than most other stock SBC heads.

2# RHS 12407 Pro Torker Vortec Replacement Cylinder Head

RHS 12407

If you are here to find a great stock replacement, 12407 Pro Torker Vortec of RHS can impress you. It’s more than powerful, and the airflow is also excellent.

The reason behind it giving a superior level of performance as well as reliability is its finish quality. The manifest tolerance machining and clean cast technology offer an exceptional finish with quality.

You can see RHS do their level best to provide their customers with high-quality products. About its revised water jacket, the design helps in preventing any cracking.

Moreover, these stock heads can seriously save some of your money because it’s a budget-friendly product.

Besides, it has promised to provide your car with maximum power so that you get a relaxing yet speedy experience while driving the car.

The intake pattern is a dual bolt for the primary or behind-the-times intake manifold. The intake is produced using manganese bronze, while to produce exhaust, they use phosphorus bronze.

Thick deck face permits angle milling. Hence, you will experience ease every time you drive.


  • They provide standard studs with guide plates that finer the car response
  • Thick deck surface authorizes angle milling, which improves the stability of the engine
  • Gives maximum power to the engine to increase the horsepower
  • The intake port has a dual bolt that put quite the efforts to better torque power
  • A budget-friendly product because anyone can afford it


  • Low-quality product because it is not aluminum made
  • The item weight is too heavy that can cause engine damage


Generally, the product is quite good despite the lower quality of materials used to produce it. This product’s quality is lower than the product we mentioned at first but not the lowest.

If you ignore this fact, we can assure you of satisfaction using it. Compared to its cost, it’s quite a good stock head for an SBC engine.

3# RHS 12062 Pro Action 23 Degree Aluminum Cylinder Head

RHS 12062

If your focus is on both torque and power then, the THS brand’s Pro Action 23 degree Aluminum Cylinder Heads will satisfy you.

The first thing we want you to notice is, what is it made of? The material is aluminum which is considered the ideal material for cylinder heads.

For any small block chevy, aluminum cylinder heads work great and give service for a long time.

Nits are designed in a way that the speed level they can boost is out of the box. These aluminum heads are genuinely perfect for various kinds of engines, such as; oval trucks, muscle cars, street rods, racing applications, etc.

If you ask us for the standard feature of the product, let us tell you it permits angle milling and has multi-angled valves. They have provided it with two types of plugs, one is straight, and another is angled.

Like the other stock heads mentioned above, RHs 12062 Pro Action 23 Degree Aluminium Cylinder Head also features modified water jackets.

The chamber is advanced designed. If you have a little knowledge of stock heads materials, you would have already understood how good it will improve your car’s overall performance, including speed, response, acceleration, etc.


  • Intake is multi-angled that allows smooth airflow
  • Improved water jackets for saving the engine from getting overheated
  • Has advanced port that brought betterment to the atomization
  • The item weight is not too heavy, so it helps for weight reduction
  • Offers over 5 percent airflow, which increases both torque power and horsepower


  • Some of the parts are illegal in some regions like California
  • Price is a little high for which a few people can’t have it


Honestly, in contrast with the performance of most other SBC heads within this price range, RHS 12062 pro-action cylinder head is entirely worthy of using the product.

That’s why we said its price is a little high but not too much. Of course, it successfully delivered its job as promised by increasing torque power,  speed, and acceleration response.

4# RHS 12048 Pro Action 23° 235cc/72cc Aluminum Cylinder Head

RHS 12048-01

This cylinder head is becoming more famous and soon goes out of stock whenever it is restocked. You may be wondering what makes it this special?

The answer is, it features a lot, and the price is comparatively reasonable. Besides, if you carefully read about the first stock head and then this one, you will find many similarities.

Anyways,  the first best feature of it is more excellent airflow. Yes, the optimal port is designed to make the airflow better and provide amazing atomization and increased dynamics.

The horsepower output and flow are increased with the help of radiused exhaust and multi-angled intake. To bring improvement in cooling and thermal conductivity, the manufacturer added well-organized water jackets.

All these help in reducing detonation risk. It also authorizes angle milling. Fuel efficiency is also increased.


  • Made of high-quality aluminum that ensures long working life, the cylinder heads
  • The intake is multi-angled for letting the airflow better than before
  • A value of money product because it has all that you demand
  • The newly designed chamber has an advanced port, and it helps to progress the essential performance of your car
  • Guaranties over 5 percent airflow, meaning less heat and minor damage


  • Straight plug head missing, which does a minor work in increasing speed
  • Not always available, so you need to keep looking for it online


In general, RHS 12048 pro head gives a mind-blowing performance. What we liked most about it is the amount of money it costs.

It amazed us with its accomplishment when we think about its price. Its fastening ability is almost the same as the first product we discussed. In our opinion, it is undoubtedly one of the best heads for SBC.

5# RHS 12060-01 Pro Action 23° 235cc/64cc Aluminum Assembled Cylinder Head

RHS 12060-01 Pro Action 23° 235cc

Here we bring you, last but not the list, popular for serving incredible performance, RHS 12060-01 pro-action aluminum assembled head.

Well, we have very little to say, something extra or something less. You are wondering why? You can see the manufacturer is again branded RHS.

It gives an almost exact performance like the other two aluminum heads we talked about. The difference you will see is in the item weights and sizes if you compare it with the other two products.

It will provide you the same amount of airflow, meaning over 5five percent and better atomization and prominent flow.

It can bring some satisfactory changes to your car performance in an instant. It is worth the penny because you get one of the best stock head services for your small-block Chevrolet engine.


  • Multi-angled intake progress the flow of air inside and outside of the engine
  • Produced using a quality full aluminum that assures you of having a long-lasting product
  • The Head plug is straight that works a bit in speeding up the vehicle
  • Over 5 percent airflow is guaranteed, so the engine damage for overheat is no more an issue of worrying
  • Provides high-level performance meaning you will have faster yet more relaxing rides


  • Not a budget-friendly product because the price seems high for a bit of number of people
  • Item weight is a little heavy, which can later cause engine damage.


Altogether, the RHS 12060-01 pro-action aluminum assembled cylinder head showed us the high-quality performance and proved that it could give you promising results.

You may find it as an expensive product, but the fact is its durability is quite astonishing. It is not made with any inferior material, and hence we can assure your satisfaction with this aluminum stock head for your SBC.

The Stock SBC Heads Buying Guide

The Stock SBC Heads Buying Guide.jpeg

Here is a significant fact you need to understand first before deciding to purchase any small-block Chevrolet head. That is the intended use of the head in your car.

Choosing a stock head isn’t as easy as shopping for clothes at an online store. It is more than that. You need to keep in mind a lot of things or to consider for choosing the right SBC head.

You don’t want your money to be spent for nothing. That’s why we have prepared a list of factors to check on and then purchase a product carefully.

Read the whole buying guideline because it will make it easy to decide. So, let’s look at it with full attention.

Port Size

Big-sized products don’t need to be always better,  especially when it is for streetcar applications. Because here, what matters most are drivability and throttle response.

We would say it will be better to keep the intake port on the smaller side. This way, you can keep the velocity high.

Usually, the cylinder heads excelled between the range 1,500-5,500 rpm are proven to give an outstanding performance.

Because they typically don’t need to be operated at high rpm, and street performance stock heads do not require a stiff valve spring.

That is why people are focusing on buying such stock heads that include small size ports.

Valve Angle

Valve Angle

It has enormous importance because the horsepower depends a lot on the valve angle, and it is also a critical area in the cylinder head.

It is the transition to the valve from the port inside of the cylinder. That’s why people choose and consider purchasing stock heads with multi-angled valves because it can improve the flow.

Although if you want more improved flow, then there is a trick you can follow. You just need to add a back cut to the inside of the diameter of a seat angle on an exhaust valve or intake valve.

Plug Head

Plug Head

There are different SBC heads. Some have straight plugs, some have angled, and some have both. So, it is your choice which one you should go for?

Well, straight or angled both have good benefits. For example, if you get the heads with an angled head plug for your car, it will benefit you by getting a more spark plug boot clearance.

And about the straight plug heads, they bring a slight improvement in the car performance. People once used to have a misconception that said angled plug heads can improve the car speed.

But the truth is neither the angle nor the straight plug can help with it. Do not worry about the car’s speed when you have already installed stock heads because fastening your car is their job.

If you ask for our recommendation, we would say the straight plug is more valuable than the angled plug head.

Production Material

Production Material

Of course, the most significant factor we always try to be careful about is product quality. No matter what we buy, we always prioritize quality over quantity.

The same goes for buying a new set of SBC heads. Note that, in the marketplace, you will find various quality stock heads. Some are made of iron, some copper, and some aluminum.

But you will see people tend to buy aluminum cylinder heads more than copper or iron heads. Here they choose quality.

Yes, aluminum cylinder heads are proven to be very good to use for cars. The reasons are many. The first reason is its weight, and you heard it right.

Cylinder heads made of aluminum are lighter and can save around 50 lbs. another benefit it provides is dissipating heat faster and thus reducing the detonation risk by allowing higher compression ratios.

Also, it delivers to the combustion chamber a cool fuel mixture. It helps a lot to increase the power. Besides, you can quickly fix the aluminum cylinders, which is not possible with other material-made cylinder heads.

All these great benefits are found only with aluminum cylinders, which is why they cost high. But of course, wise people prefer quality over the price rate.

Water Jacket

Water Jacket.jpeg

If you think that water jackets in engines do not perform an important job, you misunderstand its importance.

A modified water jacket is too necessary for the engine’s optimal performance because it can circulate cooling fluid around the cylinder head and like cooling water.

When you buy cylinder heads with modified water jackets, it will effectively cool the cylinder’s area around, making the cylinder exhaust port highly desirable. So be sure to purchase heads with water jackets modified.

Fix A Good Budget

You may think about how fixing the budget can help to find the proper product? Well, it is because when you fix a budget, you get a limited list of suitable products within the budget, and that reduces the confusion.

Suppose your budget is between 400-500 dollars. You will indeed find a few products within the fixed amount, and you can check them all, their features, performance, ratings, and then finally choose one.

But if you start looking for a product without fixing the spending amount, you have to go through many products, and you cannot check them all correctly.

Thus you will not understand which one to buy, or you may end up buying the wrong product. This way, fixing the budget will help you find out your desired SBC cylinder heads.


How Do I Identify My SBC Heads?

Identifying chevy heads is simple because you can tell which SBC head is yours by looking at it. The difference is understood seeing the different shaped castings of the cylinder head ends.

Though it’s not possible to know cylinder head specifics, they help identify a performance head or a non-performance head.

Do Aluminum Heads Make More Power?

Yes, aluminum heads can make more power. If you look at the benefits aluminum heads provide, you will understand it.

For example, the aluminum heads can release the heat faster, and it also weighs light. Another remarkable fact is you can quickly repair it more than one time.

All these goodness of aluminum genuinely help to increase power.

How Much HP Gain From Porting Heads?

Horsepower is increased when the air flows fine. By porting heads, you can make the airflow better, and thus, the HP will also increase. With the stock setup, you can gain at least 25 horsepower.

 Are Aluminum Heads Worth The Money?

Yes, aluminum heads are worth the money. Though it costs a good amount of money, that is fine because you will like to use it.

Because it is portable, can be repaired many times and easily and offers weight reduction. You should replace your iron heads with aluminum heads.

Can You Put Aluminum Heads on a Cast-Iron Block?

If you don’t want to face issues like expansion rates are different and then sealing problems occur, you should not put aluminum heads on a cast-iron block.

Can You Port Your Heads?

Yes, you can port your heads, and it will help your car gain 20-30 HP. But make sure you buy the aftermarket heads that are ported and polished.

Porting cylinder heads is a simple task. You will find plenty of guidelines to know the steps to port cylinder heads by yourself online.

Final Words

Hopefully, we succeeded in helping you find the best performing stock head for your SBC. Choose any of the products, and we believe you will be satisfied.

Because we researched and found out whenever these products are restocked, they sell out right away. It proves how good the products are.

No matter if it is your first time or not buying a stock head, following our tips and suggestions helps you. I hope now you know about what are the best stock SBC heads.

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