5 Best Flowing 23 Degree SBC Head [Reviews With Buying Guide]

Every car needs to have new parts installed as the replacement of old parts. You should do it for the car’s well-being.

Among those replaceable parts, the cylinder head is one. This little buddy can do some seriously amazing things to the engine that the engine gains more power and the speed becomes faster.

But hey! You just can’t choose any cylinder for your car, which may cause problems instead. It’s essential to understand which quality and degree are good, how the intake, chamber, and other factors. So, what are the best flowing 23 degree SBC head?

The 23-degree sbc heads are considered standard for the engines because it properly helps the engine to give a smooth performance. For your ease, we have selected some best flowing 23-degree sbc heads. So, Let’s begin!

Best Flowing 23 Degree SBC Head

Which Type Of Flowing Is Best For 23 Degree SBC?

Which Type Of Flowing Is Best For 23 Degree SBC

When finding the cylinder head, we often make one little mistake that hinders the engine performance. Can you guess what it is? It’s flowing.

You need to understand why there are different degrees, and it has a deep relationship with the chamber cc.

We now will know which chamber cc, meaning flowing, is best for 23 degrees sbc. We have mentioned a few for your better understanding.


Though some manufacturers add a 56cc chamber for 23-degree sbc but don’t think it will work great.

The airflow rate produced by the 56cc chamber is reasonable but not better than 23 degrees. It will reduce the flow rate for which the engine will soon get heated up and thus be damaged very soon.

56cc is perfect for 18 degrees. It will perform best when you use an 18-degree sbc head.


Here we are with the best flowing for sbc head of 23 degrees. The 64cc chamber works best, and the airflow becomes more incredible when you use a 23-degree sbc head with it.

The cylinder head of 23 degrees perfectly matches the 64cc in that it either reduces or increases too much airflow.


Maybe you have already understood that 72cc is not best for a 23-degree sbc. Well, you guessed it right.

This time, a 72cc chamber will release much airflow that a 23-degree sbc head can handle but will cause trouble like overheating the engine. Here a 72-degree sbc head might work best for 72cc.

5 Best Flowing 23 Degree SBC Head Review

1#DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum SBC Cylinder Head

DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350

If you just like and prioritize product material quality, this product can blow your mind away.

Yes, it’s made of high graded aluminum. It is not the only wow fact of the product, and it has advanced runners that help produce more excellent airflow.

Your car will have a smooth yet fast speed. Though its valve is made of bronze, yet it offers good service. Also, the seats are hardened so that they can produce some better airflow.

For your happy experience of car riding, they made the combustion chambers of the intake so good that the car performance will improve a hundred percent. Moreover, it can retain stock compression on 70 or before.

It can be a perfect fit for your chevy 350 or 400, even for 302, 327, 383 up to 1986. This stock head can improve the engine’s efficiency in a way that the HP will also raise.

The airflow rate can also increase combustion efficiency. The product has both internal and external valves. Such heads can make the car response and acceleration better.

It means the overall performance of your car will become even better. Besides, its weight is lighter than most other iron heads, meaning it will not quickly get damaged.

If your engine is one of the mentioned engines, you can pick the CYLH-SBC-350 aluminum head for the sbc.


  • The high-quality aluminum increase the lifespan of the sbc head
  • The port design is made advanced for ensuring the better airflow
  • Its combustion chambers can progress the engine performance
  • It weighs light so that it can reduce the engine’s overall weight
  • Engine efficiency is increased. As a result, horsepower will increase too


  • No improved water jacket. Hence it can efficiently get heated up
  • The product gets damaged when the engine becomes too hot


With the very few glitches, the product still proves it as worth buying.

Think about the price and profits it provides and compare them, and you will understand that it is truly one of the best cylinder heads for many sbc engines. After all, it works perfectly as a fastener.

2# LEPOW-038 Aluminum Angled SBC Cylinder Head

DNA Motoring LEPOW-038

Here is another cylinder head, and its specialty is quality. The manufacturer chose top-class aluminum for producing the stock heads.

It means you have one more great option that will fulfill your demands. Its advanced designed port can bring improvement in the production of torque and horsepower.

These increase because the airflow gets better. The spark plug is angled, and this helps very little in improving the car’s performance.

The exciting fact about it is, it comes at a reasonable cost but performs much better than most other sbc heads at the market available at this price.

They have hardened the valve seats for which the air flows smoothly, and thus the speed gets fastened. Just like the previous product, LEPOW-038 aluminum heads restrain stock compression precisely in 1970 or earlier.

It has both an intake and exhaust port of square size. The weight of aluminum cylinder heads is much lighter than the cast iron heads.

This feature helps in weight reduction. Even though it does not have a cooling water jacket, the aluminum itself helps release some heat.


  • The high-grade aluminum material makes the cylinder heads lifespan long enough.
  • The advanced designed port enables the engine to perform perfectly
  • Engine performance get better because of the two combustion chambers
  • The lightweight helps in reducing the engine’s total weight
  • Progress in increasing HP by increasing engine efficiency


  • The lack of water jacket and thermal conductivity increase the heat much earlier
  • If the engine gets overheated, it will damage sbc heads.


Since the number of advantages exceeds the disadvantages, we can assure you about relying on it. After all, no product does not have a limitation.

However, ignoring the cons and giving the product a shot would be wise because it is among the best stock sbc heads.

3# FLO-TEK 101-505 Engine SBC Cylinder Head

FLO-TEK Heads 101-505

This China-made engine cylinder head is specifically great for improving acceleration. It can adequately sit and fits properly on the top of the block of the cylinder.

Thus it forms the combustion chamber nicely. With a head gasket, you can seal this joint. But don’t worry, for most engines, the head keeps space for air and fuel feed passages.

That lets the exhaust escape. And if you are worried about the product quality, let us tell you it is also an aluminum-made product.

Now, you have to deal with other parts and be relaxed about the quality. The cylinder head finish is natural, and thus there is no chance of it getting loose or damaged earlier.

Its intake port is 180cc that can genuinely give you the experience of excellent versatility, and the combustion chamber is 64cc.

Their standard features include high-grade aluminum construction, high-quality nickel-made valve seats, and valve guides using phosphor bronze material.

It comes with two different plugs, and you can either choose straight spark plugs or angle spark plugs. They have the assembled options, and over it, they also offer bare.

Any sbc head is worth it when it satisfies the three most common factors buyers look at, performance, quality, and value. You will be happy to know FLO-TEK’s 101-505 engine stock head fulfills all three conditions.


  • To increase the extended living of the heads, the manufacturer used high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • The natural finish of the cylinder head makes it strong and helps it to work correctly.
  • The fuel and air can smoothly pass because the heads keep enough space for it.
  • Buyers are given the option to choose for either straight spark plugs or angle spark plugs.
  • Valve seats nicely let the airflow because it is made of top quality nickel


  • It does not release heat much faster because the thermal conductivity or water jacket is missing.


Generally, every product has one con at least. So has the FLO-TEK’s 101-505 cylinder heads. But avoiding it will not make a huge difference.

Except for its lack, the sbc head showed a mind-blowing performance. It is seriously a product you can count on and undoubtedly one of the bests.

4# GM350 SBC Head

GOWE Aluminum SBC Engine Cylinder Head for Chevrolet Chevy 350 V8 GM350

You can call it a luxury product because it is made of premium quality aluminum. The manufacturer puts the quality first so that your money gets value.

Isn’t it better to purchase quality fuel cylinder heads? Because you don’t have to purchase a new sbc head often then. Anyways, let’s look at its other features.

It is mainly designed for 350 Chevrolet engines. Therefore, if you own the 350 sbc engine, you should not look for it anywhere and buy it right away.

We assure you of its satisfactory performance. To ensure outstanding performance, the manufacturer developed it by making its specs thicker than the OEM’s.


  • Used premium aluminum alloy to make a fresh start of the old Chevrolet
  • Specifications are made thicker for bringing betterment to the performance and durability
  • The combustion chamber is developed modernly
  • The exhaust valve is also produced with good quality aluminum, and for this, the air flows finely.
  • You can quickly repair it many times because its vital material is aluminum.


  • It will get cracked, but only if the engine often gets too much hot


Since the GM350 SBC head amazed us by showing its fastening ability and improving power and engine, we had to overlook the only con it has.

Many users and we agreed it is a best sbc 23 degrees head among many comparing to the price it costs

5# Aluminum, AFR Eliminator SBC Head

AFR - Airflow Research 1040 195cc Eliminator Street Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Most cylinder heads require batteries, don’t they? Purchasing batteries for sbc is annoying sometimes.

If you too don’t want to do this annoying job finding the batteries for your SBC head, then AFR eliminator, aluminum-made heads for sbc will impress you for sure.

You guessed it right, and it doesn’t require batteries. The most significant plus point of it is the superior quality of aluminum used for production.

Once you buy this, you can continue with it for years. Worth the money, right? Besides, it’s from the endurance series, so we hope you already understood how cool it is because it can endure much heat.

It weighs very light, meaning there is less chance of damage to the engine or engine block. You should be excited knowing your racing car will have 5000 rpm for around 70 hours!

It is a monster of fasteners, right? The advanced production of the intake chamber raises reliability and better atomization. We would say it’s more than a luxury good and the best sbc head.


  • The best quality used aluminum Improved the product’s lifespan
  • It has excellent heat enduring capacity for keeping the engine cool for a more extended period
  • The weight of the sbc stock head is not heavy at all. Hence it can do weight reduction
  • The intake chamber is made very modern that it enhances the atomization
  • Does not require extra batteries


  • Not affordable for few people for this high price


Honestly speaking, the aluminum AFR Eliminator SBC head is currently leading in the marketplace.

We just shared a few of its extraordinary abilities, hence knowing and experiencing other mind-blowing works and features you need to have it, observe it on your own.

Trust us, this may seem expensive, but the outstanding performance itself proves the value for money.

Flowing 23 Degree SBC Head Buying Guide

Flowing 23 Degree SBC Head Buying Guide.jpeg

Do you know what common mistakes people make when purchasing a product? The answer is they don’t keep in mind some necessary factors that they should check.

They see a product and, depending on the budget, suddenly purchase the product. Later, people realize that they have made a big mistake and regret it a lot later.

Especially when it comes to buying a stock head for the sbc engine, you need to understand that it’s nothing like the day-to-day grocery shopping you do.

A cylinder head does a lot of work. Moreover, its job has a relationship with your car’s well-being. Thus you better remember to check some factors before you buy an sbc head carefully.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about those because we are here to hell you. Kindly pay your attention and keep the following facts in mind whenever you purchase stock cylinder heads.

The Size of Port

People usually think products of considerable size are always better, even if it is a cylinder head for streetcars.

The fact is, for cylinder heads, what matters most are the response of throttle and drivability. Besides, we think it is better if the intake port is on the minor part.

Because it can help keep a high velocity, generally, the cylinder heads excelled in the middle of the range 1,500-5,500 rpm are demonstrated to provide excellent performance.

It is not necessary because that they need to be operated at high rpm. Besides, stock heads for street performance don’t usually require a stiff valve spring.

These are the reasons why wise people always search and buy heads with small intake ports.

The Angle of Valve

The Angle of Valve

You may not know, but the HP of an engine depends a lot on the valve angle, and it is said to be the cylinder head’s critical area.

It’s the way made for the transition to the valve from the port inside the cylinder. That is why you will see good-rated cylinder heads have multi-angled valves because they are the buyers’ high demand.

The multi-angle valve’s job is to improve the airflow, which plays a vital role in fastening the speed.

Now let us share a great trick that will Improve the airflow even more if you follow it correctly.

The only thing you have to do is add a back cut. It should be inside of the diameter of a seat angle on an exhaust valve or intake valve.

Type of The Plug Head

Type of The Plug Head

There’s a misconception among car users that angle spark plugs can help in increasing speed.

But whoever believed this and tried to use it, were disappointed. But it doesn’t mean that the angle spark plug heads are not beneficial.

They do provide benefits such as getting a more spark plug clearance. If you want us to recommend which one is more suitable for the car, we would say it’s a straight spark plug head.

Because it tends to Improve the performance of the engine slightly, and about the increasing speed, you need to understand that the cylinder head itself is a car fastener.

So, put the tension out of your head of which spark plug to choose and relaxed look for a straight spark plug head.

The straight and angle plug head users claimed the straight plug head was more valuable than the angle spark plug head.

The Material Used In Production

Though we have mentioned it quite late, you should look for the product quality first. Whatever you choose to buy, if it’s a cylinder head or a piece of cloth, remember to check if the product is made of good material.

In reality, a buyer gets many options for cylinder heads made of different materials, such as they could be produced using cast iron, or copper, or aluminum.

Among these options, experienced car owners always tend to pick aluminum-made sbc heads. The reason is not one or two but more.

The first and foremost reason is aluminum can free the heat more than other materials. Secondly, aluminum cylinder head products weigh lighter than copper or casting iron sbc heads.

This less weight helps for weight reduction and makes the engine work fine for a more extended period. So, our recommendation would be to buy an aluminum stock head for your small block chevy.

Water Jacket

Water Jacket

The importance of a water jacket is enormous. Its chief job is to keep the engine cool as long as possible.

The cooling air or fuel comes out of the water jacket, which does not let the engine go hot very soon.

Even if a cylinder price seems too high, but it has a water jacket in its feature, take our advice and choose that over a reasonable one.

Because it will keep your engine safe and keep doing its job for long enough, it makes the exhaust port of the cylinder highly desirable.

The Degree

Many think cylinder degrees don’t matter much, but the truth is it does. The engineers call 23 degrees the standard degree. So, you should try to look for a 23-degree cylinder head.

If you already have a race car, you should know the exit point of the exhaust port of the race heads is usually raised so that the airflow gets Improved.

Here come the 23-degree stock heads to help. It helps to fit the street headers to the chassis. Thus increase the engine working capability.

Though other degree sbc heads are also good enough, using the cylinder head with a standard degree would be better.

Fixing A Good Budget

You may think fixing your budget does not help in the shopping. But it’s different when you think of purchasing something more huge. That does a lot of work and has Impacted you and the applied machine, such as stock heads for sbc.

The point here is when you fix a budget for purchasing cylinder heads, you know you have limited the products.

Now you are ready to search your desired heads. Keep in mind all the other conditions of the best sbc heads, and we assure you if your budget is even medium, you will get some good options.


What Degree is Supposed to Be a Stock SBC Head?

The number of degrees stands for the exhaust valve and intake valve concerning the head’s deck surface. By difference, the conventional stock SBC head has a 23 degrees angle valve.

What is The Difference Between an 18 Degree and 23-Degree Head?

The main difference between them is, the 18-degree heads are taller than 23-degree heads. Also, 18-degree heads need unique head studs as well as longer valves.

Not only those, valve locations and combustion chamber formation are required for 18-degree pistons which have domes.

How To Identify The SBC Heads?

Well, you have to identify your Small Block Chevy heads by only your sight. It is not hard, and you can quickly notice the difference in casting shapes on your cylinder head.

Though those casting shapes can not explain the specification of your SBC cylinder heads, they help to identify which heads are performance or non-performance.

What Degree Is Standard For SBC Heads?

Twenty-three degrees is the standard degree for Small Block Chevy heads. It is commonly placed to the port exit of exhaust on the stock position to permit the street headers to suit the chassis.

Are Aluminum Heads Worth The Money?

Of course, aluminum heads are worth the money. Though it costs a good amount of money, that is fine because you will like to use it.

It is portable, can be repaired many times and efficiently, and offers weight reduction. You should replace your iron heads with aluminum heads.

Can You Port Your Heads?

Yes, you can port your heads, and it will help your car gain 20-30 HP. But you have to make sure you buy the aftermarket heads that are ported and polished.

Porting cylinder heads is a simple task. You will find plenty of guidelines to know the steps to port cylinder heads by yourself online.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you are now full of knowledge to find out the best flowing 23-degree SBC heads. As well as you can choose any of the products we reviewed above, you will not be disappointed.

We tried to show you the best products on budget by researching incisely. Those products are so good that the shops always run out of stock. So hurry to buy your desired budget-friendly product before getting out of stock again. I hope now you know about what are the best flowing 23 degree SBC head.

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