Best Spray Gun For Small Compressors – Best Of The Best

Thinking of a spray gun that will work right for your small compressor? Well, there are some specific spray guns available that will work excellent with small compressors. 

If you are looking for such spray guns, then this article will be a big help to you. We understand that it’s like a nightmare to try to find suitable spray guns for small compressors at the market without knowing about them from before.  So, what are the best spray gun for small compressors?

Best Spray Gun For Small Compressors

Hence we will tell you about spray guns that will work best with the small compressor available at your home. Therefore, spare a few of your valuable moments and know everything about spray guns for small compressors.

Best Spray Gun For Small Compressors

Best Spray Gun For Small Compressors

The first thing you should do before searching for a good spray gun for a small air compressor is to check the available options. 

Look at the features of all current spray guns in the market because the parts can provide you a clear idea and you can choose one quickly based on your job.

If you are thinking to buy one for the project, the spray gun size will depend on the project size meaning if it’s a large project or small. The other factors to consider are explained below. 

Pressure Amount

Pressure Amount

When checking the features, first see its amount of pressure. Go for a model that can atomize paint at high pressure because such spray guns will help you get a professional-like and smooth finish. 

Moreover, a high-pressure spray gun can handle thick colors like oil-based paint. However, if your task with the spray gun requires it to be a relatively slow stream, then the ideal spray gun would be a less powerful one. 

You need to understand the project needs because some detail-oriented projects require more controlling spray guns. In short, the proper pressure setting depends on your needs.



Whatever product you buy, it should a value for money. Note that you will come across some expensive models and some relatively cheap ones while looking among the wide variety of spray guns. 

Make sure that you are keeping a balance between the value and your budget. Go for such a paint sprayer that is within the budget and promises to provide the expected service. 

Take one piece of advice; do not always fall for cheaper spray guns because they are made of such inferior materials which don’t last long. You will not like it if you have to buy a spray gun each month. 

Shape And Size Of The Nozzle Tips

Shape And Size Of The Nozzle Tips

Remember that the size and shape of your spray gun’s nozzle tips play a significant role. The different nozzle tips come with the paint sprayer, some suits for small projects, and some critical projects. 

For example, when working on a large wall, the ideal pick is to get a large nozzle tip. Therefore, choose wisely the nozzle tips for your use and spray gun. 

For professional works and DIYs, the spray guns with different nozzle tips will provide you excellent service. 

You will then work on various projects without any issues since the only thing you have to do is change the nozzle.

Type Of Paint

Type of Paint

Even if you find out the correct spray gun for using with the small compressor, check if that particular spray is good at painting the paint you want to use because all the spray guns work with different paints. 

The best would be if you can find a multi-purpose paint sprayer. Such spray guns can provide you benefits with their flexibility and convenience. 

Moreover, these are suitable for various projects as well as provide multiple tips. 

Spray Gun Set-Up Process With An Air Compressor

Spray Gun Set-Up Process With An Air Compressor

It may be a difficult task to attach a spray gun with an air compressor. However, the procedure will be simple for you if you follow our below step-by-step guide. 

You don’t need any previous experience, and you can even first time do this easy job. Let’s see the steps and process now; 

First Step – Identify The Point Where To Connect

Identify The Point Where To Connect

Your first job is to find out where your spray gun and compressor will attach. Generally, you will find the attachment point at the bottom of your spray gun. 

However, varieties of models have different point locations. If you still fail to see the attachment point by yourself, read the spray gun’s manual. 

Second Step – Attach The Regulator Hose

Attach The Regulator Hose

Now, attach the regulator hose. In this step, you have to have a female plug. Before you attach the hose, screw it onto the regulator. Be sure to get a sufficient length hose, or else it might impact the finishing and movement. 

Third Step – Attach The Hose To The Spray Gun

Attach The Hose To The Spray Gun

Now it’s time to attach the regulator hose to the spray gun. Keep in mind to turn on the air compressor only when the setup is fully completed. 

Set the PSI as required on the regulator for getting a more professional finish. But before pulling the trigger, don’t forget to adjust the PSI. 

When you pull the trigger and release some air, the regulator arrow will drop to the PSI you are using. Hence making adjustments more easily. 

The Spray Guns You Can Use For Your Small Compressor

The Spray Guns You Can Use For Your Small Compressor

The awaited moment has arrived. You are about to know which spray guns are fit for your small compressors. Well, small compressors use a lot less air than large compressors.

So, it needs such a spray gun that uses less air and still works as a great paint sprayer. Such kinds of sprayers are LVLP sprayers. Any LVLP spray gun is ideal for small compressors. 

But one thing to be reminded using them for big projects might make the project tough to finish. Besides, the price reasonable enough. 

The other type of spray gun you can use for the small compressor is the HVLP Low CFM spray guns. Generally, HVLP spray guns require a lot of air and hence a large compressor. 

But a low CFM HVLP spray gun is the opposite. It instead requires compressors with less air. The low CFM (cubic feet per minute) uses less pressure and makes your painting job easy. 

You will find plenty of LVLP and HVLP standard cfm spray gun models in the market. Choose any of these two according to your needs. 

Can You Use Existing High CFM HVLP Spray Gun For Your Small Compressor?

Can You Use Existing High CFM HVLP Spray Gun For Your Small Compressor

This is a big question! Usually, people tend to make their works done anyway with whatever they already have. This shouldn’t matter how you do things. 

We have varieties because things work differently. Let us explain this in simple words, yes you can use the high cfm HVLP spray guns with a small compressor, but that will not do the job correctly. 

Why? Because high cfm requires a high volume of air which a small compressor will fail to produce, and the outcome will be a disappointment. 

Of course, it will instead make all your efforts and complex works go in vain. That’s why the best is to get the spray guns which require small compressors. It’s okay to spend a little money on creating something as good as you get praise for.


Is It Worth Buying a Paint Sprayer?

A paint sprayer provides you with many benefits that you cannot get from other painting tools like rolled rollers and brushes. 

A paint sprayer does a lot by saving you time, reducing the effort, reducing the risk of getting the touch of harmful painting chemicals, beautifying the painting, and ending with a superb finishing.

What Size Air Compressor So You Need To Run A Paint Gun?

The pro recommendation is picking up a 60-gallon tank and a 5-6 HP compressor because it will deliver enough cfm that your spray gun needs for its application. Search for 14-18 ranged CFM at 90PSI.

Can You Use An HVLP Gun With An Air Compressor?

Of course, you can use an air compressor with an HVLP spray gun, but there’s a condition you must fulfill.

Your compressor needs to be large enough to create high volume output using much air. However, you can use an HVLP low CFM spray gun because these can run with the help of a small compressor. 


We hope that this discussion will be a big help to you. Now that you know the essential facts and knowledge about spray guns for small compressors, you confidently purchase the right spray gun for it.

Read the features part repeatedly to get confused while getting the spray gun for your compressor.  I hope now you know about what are the best spray gun for small compressors.

Now we are about close, but before that, we have another little tip for you; carefully choose the right cfm for the compressor because this depends on your spray gun’s performance.

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