Installing roller rockers on Small Block Chevy (SBC) head is a popular upgrade among car enthusiasts and engine builders.

Here are a few steps on How to install roller rockers on SBC heads, which offer numerous benefits, including increased horsepower and torque, improved valve train stability, and better overall engine performance.

However, installing roller rockers on SBC heads can be tricky, especially for those new to engine building. This blog post will guide you through installing roller rockers on SBC heads.

From selecting the right type of roller rocker to set the valve lash, we will cover everything you need to know to ensure a successful installation. We will also provide tips and tricks on troubleshooting common installation problems.

Whether building a high-performance engine from scratch or upgrading an existing one, this guide will help you achieve optimal performance and reliability. So, whether you’re a seasoned engine builder or starting out, read on to learn how to install roller rockers on SBC heads.

how to install roller rockers on sbc heads

What Are Roller Rockers?

Roller rockers are a crucial component of a high-performance engine. They are designed to reduce friction and improve valvetrain stability, ultimately leading to better engine performance. Roller rockers are essentially rocker arms with a roller tip instead of a flat one. The roller tip rolls along the valve stem, reducing friction and wear.

This also allows the valve to open and close more quickly and smoothly, which improves engine response and power. Roller rockers are commonly used in racing and high-performance engines because they can handle higher lift camshafts, allowing for higher engine speeds.

They are available in different ratios, which allows for fine-tuning of the engine’s performance. In addition to improving performance, roller rockers can also increase the lifespan of the valvetrain components.

The reduced friction and wear on the valve stem and rocker arm can prevent premature wear and failure. Overall, roller rockers are a valuable upgrade for any engine that requires improved performance and durability.

The Benefit Of Roller Rockers

The Benefit Of Roller Rockers

Roller rockers are essential to a vehicle’s engine and offer numerous benefits to car enthusiasts. The primary benefit of using roller rockers is reducing friction during the engine’s operation. This reduction in friction results in a decrease in heat generated by the engine, which can prolong the lifespan of other engine components.

Additionally, the reduction in friction in the engine also translates to increased horsepower, torque, and overall performance. The engine can operate more efficiently by reducing friction, and the car can achieve higher speeds and better acceleration.

Moreover, installing roller rockers can also reduce engine noise, which can be particularly beneficial for high-performance racing vehicles. With less noise, drivers can better focus on driving, and the car can perform better on the track. Roller rockers can also help reduce wear and tear on the engine, as they decrease the amount of stress placed on the valve train.

How To Install Roller Rockers On SBC Heads: From Start To Finish

How To Install Roller Rockers On SBC Heads

If you want to improve the performance of your Small Block Chevy (SBC) engine, installing roller rockers is a great upgrade to consider. How to install roller rockers on SBC heads The installation process may seem intimidating. But is do easily with the right tools and guidance.

First, remove the valve covers and old rockers from the heads. Then, clean the surface of the cylinder head and apply a light coat of oil to the rocker stud threads. Install the guide plates. For the roller rockers, ensure they is properly align with the valve stem.

Tighten the rocker arm bolts to the manufacturer’s recommended torque specification using a torque wrench. Finally, adjust the valve lash to the desired specification. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your roller rockers, as each brand may have specific requirements.

Different types of roller rockers are available, such as full roller or roller tip, and different ratios, so it’s important to research and choose the best option for your engine.

How To Install Rockers, Arms Pushrods

If you want to upgrade your engine’s performance, installing new rockers, arms, and pushrods is one of the most common modifications. These components work together to open and close the valves in your engine, allowing air and fuel to enter and exhaust gases to exit.

The first step in installing new rockers and arms is to remove the old ones. This is do by loosening the valve cover and using a socket wrench to remove the bolts holding the rockers in place.

Once the old component had been remove. You can install the new ones. Start by placing the new pushrods into the rocker’s arms and inserting them into the cylinder head. Then, carefully place the new rockers onto the pushrods and tighten them with the supplied bolts.

It’s important to torque these bolts to the manufacturer’s specifications, as an incorrect torque can cause the engine to fail. Once everything is tighten down. Replace the valve cover and start the engine.

How To Adjust Roller Rockers HBC

If you want to upgrade your engine’s performance, installing new rockers, arms, and pushrods is a great place to start. The process may seem intimidating initially. But with the right tools and patience. It is easy to do in your own garage.

Begin by removing the valve covers and loosening the rocker arm nuts. Next, remove the pushrods and rocker arms from each cylinder and set them aside. Carefully inspect each component for signs of wear or damage and replace as necessary.

The new rockers and arms will need properly lubricated before installation. Once lubricated, carefully place the new rocker arms onto the new pushrods and secure them with the rocker arm nuts. Tighten the nuts to the manufacturer’s specifications and repeat the process for each cylinder. Finally, reinstall the valve covers and start the engine to check for abnormal sounds or leaks.

How Can You Use Roller Rockers With Hydraulic

How Can You Use Roller Rockers With Hydraulic

Roller rockers and hydraulic lifters are two components that work together to provide optimal engine performance. Roller rockers are designe to reduce friction and increase valve lift. While hydraulic lifters help maintain consistent valve clearance and reduce engine noise.

But how can you use roller rockers with hydraulic lifters? The answer lies in the design of the roller rocker itself. Unlike standard rocker arms, roller rockers feature a roller bearing that rides along the valve stem, reducing friction and wear.

This means the valve lifted higher and more quickly, improving engine performance. When combined with hydraulic lifters, roller rockers can provide even greater benefits.

Because hydraulic lifters automatically adjust to maintain valve clearance, they can compensate for any additional lift or movement the roller rockers provide. This means the engine can achieve even higher performance levels without sacrificing reliability or longevity.

Can You Put A Roller Rocker On A Flat Tappet Cam?

The question of whether a roller rocker should  installed on a flat tappet cam has puzzled many car enthusiasts. The answer is yes, but there are some important considerations to remember. Flat tappet cams have been used in engines for decades, and they rely on a lubrication system that coats the cam and the lifter with a thin layer of oil.

On the other hand, roller rockers reduce friction and wear by using a roller to ride on the valve stem. If you want to install roller rockers on a flat tappet cam, you must ensure that the rocker’s arms are designed to work with the cam’s specifications.

You must also ensure the rocker’s arms are properly aligned to avoid damaging the engine. Additionally, you will need to use a specific type of oil that contains zinc and phosphorus additives, which provide extra protection to the cam and lifters.


How to install roller rockers on SBC heads is what we already give you. That can significantly boost engine performance. The process may seem daunting initially, but it is a manageable task for any competent mechanic with the right tools and a clear understanding of the steps involved.

Following these instructions ensures that your roller rockers are installed correctly and that your engine operates at its full potential. Always exercise caution and take time when working on your engine to avoid potential damage or complications.


1.What Tools Are Required To Install Roller Rockers On SBC Heads?

Ans: Torque wrench, Socket wrench set, Allen wrench set, Feeler gauge set, Stud remover tool, Thread locker (e.g. Loctite), Assembly lube, Valve cover gaskets, Pushrod length checker (optional)

2.What Are The Benefits Of Using Roller Rockers On SBC Heads?

Ans: The main benefits of using roller rockers on Small Block Chevy (SBC) heads are increased valvetrain stability and durability, reduced friction and wear, improved engine performance, and potentially increased horsepower and torque.

3.What Is The Proper Procedure For Adjusting Roller Rockers On SBC Heads?

Ans: Remove the valve covers and rotate the engine until the lifter on the cylinder you want to adjust is on the base circle of the camshaft lobe.  Loosen the rocker arm until there is no preload on the lifter

4.Are There Any Specific Precautions That Need To Be Taken When Installing Roller Rockers On SBC Heads?

Ans: A few precautions must be taken when installing roller rockers on SBC (Small Block Chevy) heads.

5.How Do You Know If Roller Rockers Are Compatible With Your SBC Heads?

Ans: To determine if roller rockers are compatible with your Small Block Chevy (SBC) heads, you must consider several factors, including the rocker arm ratio, valve lift, valve spring pressure, and the rocker arm mounting area on the cylinder head.