10 Best Torch For Plumbing [Reviews With Buying Guide]

Suppose you are starting your new plumbing career and just got your first deal. You go to the customer’s place and start soldering the leaking pipes. But halfway through, your gas torch starts malfunctioning. So, now you’ll have to leave the work unfinished.

Scenarios like this can put a negative impact on your career. To avoid this, you have to use the best quality tools available.

But we are aware that selecting the best torch can be very troublesome because there are just too many brands to pick from. And not to mention, price, features, usability makes it even harder.

With our genuine opinion on some of the best gas torches out there, we’ll provide you a clear vision so that you can select the proper torch. Our buying guide will further help you narrow down your choice. So, what are the best torch for plumbing?


Best Torch For Plumbing

Which Types of  The Torch Are Best For Plumbing?

Which Types of  The Torch Are Best For Plumbing

Since only two types of torches are best suited for plumbing, we’ll talk about how these two perform and which one you should choose.

MAPP gas is known for its high temperature. It can reach a temperature of 3730 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it burns hotter, you can solder or braze more quickly and efficiently. But it costs more than propane gas.

So if you want to finish your job quicker and don’t care about the price, then go for the MAPP torch. The bonus of getting a MAPP torch is that you can also use it for cooking. Two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, propane is relatively cheaper than MAPP, and propane is also widely available compared to MAPP.

Propane burns at a temperature of 3600 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, we know it’s not that hot compared to MAPP, but you have to keep the price in mind.

Besides, burning at a lower temperature means that you can control the flame better. A propane torch is also known for fast startup.

So if you have plenty of time in your hand and you’re not in a rush to finish your work, go for a propane torch. It’s pocket-friendly and also available everywhere.

As we can see, both propane and MAPP have their strengths and weaknesses. So select the one that you think suits your needs.

10 Best Torch For Plumbing Reviews

The torches we gathered over here can give you an excellent plumbing experience while also being easy to use. Before you lock on to one, take a look at these amazing torches below.

1# Bernzomatic TS8000 Torch

Bernzomatic TS8000

Before we get into details, let’s ask you a question first. What do you want in your gas torch? You might say that it should burn well, effortless usability, and should have lots of features.

Keeping all these common thoughts in mind, we are starting our list with the bernzomatic TS8000 torch. Let’s see if it lives up to its brand name, shall we?

The auto start/stop ignition button is a lifesaver when you’re in a hurry and need the torch to start spitting out the flame immediately. Now those pipes are just one button away from getting soldered.

The cast aluminum body of this torch ensures a slick finish on the surface. Not only that, but it also has a high tolerance to heat. This means that the torch will be durable and also last longer.

The manufacturer recommends you use MAP-pro gas. We all know how hot MAP gas can burn. The torch will be able to reach 3600 Fahrenheit at peak, making your job seem like a child’s play.

The torch has a knob that lets you control the flame. Now you won’t have to switch torches for different applications. Just rotate the knob, adjust the flame, and use the torch for any work you want.

Easily the most appealing feature that this torch comes with is the lock button. Now you can just press the lock button, and it’ll keep the flame lit for as long as you want. Less strain on your fingers, more work getting done.


  • The start/stop ignition button can turn on or extinguish the flame at your command.
  • Cast aluminum body will ensure you long-lasting performance and durability while also keeping your torch body shiny.
  • Using it with MAP gas can give you a flame that can do just about any type of heating, soldering, or brazing.
  • The flame control knob will let you adjust your flame to your liking, making it easy for you to do everything with one torch.
  • The lock button on this torch keeps the flame lit, ensuring you a finger-free operation.


  • The trigger-start ignition button can sometimes take more than a few presses to start the flame.


Since the pros easily outweigh the cons in every aspect, we can firmly say that if you have the budget for this torch, you should definitely get it because it is an amazing torch for any work, especially for plumbing.

2# Worthington WT231 Torch

Worthington 336737 WT2301

We know more money can buy you better tools, but what if you don’t want to spend too much cash? Being affordable in price does not mean it’ll be bad in quality.

Starting at only 17 bucks, the Worthington torch can even give expensive torches a run for their money. But is the Worthington WT231 really worth your attention?

The gas torch is made with stainless steel. Steel is harder than aluminum while also being more resistant to heat and scratches. So don’t worry about the longevity of your torch and unleash hell on those pipes.

Furthermore, the torch has an angled design. This will let you work against flat surfaces or reach tight spots where a normal torch won’t be able to reach.

You have to use propane gas to fuel this torch. Propane is less expensive than MAPP gas and is also widely available everywhere. This saves both your time and money.

We all know how annoying it can be to ignite your torch with a fire match. This is why it comes with a trigger-start ignition button. The button can turn on your torch or extinguish the flames swiftly without any hassle.

And that’s not all; you can also control the flame. The torch comes with a control valve that lets you resize the flame according to your needs.


  • The Trigger-start ignition button lets you easily turn on your torch or put out your flame when needed.
  • Made with stainless steel, this torch will give you long-lasting durability and performance while also keeping your torch rust-free.
  • Angled torch design lets you work in tight spaces or against flat surfaces with ease.
  • The flame control knob/valve lets you regulate the flame size according to your liking.


  • After a while of usage, the ignitor button can take a few tries to ignite your flame.
  • The flame can get blown out with winds, so look out for winds while you work.


With a few minor hiccups here and there, the Worthington WT231 is still worthy of your money.

Since it uses propane gas, we would recommend you use it for light plumbing. And if you were already aiming for light work, then this torch will be a surprisingly good choice for you.

3# Bernzomatic TS4000 Torch

Bernzomatic TS4000

Sometimes people don’t look for the highest performance in a gas torch. Sometimes they just want something simple and reliable to work with.

If you are that person, look no further because the bernzomatic TS4000 is here to deliver your needs.

Since it is the sibling of the highly praised TS8000, this torch is also made with aluminum. Aluminum is less likely to get rusty over time.

And it is also highly resistant to heat. With anti-corrosion and excellent heat withstanding capability, this torch will give you a long-lasting performance.

It comes with an auto-start/stops ignition button like its big brother. Typically when you ignite a torch using fire matches, it takes many tries, resulting in fuel wastage. Since you can just press a button to light the flame, this torch saves a lot of fuel.

Besides, it also comes with a run-lock button. You can use the button to keep your flame lit for a longer duration without having any finger on the trigger. Now you can just work efficiently without straining your fingers.

Another neat feature is that you can replace the tip of the torch. If you somehow break it or lose it, just slap on a new one and resume your work.

Unlike other torches, this one has no issues when you use it pointing downwards. The internal pressure regulator handles the situation just fine. So now, you can just use your torch in any direction you want.


  • Made with aluminum, this gas torch can be used for years without getting rusty or losing performance.
  • You can use both propane and MAPP gas (not at the same time). This makes it easier to operate because you can just buy any fuel according to your need.
  • The auto start/stop ignition button lets you instantly light up or put out the flame.
  • The lock button ensures that no one can accidentally ignite the torch.
  • The internal pressure regulator lets you work in any direction you want, even downwards.


  • The only downside of this torch is that it does not come with any flame control knob or valve. It means you’ll always have a full burst flame.


The price is a bit too high considering the features it packs, but it is still one of the best torches available if you want something easy to use, lightweight and simple in design. Plus, the brand value makes up for the price.

4#Bernzomatic Basic UL2317 Torch

BernzOmatic Basic Use UL2317

Budget can be a big issue when buying tools. Sometimes, even if you want, you can’t aim for something expensive. That’s why you have to find the torch that provides great performance in budget.

But does the bernzomatic Basic UL2317 torch provide you justice according to its price?

You’ll notice that the torch has a gold finish. This is because the torch is made out of brass. Brass is not as durable as steel or aluminum, but it gets the job done pretty well.

The brass finish is also stainless, which means you won’t have to worry about the torch getting rusty.

You’ll have to use propane to fuel this torch. Propane is less expensive than other gases and more efficient as well. So now you can do more work and pay less for the fuel.

Moreover, the versatile webbed flame lets you use this torch in various applications. From common household works to tricky plumbing works, you name it, and it’ll get down to work.

The angled design will help you reach narrow spaces. You can even work against flat surfaces. So now you won’t have to bend too much to heat something you want.

Easily the best feature this torch comes with is the flame control valve. Without this controller, your torch will always be in full burst mode.

Sometimes the work does not require too much heat; for such situations, you can just rotate the valve and resize the flame.


  • Made with brass construction that provides maximum performance, a shiny look, and rust-free usability.
  • Uses propane gas which saves you some money and is also energy efficient.
  • Flame controller knob, which lets you tune the size of the flame according to your need.


  • The torch does not have any auto start/stop ignition button. This means you’ll have to use an external striker or fire match to start the flame.


It is obvious that this gas torch is aimed towards people who just want to do light work or people who are new to this environment. Considering the price and the brand, you’re still getting an excellent deal out of this torch.

5# Hot Max 500G Big Max Torch

Hot Max 500G Big Max 500

The days of “carrying around your propane cylinder” are long gone, and the days of flexibility have arrived. You’re not sure what we mean? Don’t worry.

The hot max 500G comes with a hose system. This means you can just keep your gas cylinder at a corner and move around the workplace to work on different problems.

It also comes pre-assembled from the handle to nozzle from the manufacturer, simply attach the propane gas cylinder and turn yourself into a pro plumber.

Since this torch uses propane gas, this good boy isn’t perfect for soldering or brazing. Though, that does not mean you can’t use it for such purposes. It’s best suited (but not limited to) for pre-heating copper or steel materials.

The torch has a safety valve that automatically prevents gas overflow. In doing so, it helps you avoid accidents and also saves your fuel.

It also has a flame controller valve that lets you tune the flame according to your need. So now you can use it on a wide range of applications.

This is the only torch that comes with a long molded handle. It means you can use it for longer periods without hurting your hands. Also, you won’t have to bend over when doing your job because of the long handle.

As their main goal is flexibility, Hot max 500g comes with a 10-foot hose which lets you move around easily and comfortably.


  • Comes with a safety valve that controls the flow of the propane and prevents accidental overflow.
  • It has a 10-foot long hose that makes it easy for you to move around and work effectively.
  • The flame control valve lets you easily regulate the flame’s flow and make it bigger or smaller.
  • Molded handle makes it easy for you to hold the handle, and it’s also comfortable for your hands.
  • Easy to use because it comes fully assembled from the factory.


  • The only con is that it does not come with any auto-start ignition button. You’ll have to light the flame with external strikers manually.


Not many torches come close to the Hot max 500G torch. This multi-purpose torch can help you accomplish many tasks.

Although it is not ideal for heavy works such as soldering or brazing, it still can hold its ground against such tasks. All these features make it the best propane torch for beginners and pros alike.

6# Bluefire Solid-Gas Torch

BLUEFIRE Solid Brass Jumbo

While the world is getting bigger, the tools are getting smaller. Sometimes you just want something that you can easily carry around and use effortlessly.

Thinking about such customers, Bluefire has come up with a torch that fulfills your desires.

This well-priced torch is made out of brass. Since it has a full brass body, it’ll give you better durability and performance than torches that have a zinc mix body.

Talking about the brass body, even the flame control knob is made out of brass. Some manufacturers skip on this and use plastic knobs, which are most likely to break. Now you can control your flame without worrying about breaking the knob.

Since the body is small and lightweight, it is easy to install. Just take a gas tank and screw it in. The valve is tight and reliable. So don’t worry about any leaks or explosions.

The angled design helps you to work in slim areas. But that’s not all; you can also work against flat surfaces using this torch.

The flame gets really hot, and you can use it for works where precision is the priority. With a max temperature output of 2460 Fahrenheit, this cute little torch can do an amazing job. And don’t forget that you can use both propane and MAPP gas.


  • Produces a strong pencil flame to provide both working precision and optimized heat output.
  • The body is fully made of brass to ensure long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Flame control knob made out of brass that lets you adjust the flame to your liking.
  • The torch is very compact in size which lets you carry it around without any hassle.


  • No auto-start ignition button. It means you have to light the torch with external strikers or matches. It might take many tries to light the torch properly.
  • No lock button, so you’ll have to keep your fingers on the trigger for as long as you want to use it.


The Bluefire solid-gas torch is one of the best-priced and durable torches out there. It might not be easy to use if you are a beginner, but the price-to-performance ratio makes up for it.

7# Red Dragon VT 3-30C Torch

Red Dragon VT 3-30

Tired of bending down every time you have to heat or solder something on the ground using your torch? We understand. It gets really tiring.

Keeping that in mind, we bring you the Red Dragon VT 3-30C torch. Say goodbye to your back pain and hello to your new favorite torch.

The torch is made out of steel. This means you’ll get a solid torch that can withstand a lot of heat and is also as durable as possible.

The red dragon torch really lives up to its title. It breathes out flame like a dragon. With a max temperature of 2200 Fahrenheit, this torch will make your job almost effortless.

The length of the whole torch from the handle to the nozzle is 36inches. This will ensure that you won’t have to bend down while doing your job. Even if your height is above 6ft, you can easily use this torch.

The torch comes with an adjustable knob that lets you resize the flame however you want. We know different jobs need different fire temperatures. Now you can just rotate the knob and do your job.

Easily the best feature this torch comes with is modularity. This means you can change specified parts. If something breaks while using it, you can just go to your nearest hardware store, buy that part, attach it, and voila, good as new.


  • The steel body of this torch ensures long-term usability and undecaying performance.
  • Comes with everything needed, you won’t have to buy anything extra. Just assemble and play.
  • The torch has a long hose and a handle, ensuring movability while also being friendly to your back.
  • It comes with a flame controller knob that easily lets you tune the flame to any size you want.


  • You have to manually ignite the torch using a third-party striker or a fire match. It does not have any trigger start ignition button.


Even with all the modularity and the features, the torch’s core (burning capability) is still unsuitable for heavy works.

If you want something that is easy on the pocket and can also provide fairly decent performance, then look no further because the Red Dragon VT 3-30C is one of the best torches out there.

8# Magna MT 535C Torch


No matter how fantastic a torch performs, no matter how durable it is, the comfort of your hands matters the most. If it’s not friendly to your hands, the specs don’t mean much.

Talking about comfort, this torch comes with a handle that has an ergonomic design. This type of design ensures proper grip and comfort for your hands. Now you can peacefully do your work.

The burn tube is made out of stainless steel. As we can see, comfort is not their only priority. This steel torch will provide you unmatched durability and performance.

The valve of the torch is secure and tight as well. Just open the packet and screw it firmly with your cylinder. You won’t ever notice any leaks. Also, this torch uses propane gas.

The triple point flame delivers a high temperature of 2000+ Fahrenheit. Easy on your hands and also has a great heating capability? That’s really unusual, in a good way, of course.

This torch comes with an auto-ignition button which will ignite or extinguish the flame on your command. However, it might take a few tries to ignite the flame sometimes. This is absolutely normal.

It also comes with a regulator valve that lets you control the flame while keeping a constant flow. Different tasks require different heat levels, so now you can just turn the valve and select whatever flame size you want. It makes your task way easier.


  • Trigger-start button that lets you instantly light up or put out the torch.
  • The burner tube is made out of stainless steel, ensuring the highest possible performance while also being rust-free.
  • Ergonomic handle design provides grip and comfort for your hands in long sessions of work.
  • It comes with an adjustable flame knob that lets you control the size and temperature of the flame while also providing a constant flow.


  • Torches that have an auto-ignition button often lack quality. This torch is no different. It sometimes takes a lot of tries to ignite the flame.


We know this torch is aimed at providing maximum comfort and usability. But that does not mean it doesn’t perform well.

In fact, it performs fantastic. So considering all the pros and cons of this torch, we can gladly say that this is one of the finest torches on our list.

9# Blue Flame 9XTL Torch


We appreciate taking inspiration from more renowned brands and making better products at a cheaper price. The Blue flame 9XTL is sort of inspired by the bernzomatic TS8000 we reviewed earlier. But is it better than TS8000? Let’s find out.

The torch comes with three tips for you to change between works. Each tip is different from the other and provides a wide range of flame sizes and shapes. For example, if you need precision, use the small tip for accurate heat output.

Furthermore, you get a flame controller dial that lets you tune the flame output temperature. When you don’t feel like changing the tip, you can rotate the dial, and voila, the torch is ready.

The torch also has a button that lets you light up the torch with a single press (or sometimes a few). It’s called the auto-start ignition button. It also lets you put out the flame if you want.

The torch comes with a run-lock button. This keeps the torch safe from kids who might accidentally turn on the torch.

You can also use it to lock the flame, so it does not go out while you work. Now you can just focus on your work instead of focusing on operating the torch.

Easily the coolest thing about this torch is that you can use both propane and MAPP gas, not simultaneously, though. Most of the torches either suggest you use propane or MAPP, but not both.


  • Comes with three torch tips that you can interchange depending on how much output and precision you want.
  • Built-in easy trigger-start button, which lets you ignite the torch almost without any delay, saving your fuel in the process as well.
  • The torch has a flame control dial that you can use to adjust the flame size of the torch.
  • The lock button helps you keep it safe from kids.
  • You can use the torch with both propane gas or MAPP gas for utmost flexibility.


  • The only con is that it’s a bit bigger and heavier than common valve-only torches.


From start to finish, we’ve been praising the torch left and right. Apart from a minor issue, the Blue flame 9XTL is an almost perfect torch for every kind of work, including soldering, brazing, heat-treating, light welding, and many more.

10# Bernzomatic BZ8250HT Torch

Bernzomatic BZ8250HT

Sometimes people don’t care about their pocket. They just want industry-leading performance at any cost. You’ve made the demand, and Bernzomatic has heard you.

Costing around 90 dollars, the Bernzomatic BZ8250HT torch is the last and the most expensive torch on our list. But is the price justified? Kind of.

The torch comes with a 5-foot long hose. This design gives you more freedom while working because you can keep the cylinder at a corner and freely move around the workstation.

Speaking of design, the torch also has an ergonomic handle which is easy on your hands. This means your hands won’t hurt after long sessions of work. Flexibility and comfort at the same time? Count us in.

The auto start/stop button that comes with the torch is very handy in many ways. It minimizes fuel wastage. Because it can light up immediately with a press of a button, it also saves your time.

The torch also has a dial that lets you adjust the flame. Though it is a pretty common feature, that does not make it any less important. The dial is made out of brass, so it’s less likely to break any time soon.

In most torches, when you point it towards the ground, the flame loses its edge. But this torch comes with a brass pressure regulator, which keeps the flame steady in any direction you point it at.

The company went an extra step to give you a bag/holder that can hold the gas cylinder pretty well. If you want to keep the cylinder under your supervision, you can now carry it around with you. The bag is also very comfortable to carry.


  • The torch comes with a holder that can hold your gas tank (both slim and fat version) and the torch handle.
  • The 5-foot hose provides you maximum flexibility and freedom.
  • The instant start/stop button lets you ignite or extinguish the flame at your command.
  • The pressure-regulator system ensures you all-direction usability without sacrificing any performance.
  • Ergonomic handle design provides you extra comfort while using the torch for a long duration.


  • The holder’s quality is very poor. The velcro straps/clips aren’t strong enough to hold your tank for long periods. So you should just keep the tank on the ground for safety.


The torch sure does deliver according to its price. With only one minor issue, the Bernzomatic BZ8250HT torch is a guaranteed champion when it comes down to any sort of plumbing work. And all the excellent features will make you fall in love with it.

Top Torch For Plumbing Buying Guide

Top Torch For Plumbing Buying Guide

Torches can have a wide range of features and can also be of many shapes and sizes. As they are crucial for your plumbing, you should know the right details before buying the torch of your need.

In this section, we will shed light on the important and must-know factors of gas torches so that you can finally select the best torch according to your style.

Types of Torches

There are basically two types of torches used by all professional plumbers.

  • Propane Torch

  • MAPP or MAPP-Pro Torch

Proceed to buy the torch best suited for you after carefully going through the following details given below.

Flame Type

As you can already guess, the type of flame the torch produces is really important because it’ll determine how your torch will perform. The most common and the best type of flame is the swirl-style flame.

The swirl-style flame allows you to concentrate on your work more accurately because the heat is focused on a small surface area. This is why you can have a more precise soldering or brazing experience.

This type of flame can also save your fuel because it focuses on a single, small surface. Doing so minimizes fuel wastage.


The material used in making your torch plays a major role in output performance. The more heat resistant it is, the more it’s likely to last long. Usually, there are three types of material used in making the burner tube: steel, aluminum, and brass.

If you want something rugged and hard to damage, we would suggest you go for a torch that is made of steel. Stainless steel would be an even better option. Steel is a hard and high heat-resistant material that is great for torches.

But if you want a portable and lightweight torch, then go for aluminum. Aluminum is lighter than steel, so you can carry the torch easily.


We all know how irritating lighting up your torch with a striker can be. You have to try many times to light up the torch. It even wastes your fuel a lot. And not to mention how dangerous it is.

This is why you should always buy a torch that comes with an auto-ignition button. You can just hold the button, and the torch will light up itself, keep your finger on the button, and it’ll keep burning. Release the finger, and the fire will extinguish itself.

The auto-ignition button even saves your money because now you don’t have to buy any extra striker or lighter.

Flame Controller

When you light up a torch, the torch starts in a full burst mode. It means the torch starts at its peak temperature. But what if you don’t want a high-temperature flame? What if you just want a small flame?

This is where the flame controller or adjuster comes into play. You can just rotate the valve, and depending on your direction of rotation, the flame will either get big or small.

Even if you don’t want to tune your flame, this is a fantastic feature to have. No one knows when it might come in handy. The freedom of controlling your flame size and temperature on the go is truly a blessing.


Do You Have To Hold Down The Auto Ignition Button For The Torch To Burn?

It depends on the torch you have, some torches require you to hold the button, and some torches continue to burn even when you release the button.

How Long Does A Torch Burn?

Although it depends on many factors, usually, a torch can burn from 40 minutes to an hour or half in one go. Efficient torches can give you some more time.

Can I Use A Propane Torch With MAPP Gas?

Yes, you can use MAPP gas on a propane torch but be cautious that it’ll burn hotter than usual.

Can I Point The Torch Downwards?

In short, yes. If your torch does not have any pressure regulator built-in, the flame’s power might get low. But if your torch has a built-in regulator to control the pressure, then you are good to go.

Can I Use The Torch For Both Plumbing And Cooking?

You can use it for both plumbing and cooking. You might get some gas smell from the food if you are using a propane torch. But if you are using a MAPP torch, then you won’t get any smell.

Final Words

It is said that plumbing has existed as long as human civilization itself. From the ancient era to the modern era, the way of plumbing might have changed, but the core remains the same. And now, we can’t possibly imagine plumbing without a torch.

The torches have dramatically changed over the years of development and continue to change. We are getting better and better torches each year, and it’s only a matter of time when we hit our peak.

So, if you are a professional plumber or just a person who likes to do housework all by yourself, the finest gas torch is the best tool to finish off your task with ease. And not to mention the safety it provides. We all know fire is a dangerous thing, right? I hope now you know about what is the best torch for plumbing.

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