How To Thin Oil Based Paint For Spray Gun?

If you want to decorate your room or home or others like trims and all, coloring it according to your liking would be the best. 

If you want to try oil-based paint, you will need to make it thinner before using it. Painting with a spray gun is easier here. Now the question comes: how to thin oil based paint for spray guns?

Even if you don’t use a spray gun, you would still need to thin oil-based paint to get the most benefit from it. And after you do that, you will be needed to apply 2-4 coatings of color to get your preferred color and benefit.

How to thin oil based paint for spray gun

There are two types of colors: oil-based and water-based. Then, why do you have to use oil-based color? While it will be more bothersome to make it thin.

Well, let us clear all of your doubts here! 

Why Choose An Oil Based Color?

Why choose an oil based color

There are actually several reasons why oil-based colors are best when painting. Oil-based colors are mainly two types: synthetic and natural. 

Natural colors are pricey, and that’s why most people prefer synthetic colors. There is not much difference, though.

Oil-based colors are best known for their durability. You can even color your sink with it to get rust as it provides an extra layer. 

Not just that, the color lasts long and gives a smooth finish while leaving a glow. Though it takes some time to dry up, it still covers every stain and resists high or low temperatures.

If you are looking for all these qualities, you should go for oil-based color to give you the best finish and more benefits than others.

After knowing all these benefits, who won’t like to use oil-based paint? You might want to, as well.

But as said before, thinning is essential if you are using an oil-based color. So, let’s discuss that.

How To Thin Oil Based Paint For Spray Gun?

How to thin an oil based color

Oil-based colors are less or more thick, making them tough to paint. That’s why thinning is necessary. If you are using a spray gun, you need to make it thinner so that the paint can be sprayed smoothly and won’t be clogged.

To make the paint thinner, you have to work step by step and need some equipment. Like:

1. Container Or A Bucket

Container or a bucket

 You need a container or a bucket for the thinning procedure. Make sure the size is larger or can hold up the thinned paint. As the thinned paint will be greater in quantity. Of course, you don’t want to spill the paint.

2. A Stick

A stick

It will be used for stirring the paint.

3. Thinning Agent Or Turpentine Or Mineral Spirits

Thinning agent or turpentine or mineral spirits

As we all know, oil doesn’t dissolve in water. Instead, it creates an upper lap on the water. That’s why water can’t be used to thin an oil-based paint. 

You will need a thinning agent for that. Also, you can also use turpentine or mineral spirits to thin the paint.

4. A Funnel

A funnel

You need a funnel to check if the paint is thin enough for your use.

After containing all these things, next, you should follow the proper steps.

Wait for a second. Before that, you need to read the instructions written on the can or the paint container. Some oil-based paints are really thick and also tough to make thin. So, make sure to buy paints that can be thinned.

Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much you try. It will not help you at all.

Now, Let’s go check out the steps:

  1. Pour the oil-based color into the container or a bucket. Make sure to remember the quantity because the quantity of color depends on the amount of thinning agent.
  2. Then pour appropriate amounts of the thinning agent or mineral spirits. Its quantity is mostly 1/3 of the color you are using. If you are taking 3 cups of the oil-based paint, you will need its 1/3 amount of thinning agent, which is 1 cup here.
  3. Mix the paint and thinning agent properly with the stick.
  4. Then, use a funnel to check if the paint is thinned enough or not.
  5. Keep it for some time, and then fill the spray gun with the paint.

And now you are fully ready for painting your things like furniture, trim, or even rooms and bathrooms.

A reminder, before doing this process, make sure to read the instructions properly. Otherwise, thinning can be a waste sometimes.


Do You Need To Wear A Mask While Using Oil Based Paint?

Of course, you need to. Even though the smell of the paint is addicting, you shouldn’t sniff it. Oil-based paints mainly contain harmful chemicals which are cancerous. So, avoid sniffing.

Instead, wear a proper mask while using the paint.

How Much Mineral Spirit Needed To Thin The Paint?

 Actually, it depends on the paint. Some paints don’t follow a proper ratio. But still, it’s considered that the amount of needed mineral spirit is 1/3 of the used color. So, you can follow this one.

But still, it’s better to read the instructions before using them. And the ratio may change depending on how thick the color is.

What To Do If The Color Is Too Thin Or Too Thick?

After mixing the agent properly, if you still feel the color is not thinned correctly, don’t panic.

If you feel it’s too thin, then use a tiny amount of color, little by little, unless you feel it’s perfect. And the same goes for if it’s too thick; mix a little bit of agent. And that’s how you will get the ideal mixture.

Is One Layer Of Thinned Oil Based Color Enough?

Absolutely not. You need to apply at least 2-3 layers to get your preferred color. When you thin the paint, it also reduces the effects. To get a better benefit, you need to use several layers on it.

Because of thinning, the color becomes too light or dark. So, you might not get the color you want if you only use a layer of it. That’s why using a layer is not enough.

Can I Apply The Oil Based Color To Water Based Color?

Not at all. Oil and water don’t dissolve in each other. Instead, the oil creates a thick layer of water. If you use an oil-based color on the water-based paint, it will not give a smooth finish.

Neither will it become much use. Meanwhile, it will create an upper layer, making the color look worse than before. So, don’t paint oil-based colors over water-based ones.

Final Remarks

Even though oil-based paint provides many benefits, still it’s tough to clean. So, you have to be careful while spraying. It also gives a glow which makes the finishing 1000 times prettier.

While using, make sure to follow proper steps and enjoy painting. I hope now you know about how to thin oil based paint for spray guns.

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