SBC Aluminum Head Torque Specs – Details Explained

A car needs to have changes, especially the materials that Influence the engine and a car’s speed. Do you know what change we are talking about? It’s changing the head bolts. So what are the SBC aluminum head torque specs?

One should change the heads by replacing the old head bolts and installing the new ones. Just by changing them, you can bring a difference in the speed and make your car faster.

But before you think of doing so, you should know every detail about the SBC aluminum heads you need to install. Therefore, spare a few of your moments to clear all your queries regarding SBC aluminum head torque.

SBC Aluminum Head Torque Specs

What Is SBC Aluminum Head Torque?

Well, first, you should understand what torque is. It is the twisting force that makes the power accelerate the engine and increase or decrease a car’s speed.

The speed of a car depends on the torque. And the aluminum heads for SBC (small block chevy) engine twists best, thus increasing the torque and the power, and the app speed of a car.

You will find different head bolts such as aluminum, iron, copper, but among these, aluminum would be the best choice if you care for good speed.

SBC Aluminum Head Torque Specs

It is something you should focus on because most of the heads are aluminum or cast iron. Between these two cylinder heads, why would you choose the aluminum cylinder heads?

There are reasons and for you to know we are mentioning them one by them.


While cast-iron weighs heavy enough, aluminum cylinder heads are lighter, and also it can save almost 50 lbs. in total.

Though if your car is ordinary, then it will not make a huge difference. But if you have a race car, a lighter always makes it better.


The aluminum heads can evaporate heat faster. It lessens the detonation risk as well as grants for higher compression ratios.

Also, the cooler head provides a cooler air or fuel mixture down to the combustion chamber. The cooler the air, the denser it is and thus can create more power.

Durability and Repair

When the engine overheats, you can’t help it to save the heads from getting damaged. Although aluminum heads are not more durable than cast iron, they are easier to fix.

The metal is soft enough that it lets you weld and machine it easily.


Aluminum heads are more expensive than other cast iron metalheads. Besides, there is another cost hidden with them. They have to get matched with other parts like high octane fuel and more to increase the power level.

Overall, aluminum heads are best, and that’s why they are expensive, especially when the car is a racing car. If your dream is to get your car’s maximum power, you must go for the aluminum heads.

How Much Torque Is Needed For Securing Aluminum Heads?

You need an amount of torque for securing the cylinder heads.

As we don’t know how many bolts the heads have and how much pressure the engine produces with the cylinder’s help, we will share with you a way that you can follow and find out the torque amount the heads require to be secured properly.

Mainly it depends on the cylinder pressure created by the engine. Among the total necessary amount of clamping force a cylinder head requires to seal itself to the engine block, each head bolt of the cylinder can create only one part.

For determining the needed amount of torque for every bolt, divide the bolt numbers by the total amount of pressure produced by the engine using the cylinder.

For example, if your engine can produce 1,500 pounds of pressure and the head has eight bolts, you should tighten each bolt to 187 foot-pounds of torque.

That’s the exact torque you need to secure the head bolts to the engine block. Follow the way and know your aluminum cylinder pressure and the number of bolts your car requires and find the torque amount by yourself.

The SBC Aluminum Head Torque Application

The torque to be applied evenly across the cylinder head’s sealing surface and engine block should tighten the aluminum head bolts carefully in a gradual manner.

In most applications, people make sure that each bolt is hand-tightened snugly until the cylinder head bolt is flushed with it.

All the bolts are partly tightened until they reach half of the recommended torque loading in approximate.

The specific engine’s manufacturer specifies the order. Perform the exact process once again and do not break the orders to lead all the bolts to their itemized torque loading.

Is SBC Aluminum Head Torque Worth It?

To be honest, aluminum cylinder heads for SBC are worth it. Although their price is a bit high, you cannot find the service they provide with the cast iron heads.

Moreover, the amount of speed the aluminum heads can increase for your SBC is amazing and will blow your mind. It also works great to give you a fine weight reduction.

They can increase the power in a great amount yet making the engine lighter in weight. Those are easier to port.

You can simply repair them on your own, and most importantly, they can fasten your car in a way that you dream of every day.

When a product gives you so many advantages like the SBC aluminum head torque, you should not ignore and purchase it no matter how much the cost is.

Remember, high-quality products generally cost more than those that are low quality.


Now that you know everything about the SBC Aluminum Head Torque, we hope you can decide whether or not you should go for aluminum heads for your SBC engine.

You can also find the amount of torque it needs and the application of the torque. Before we take a leave, take one good advice from us; if your car is a usual one and the budget is tight, you must go with the aluminum heads for your SBC. I hope now you know about SBC aluminum head torque specs.

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