Are all those air compressors too average, or are you just hunting for the best one? Many of the high-volume air compressors turn out to be excessive for average users. Some people only approve the Low CFM Spray Gun over other high qualities out there. 

So what exactly is an HVLP low CFM spray gun? The word CFM refers to the output air compressors give away. To articulate air compressors with limited airflow or pressure, we call the sprayer a low CFM spray gun.

Despite the small air pressure-volume, low CFM sprayers make the painting experience more fruitful and better. Now that you know about what the sprayer is about, curious minds may get excited to learn more about the benefits they provide. 

Therefore we gave off a complete package on all you need to know about low compressed spray guns. Let’s start right away then, shall we? 

HVLP Low CFM Spray Gun Uses

Before We Begin

First and foremost thing, make sure that you are secured to use air compressors. Safety, precautions are some of those top reasons people get injured, and accidents happen. 

When it comes to such paint works, equipment & accessories play a vital role in thinking of safety measures. Other than that, the people for whom this spray gun gives service mostly efficiently is also important.  So without any further ado, let’s look into the equipements regarded as the most mandatory ones. 


  • Respirator or Mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Spray gun attachment
  • The low CFM spray gun compressor
  • Safety heater
  • Hose
  • Primer

These are the equipment you mainly seek before executing an operation with limited air compressor guns. So make sure you have all of these ready for use. 

What Is A Low CFM Gun?

What Is A Low CFM Gun

How can you articulate the cores of a low cfm spray gun? Spray guns use different airflow or pressure limitations. Those spray guns that consist of a lower and compressed air pressure or reduced air consumption are called Low CFM spray guns.

The less effective air cap often relieves us of duties on coating small substances properly. Big guns provide better quality at a better price. Hence, for small projects, these low cfm guns are considered the preferable ones. 

Whom Does It Suit?

High air compressing sprayers often exceed the paint float board. Therefore, the paint gets spread all around.  General people who use air compressors for their utility work are dissatisfied with such float off, making it look like a complete waste of money. Therefore experts suggest relatively lower cfm spray guns.

To whom does it suit? Many experts have given off their opinion on the particular consumers perfectly suitable for these spray guns. Through our research, we also saw the proven methods to learn if it suits the necessities. 

  • Occasional contractual project workers 
  • People who take small air compressors as a hobby
  • Random workers who keep small air capacity
  • Sprayer who uses the lighter coating

These are the kind of users low CFM sprayers should look forward to buying. We know the efficiency for its peak performance on these hands. Varying from volume levels high to low, they will be able to coat off the paint properly. 

Why are these indicated groups of people most suitable for CFM guns? Now the users of these types usually rely upon problem-solving tools rather than expensive or best use one out there. 

Considering the air blow volume, small ones work just as well as any other high-volume spray gun. That’s why limited CFM may be regarded as an advantage or benefit to them.  Excited to start using it right away, aren’t we? 

How T Use HVLP Low CFM Spray Gun?

How T Use HVLP Low CFM Spray Gun

Equipements ready, gun at hand, looks like you are all set to start the sail. The step-by-step process below will describe how you use low CFM spray guns most efficiently. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start right away. 

Step 1 

 Firstly, things first. Wear gloves and safety glasses. Wear the mask, too, if you feel the necessity. 

Step 2 

Now that you are ready, let’s prepare the gun. Take the hose, primer, and gun compressors all in hand. Assemble them one with another to make sure the firearm is ready to fire. 

Step 3 

Gun assembled and ready; you can start preparing yourself now. Now the basic tutorial of any other CFM spray guns. Plugin and get designed near the object. Target your spot and start spraying right away. 

Step 4 

Start spraying from one corner and make your path to the object. Make sure the cable is long enough to let you move entirely around it. 

During this while noticing if the plug is getting hot or shaking too much. If such an occurrence happens, take the next step immediately. 

Step 5 

If your spray heats up too much and becomes shaky, then that is not safe. Turn on the safety heater right away and give the sprayer rest after every 5 minutes. This way, the heater will get enough time to take the heed off of the sprayer motor. 

Step 6 

However, if such a heat-up situation doesn’t happen, proceed with your spraying. Keep up the pace and spray around the object at least 20 times to ensure it applies appropriately. 

Step 7 

As you are about to finish it all, give a re-check and respray the spare parts. Since a low CFM gun compressed air gun produces soft air anyway. 

Step 8 

After you do all these steps, that is it. Keep your equipment off and turn off the spray gun.  These steps are the whole procedure and method of a tutorial on the low CFM spray gun. Just follow these step by step, and you are all good with your weapon. 

Essential Things You Should Know

Many people often ask themselves, Why a low CFM spray gun when the high CFM gun provides more boost and saves time? Such questions online can often eat up your mindset even before you know about the gun. Therefore these are some essential things you should consider while looking for a low air compressed gun.

1. Best For Low Bodied Coatings

Best For Low Bodied Coatings

For heavy body coatings, low compressed air often lacks the sprayable thing heavy spray guns offer. In low-bodied layers, a low cfm spray gun provides the best possible service out there. 

2. Efficient for semi-professional jobs

Many professionals suggest high cfm spray guns. Therefore they don’t take low cfm in count sometimes. As a result, we most commonly see semi-professional use of it in jobs.  The most commonly criticized parts are explained here. Please don’t believe the rumors because our research team spends hours finding myths or false stories. 


In the most specific cases, starting to paint an object and finishing it takes time and determination. Things get even more complicating when you limit the air compressor. A design or paint can turn out bad even after hours. Using the sprayer correctly alone can make a turnaround in such cases. Sometimes your hands may hurt, but the service low cfm spray gun produces worth it. 

So our suggestion is to use the spray gun smartly. Use it in the beneficial cases or situations we mentioned above. Make your painting experience more accessible and faster with this guide. I hope now you know enough about HVLP low CFM spray gun uses.