If your newly bought torch has been acting up, it must feel more of torture rather than a torch. We have been there and can acknowledge what you’re going through.

Because replacement or repairing takes a lot of time and toil, it’s better to switch to an efficient soldering torch for good.

Torches are versatile equipment. The soldering torch can be a great addition to your tool kit at home. That will enable you to draw away plumbing problems at your home and light the grill at parties.

If you want to avoid wasting your money on the wrong torch, stick with us! As we have handpicked and made a list of the best torch for soldering copper pipe for your personal needs, which will not let you down.

9 Best Torch For Soldering Copper Pipe

Which Type Of Torch Is Best For Soldering Copper Pipe?

The best type of torch for soldering copper pipes is propane-powered torches with flame control. Because the intense flame will heat the pipes fast to complete the task quickly, you will need few refills and feel less tired.

9 Best Torch For Soldering Copper Pipe Review

1# Bernzomatic TS8000 – High-Intensity Trigger Start Torch

Bernzomatic TS8000

Burnzomatic has outdone itself by making its handheld torches user-friendly and versatile. You will not have to own two different torches if one torch has it all.

The bernzomatic TS8000 has a unique feature that lets you have complete control over the flame size, so you don’t have to switch to another torch between different types of applications.

The Adjustable flame control knob regulates the amount of flame, so you can conduct soldering projects and make sues vide steak with the same torch.

It has an auto start/stop ignition button that will easily let you ignite and extinguish the flame with a click of your finger. Its simple one-handed operation lets your other hand roam free to solder the pipes with ease.

The torch emits an ultra-swirl flame that provides maximum heat output so that you can work on large diameter soldering, brazing, heat treating, and light welding without breaking a sweat.

It is built with cast aluminum. That’s why the torch body is durable. That means if you accidentally drop it, the torch will take minor damage. But it is better to treat it with care for optimal output.

There is a built-in pressure-regulated valve that ensures performance when it is tilted or temporarily inverted. So if you have to solder in a congested area, you can tilt it more than 60 degrees, and you will have the same flame output.

The lock button keeps the torch lit after ignition for finger-free use. So you don’t have to tire your finger throughout the entire operation. You will be able to put more concentration on the plumbing rather than the torch.


  • The Adjustable flame knob is an excellent addition to the classic handheld torch. It lets you adjust the flame to your needs to conduct various projects with one torch only.
  • The swirling flame is the highest heat-producing flame. So you can solder copper pipes with precision and a large amount of heat.
  • The plumbing torch heats large diameter pipes fast and efficiently so you can accomplish your job quickly.
  • The pressure regulator lets you use the torch in tilted positions in cramped space.
  • It is made from cast aluminum; thus, it is lightweight and easy for you to carry at the same time durable.


  • It does not work with different fuel tanks only works with bernzomatic fuel tanks.
  • The piezoelectric igniter causes ignition problems. Two or more clicks are necessary for the combustion of the gas


It gives the performance professional plumbers need for soldering projects; so if you are experienced in the soldering biz, you can go for it.

2# Worthington 336737 WT2301 Trigger Start Propane Torch

Worthington 336737

When you are the Mr/Mrs, fix it at home, You’re bound to have a plumber’s blow torch in your toolbox. The most suited one for household projects and DIYs is one with a tameable flame output, so you don’t light your house on fire.

Worthington 336737 WT2301 Propane Torch is only 14 cm and has an adaptable webbed flame that fits in the palm of your hands.

The flame is manageable so that you can conduct small-scale household repairs, including minor type diameter soldering, melting, thawing, and heat application without damaging anything.

It has a trigger-start ignition system that will quickly ignite the flame, so you don’t have to use any external lighter of any sort.

It is used only with propane fuel, like Bernzomatic 14.1 oz. The burn tube of stainless steel lets you reach the nooks and crannies of your household plumbing system to be solder with precision.

The valve of flame control is an excellent addition to the torch body that sizes flame quickly according to your needs and extinguishes the fire when you are done. This feature makes the torch flexible for different types of applications.

With the help of this torch, you will be able to perform many types of heat applications like lighting fire pits in campsites, Loosen Rusty Bolts, Lighting Fireplaces, Melt things (apart from metal), minor diameter soldering, thaw frozen padlock, general thawing and much more.


  • It has a webbed flame that is not as intense as swirl flame, but it will provide a pleasing medium flame for your household applications.
  • You don’t require a lot of expertise to handle this plumbing torch as it emits a manageable flame for repairs, thawing, minor diameter copper pipe soldering.
  • The flame control valve lets you control the intensity of the flame to your needs.
  • It is an affordable option that gives you durability at a low cost.
  • It is excellent for lighting campfires, fire pits so that you can carry it around in your camp backpack.


  • The torch is built to withstand propane power, so you cannot get the better of the MAP gas.
  • There is no automatic extinguish button, and you will have to turn the adjustment knob to quench the flame manually.


This soldering torch is pocket friendly and user friendly since it is available at a lower price point and simple operation with a bonus of durable structure. You can use it for household repairs and light heat applications.

3# Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

Blazer GT8000 Big

What if there is a soldering torch that can do it all? It is so versatile in use that we would like to call it “The all-rounder gas torch.”

The Blazer GT8000 Big Shot butane torch creates a precise flame. It is used for detailed purposes such as brazing, plumbing, soldering, jewelry soldering, culinary, dental, and lab applications. You can use it for a variety of applications.

The brass-frame nozzle is made your safety and flame control; it doesn’t flare when you tilt it for various applications. Its design ensures a low blow-out rate, so you can use it where access is difficult or space is limited.

It has an attachable tabletop base that lets you take a break without the danger of it toppling over the workstation because it remains stable, thus facilitating hands-free usage.

The gas-flow adjustment dial is added for you to control flame length that ranges from 1.25 to 5.0 inches. You can adjust it according to the project specification.

A piezoelectric ignition system requires no electrical connection; thus, your torch start-up is hassle-free.

The flame can reach up to 2,500-degrees F with a precise flame tip, enabling you to conduct soldering, brazing, repair work, and pluming at a large scale.

The GT8000 has a continuous burn time of approximately 35 minutes, at maximum fuel volume, and has a 35-gram gas capacity that lets you solder continuously without overheating.

The gas torch is refillable with butane. That makes it suitable for your precision operations because this type of work is better achievable with butane rather than propane.


  • The torch does not flare when inverted or in windy places, making it very flexible for outdoor uses.
  • It has a low blow-out rate when you angle it for soldering tricky pipes.
  • You can adjust the flame size from 1.5 to 5.0 inches that give a precise flame.
  • The torch reaches 2500 degrees F, which is suitable for different types of soldering.
  • The tabletop base is extensive and thick, enabling hands-free use, and your torch will be extra stable while you work.
  • The brass nozzle is specially designed for your safety, so the flame does not flare.


  • A small tank can contain only 35 g of gas that gives you 35 minutes of burn time. It is not long-lasting for time-consuming projects.
  • It is appropriate for outdoor or professional use, not at-home applications.


It is a heavy duty butane torch that is appropriate for outdoor and shop usage which will give you an intense flame for light soldering like small diameter pipes, gold or silver soldering and anything that needs precision and accurate fire.

4# Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

Bernzomatic TS4000

Bernzomatic has always emphasized making simple, quality tools. Their classic plumbing torch has been the customer’s favorite for more than a decade.

Bernzomatic TS4000 is everyone’s favorite that works fast and gives off high heat. Many plumbers trust it for years so that you can put your trust in it for your household repairs.

High Heat torch works faster and efficiently that heats the copper pipes faster during fast working times. It expedites your plumbing repairs.

It is designed for comprehensive range tasks and brazing and heat treating, soldering huge diameter copper pipes so that you can handle significant plumbing repairs and small pipes with the same torch.

The classic torch uses swirl flame, which gives you the hottest fire you can find as Bernzomatic’s tagline says, “find your fire.”

It provides fast soldering and max heat output, so you don’t have to wait an eternity for the pipe to heat up.

The auto lights from the start/stop ignition and the extinguished flame save you a good amount of fuel. A button for run-lock holds on to the torch-lit for constant fingers-free use that lets you concentrate on the soldering itself.

This torch has pressure regulated valve that lets you burn the torch in all directions while working hard to reach areas. You can use the torch with propane and map pro fuel.


  • The plumbing torch works with high heat and works fast; you will be done with repairs and fittings in no time.
  • The optimized swirl flame or the tornado flame burns hot and gives an efficient blue flame.
  • You will be able to conduct large plumbing, soldering, or brazing projects with this torch.
  • The run lock feature is for a finger-free soldering experience to concentrate on the project itself more than the torch.
  • Essential functions that require heat treatment are achievable with this propane-powered torch.


  • There is no flame adjustment knob which is very stressful for plumbers or rookies because the flame is not controllable. The only high setting is available. If you don’t have expertise in this field, that might cause some severe damage.
  • The igniter sometimes stops working after years of use, and then you may have to use an external igniter.


Bernzomatic designed this torch for basic heat application with intensity of propane powered flame that works fast to achieve the desired temperature. You need the skills of a firebender to control the high flame.

5# Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch

Dremel 2200-01

A torch kit that will suit a soldering professional will have to have multifunctional use. The right accessories will amp up your soldering skills with little to no effort.

Dremel 2200-01 butane torch offers you versatile butane torch accessories for soldering, heat deflecting, heat blowing, and flame diffusing. All these functions available in one kit are a bargain.

The versa flame provides nine pieces of accessory with the actual torch. These include a stand, blower, deflector, flame diffuser, soldering tip, solder, sponge tin, wrench, and a stylish metal storage case.

The benefits of having all these accessories are hands-free usage, insulating copper wires, cooking, soldering PCB boards, soldering pipes, and organized tools, so you don’t lose any item.

There are many more uses to name, but we will let you figure them out. The integrated ignition starts the flame fast, so you don’t have to use an external igniter.

Flame control features both torch and flame operation. That lets you reach between 1022°F – 2192°F, which is suitable for different types of applications with different heat specifications.

Long-duration projects need a simplified operation, so you don’t tire your fingers. That’s why the flame lock button locks the flame during operation.

It’s a premium quality product that is durable. So you can use it for years. The company also offers a limited warranty of two years.


  • This soldering torch is made for versatile applications light to medium soldering, heat blowing, heat shrinking, and electronic soldering that allows you to achieve all in just one kit.
  • Accessories are essential for professionals and rookies since they save time while your workpiece looks effortless.
  • The torch has 75 minutes of run time before refills which is a very decent amount of time compared to most butane torches.
  • Adjustment knob adjusts flame for different applications and lets you conduct a wide range of operations.
  • Instant ignition is quick and easy; you don’t have to struggle by clicking repeatedly.


  • The flame intensity is around 1022°F – 2192°F that is for light heat treatments, not for large or medium soldering.
  • It is battery-operated, so you have to purchase an extra battery.


You are able to achieve more by this torch than just soldering; it is qualified for various applications that you must conduct on a daily basis. It is great torch for people who like to accomplish more.

6# Bernzomatic BZ8250HT Trigger-Start Hose Torch

Bernzomatic BZ8250HT

It is overwhelming when the manufacturers make consumer’s comfort a priority. The design of the torch should be convenient so you can get the job done effortlessly.

Bernzomatic BZ8250HT Trigger-Start Hose Torch is designed to provide the user’s hands with utmost comfort when working on a project. The kit comes with the torch and attached 5 ft. hose and belt holder for the fuel tank.

It provides you with maximum reach to make any job more accessible, so you don’t have to hold the heavy tank while soldering.

This Bernzomatic hose torch is ideal for high heat applications in tricky-to-reach spaces where you cannot fit the torch and canister together. You will be able to reach those areas without any difficulty.

The kit comes with the torch and attached 5 ft. hose and belt holder for the fuel. You can attach the fuel canister to your belt. This way, the weight of the torch in your hand is significantly reduced.

Thus repetitive use and overhead work are now significantly more manageable, and you will feel less fatigue while working.

The torch features a lock button, an Instant on/off trigger igniter, an adjustable flame control knob that lets you have finger-free, one-handed operation. It lets you switch flame between different applications with just a turn of a knob.

The torch lets you work with propane fuel and Max Power Propylene fuel, enabling you to use the highest heat of the MAPP gas for soldering. The brass pressure regulator helps you to work in any direction you want.


  • Reachable in complex areas, you can now reach problematic and congested areas just with the torch as the tank will be out of your way.
  • The 5 ft. hose increases your mobility; it’s easier for you to move around with the lightweight torch.
  • The belt holder for the tank facilitates repetitive and overhead chores without fatigue.
  • The pressure regulator regulates the gas when you tilt it more than 60 degrees from an upright position and prevents blow-out.
  • Adjustable flame control is functional when you have to apply a different amount of heat for different applications.


  • The cleaning process is lengthier than other torchers because of the added length.
  • Some users have reported leaks at the valve, which the company can resolve by replacement or repair.


The hose attachment is a cheery on top of the bernzomatic handheld torch. Its unique design is well thought out for your fatigue reduction, if you have soldering projects that is high up and takes hours.

7# Power Probe MT Micro Torch (PPMT)]

Power Probe MT Micro Torch

If you have just started using plumbing torches, you might prefer a torch that doesn’t compromise your household safety while you practice. It should also give a professional service so you can take your skills to an expert’s.

Power Probe MT Micro Torch reaches a maximum temperature of 2,500 degrees F. You can use it for light soldering, thawing, heat treating, brazing, loosening fasteners, and plastic forming/molding, etc.

It has an electronic igniter that allows you quickly start up the torch and has a flame adjustment lever that you can be adjusted to your needs that reaches from 1/2″ to 2-1/2″.

Refilling the tank is a piece of cake. It is that easy. The PPMT will last up to 2 hours between refills. Thus you can use it for two hours most, and that is quite an impressive number.

It is specially designed for people who intend to do home repair and automotive repair works.

The stand is attachable. So when you are soldering, it can stand safely on the workstation, which will not compromise damage to your household.


  • The micro torch uses electric ignition, and it is straightforward and quick to ignite.
  • The air hole lets you fine-tune the flame intensity as per your requirements.
  • It is a butane torch that reaches 2500 F maximum for light soldering, heat blowing, and heat shrinking.
  • It has two hours of run time between refills that is pleasant for prolonged projects.
  • It has a fantastic feature that provides flameless heat up to 950 F with special attachments sold separately for detailed soldering like electronics. So can attempt different types of soldering.


  • The flame is not intense flame-like propane for large diameter soldering.
  • Susceptible to breakage when falls. So you have to handle it with care.


Power probe is a famous brand that is popular worldwide for its micro torches. It has long burn time in comparison to other butane torches that lets you solder seamlessly without refills.

8# Ivation Trigger Start Propane Torch

Ivation Trigger Start Propane Torch

Ivation has come up with a torch that gives you complete freedom to use any standard gas cylinder you like. So you don’t have to go around looking for a specific fuel. Instead, work with what you have.

Ivation Trigger Propane Start Torch has a versatile design compatible with CGA 600 Adapter or US 1″ threaded valve. It lets you use any standard propane or MAP gas cylinder with it.

It is a small but powerful propane-powered hand torch that brings sufficient heat for various household & workplace applications for at-home DIYers and handy people.

Press-button starter fires a quick flame for a safe, easy operation; you can ignite the torch with just one click of your finger.

Built-In +/- Control Knob is the flame adjustment option that lets you adjust the gas intensity to suit each project. You have to turn the dial to an off position to extinguish the fire instantly.

Versatile tool handles every DIY project or repair job at home. You can use it for light welding, connecting wires, mounting circuit boards, glassblowing, and metalsmithing like gold and silver soldering.

The regular flame length reaches 4.7″ and gives tight flame, but you can size it to suit large diameter soldering.


  • Ergonomic size is user-friendly when you have to carry around for a more extended period. You will not fatigue quickly.
  • You can access the propane or MAP fuel from your local hardware store with a standard size adapter.
  • It can run continuously for 20 minutes without you worrying about it overheating or turning off.
  • Adjustable flame is an easy operation that turns up the heat and extinguishes it when you turn it off.
  • The flame length reaches 4.7″ and gives you a tight flame with a maximum heat of 2372°F for light soldering.


  • It is not expensive, but the performance and durability are less satisfying are similar to its price.
  • The plastic body melts quickly when you hold it close to pits or fire, so you must be careful to keep it away from direct heat.


Its ergonomic size is suitable for carrying it around for camping and is very light weight. It is also affordable option if you want a propane torch at your home for various purposes.

9# Bernzomatic TS8000BZKC Premium Trigger-Start Torch Kit

Bernzomatic TS8000BZKC Premium

It’s hard for the busy plumbers to go around and pick up different components at different shops. So all in one kit that has every component is your go-to option.

Here are components that the TS8000BZKC Premium Torch Kit offers; Bernzomaic premium fuel cylinder with MAP-Pro gas and The TS8000 torch.

The torch has a built-in trigger-start igniter that lets you start the flame with just a click. You don’t need to use an external lighter or igniter to light it.

The instant on/off option makes it convenient for your usage. You start the flame with a click and quench the flame with a click on the same button.

The tip produces a blue flame that is the hottest. The swirling flame helps you heat pipes with precision because the flame does not flail around.

MAPP gas reaches a peak temperature of 3600 degrees F, perfect for medium to heavy soldering projects. MAPP BTUs per hour is 12900, which means it can heat the metal faster than other types of gas. So this is a premium quality, fast result kit you can buy.

The kit includes a 14.1oz Map-Pro gas cylinder, giving you approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of burn time.

You can use the torch with propane fuel too. Propane reaches 3400 degrees F for large diameter soldering.

The torch has a wide array of applications like medium to heavy soldering, soft brazing, welding, and heat-treating that earn it a place in the best torch for copper pipe soldering.


  • The Adjustable flame knob lets you adjust the flame to your needs so you can conduct a variety of projects with one torch only.
  • The swirling flame is the highest heat-producing flame. So you can solder copper pipes with accuracy.
  • The plumbing torch heats large diameter pipes fast that saves your time.
  • It comes with MAP gas which produces the most intense heat for brazing soldiering.
  • It is made with cast aluminum. Thus, it lightweight for you to carry.


  • The kit is on the pricy side, which is considered as the torch is long-lasting.
  • The piezoelectric igniter causes ignition problems after some time.


The kit comes with MAP-Pro fuel that gives highest intensity heat for soldering, brazing and light welding. This kit will let you heat metals fast and complete the operation within minimal time.

Best Torch For Solder Copper Pipe Buying Guide

Best Torch For Solder Copper Pipe Buying Guide

We’ll be honest with you, and there is no magic torch that has it all. All the torches have advantages and drawbacks. But the advantages overpower the downsides for all of them. Your purchase depends on what you intend to achieve with this torch.

It is a one-time investment that will last for years. It is better to take your time to evaluate each aspect of the torch to provide you satisfactory service.

Our thorough research on the best torch for solder copper pipe leads us to an intelligent conclusion that the plumbing torch must meet these criteria to take up space in your toolbox.



The temperature plays a significant role in preheating and soldering the copper pipe. It should have a high-temperature output to preheat large diameter pipes fast. For small diameter pipes, the temperature can be lower.

You will be able to finish faster and need fewer refills with an intense flame.

Flame Type

Flame Type

You should concentrate the flame for soldering copper pipes. Swirl flame emits the most intense and precise heat, but it is preferable for experienced repairers. Other types of flame also heat the pipes but take a few more minutes.

Flame Control

Flame Control.JPEG

This feature is now essential for a variety of use. You will have to solder different types of pipes in the plumbing business. That’s why the flame control lets you switch between applications with a turn of the knob.


There are piezoelectric ignition systems, battery-operated, and electrical igniters available in soldering torches.

It is better to choose a torch that does not show an ignition problem soon because it is common for auto-ignition torches to show complications in the igniter after years of usage.

Low Blow-Out

There are situations when you have to tilt or invert the torch to reach congested areas. So pick one that has the minor complaints of a blow-out or flaring, then inverted.


Since you buy the torch for an extended period, it should serve multiple purposes, so you get the most out of the torch for your investment.


Your safety is always a priority. Trigger locks, adjustment valves, run lock/flame lock options are designed for consumer safety. These features should be practical and easy to operate. So you can conveniently use them.


Last but not least is the warranty provided by the seller, or the company is crucial for your torch. It ensures you are covered if you receive a faulty product and get you to repair work or replacement.


1.Which Gas Gives The Most Intense Heat?

Ans: MAPP gas gives the most intense heat, followed by propane then butane.

2.Is a Mini Torch Appropriate For Copper Pipe Soldering?

Ans: It will take more time and effort to heat large pipes, but smaller pipes will be easy for the butane-powered torches.

3.Why The Flame Pulsates When Inverted?

Ans: The gas puts pressure on the valve and hampers the endothermic reaction, which interrupts the fuel flow.

4.Why Does The Torch Stop Working Amid Operation?

Ans: Usually, it can be due to continuous usage. It is more likely to happen in cold weather. Let it thaw for few minutes, and it will be ready to work.

Final Thoughts

Emmert Wolf wrote that “a man is only as good as his tools.” Indeed the right tool turns your workpiece into an art. You have to choose the suitable torch for soldering as it plays a significant role here.

Successful joints will earn you the title of an expert. To achieve that success, you need to choose the best torch for the soldering copper pipe. It will not only increase your expertise but also make you a reliable handyperson. I hope now you know about the best torch for soldering copper pipe.