SBC Main Cap Torque Sequence [Effective Ways]

Torque is the way of forcing something to rotate on an axis. Torque means a kind of force, while the torque sequence means a tightening procedure. We use a torque wrench to torque a flange fitting.

However, Small Block Chevrolet (SBC) is the most accepted engine in the whole world. If you are thinking of SBC main cap torque sequence, you must know some important steps first.

For example, we can say, SBC engine needs around 30 Ib-ft in a sequence to be torqued. Conversely, this way, there are many more fundamental things that you should know before your torque time.

Subsequently, be with us to go ahead!

SBC Main Cap Torque Sequence

About SBC Engine

The SBC engine is a wonderful tool among users since the 1957.

You can change its different parts, but still have some specifications for some features like oil-pan and main cap. Moreover, the oil pan used in the SBC engine is not interchangeable.

On the other hand, the most fantastic specification of the SBC engine is its non-stop high performance.

Besides, it doesn’t take a long time to start the motor. Also, you have the opportunity to run this engine with a variety of parts (while changing) at a reasonable price.

By the way, the SBC is a combination of cylinder heads, cams, intakes, and many other reliable parts.

SBC Main Caps

The top cap of an engine is an essential part that makes sure the horse-power of a machine.

Anyway, it is often found the main caps go crank and start failing pressure while the things begin to BOOM! But, in the case of SBC main caps, you have not that worry.

SBC is produced with its main caps, considering the durability and sustainability that require colossal importance.

SBC Main Cap Torque Sequence

Before going to start working, we ask you to go through a proper guideline. Undoubtedly, it is better if you can have a guideline directly from your torque supplier.

If not, search online and log in to a reliable site to get the precise info. Let see the specification of torque sequence in short.


Strain Gauge Technology

The strain gauge technology is considered the most familiar measuring principle for the SBC cap torque sequence. And, you can rely on a strain gauge to get a perfectly designed shaft.

SBC Torque Space Diversity

We recommend using 20-30 pounds of torque for the newer machine. Accordingly, 15 or 20 pounds is all right for the older (around 15 years old) engine as the older engine.

Torque Sensor Working Criteria

A torque sensor is likely to measure the non-rational torque. Even the torque sensor measures the torque formed by a glide due to the force on a rotating shaft.

Torque Calculating Formula

Multiplying the functional force-time with a lever arm is a calculating way of SBC torque sequence. Where, the formula of torque calculating is T=Nm.

Torque Nm

Nm is the amplification of Newton Meter. Furthermore, remember that 1 Nm indicates 0.738 Ib/ft. It is a grand Ib-ft measurement for torque sequence.

Torque ft-lb

The term pound-foot is used as ft-Ib, in short representing the torque force unit. Thus, it works at a vertical distance of a foot from a pivot point.

Yet, one pound-foot is measured of the moment of an axis applied at the radius of one foot.

How You Can Apply the Accurate Amount of Torque into?


SBC Main Cap


You will find the cap with a suitable seal that will not leak out. Even it is pretty easy and simple to open. However, you have to know how much torque you should apply to tighten your cap.

A specific torque application, on the other hand, is a definite requirement for your cap torque sequence.

If you can make sure an accurate torque specification, you have no tension to tighten your cap, and it will properly be sealed into the bottle.

Hence, you can have your application torque chart from your supplier.

The Amount of Torque You Need to Apply to Tighten the SBC Cylinder Head

SBC Cylinder

We recommend using the 187 Foot-Pounds torques if the engine is 8 bolts and can make force around 1500 pounds.

In this case, you will be able to tighten all these 8 bolts to that 187-pound torque and make it safe to the block’s cylinder head.

The Collision of Applying Immeasurable Torque

The Collision of Applying Immeasurable Torque.JPEG

Applying the right amount of torque will lead you to be free of stress whether the transfer of hits will be correct. Inaccurate applying of torque, on the other hand, can damage your engine.

So, you should have good knowledge before going to do your torque sequence project.

You can apply a 5280 ft. lever arm with 200Ibs, which seems to produce 1,056,000 ft Ibs of torque for your SBC cap torque sequence.

SBC Main Cap Torque Tester

Usually, people use a torque tester to identify the opening and closing torques of main caps. The torque tester is also used to check containers, bottles, glasses, etc.

The SBC cap torque tester works as a CAP-tstm-dc. And, this TSTM-DC is configured to test out bottle-closure. You can carry out this with many other accessories as well.

Essential Tools for Your Torque Sequence

Essential Tools for Your Torque Sequence

  • Deflecting-Beam
  • Slipper
  • Electronic Torque-Wrench
  • Angle Wrench
  • Split-Beam Torque Wrench
  • Hydraulic Torque-Wrench


Here are some mostly asked questions from torque sequence doers. Read them out to be more confident for your torque task.

How Much HP Can SBC 2 Bolt Main Cap Grip?

It is 696.46hp in a word.

How Does The SBC Main Cap Perform?

The oil-pan sends the torque oil through the drilled holes to the bearing exterior. And it allows the torque oil to flow among the crankshaft and the bearing. This is how the SBC main cap works.

Can I Convert a 2 Bolt Main Cap Into a 4 Bolt Main Cap?

Well! You can do it, but it is quite a messy and time-consuming thing to do. Better if you have even a used 4 bolt cap instead of the conversion. It seems way cheaper for you to afford.

How will I Find the SBC Casting Numbers?

It is not that tough when you are little caring about your car. Just have a look on the driver’s side. Often it is found on the driver’s side. If not, search on the back of the block.

How Will I know If I Got 327 SBC?

It’s simple! You will find the ID number of the engine on the deck pad on the right side.


The project of a torque sequence isn’t that exciting, it sounds like. So, whenever you arrange for such an activity, you should have a clear concept about it.

Nevertheless, in our article, we have tried to cover all the essential things that a person must know if s/he wants to start the torque sequence for the first time.

So,we hope you now have an excellent initiative to deal with your SBC main cap torque sequence project.

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