Top 8 Best Solder For Copper Pipe [Reviews With Buying Guide]

Metal solders are widely used for joining copper pipes. But wait right there. Can any of this help? Of course not!

You need a high-quality solder, and you need to rethink before you pick any ordinary ones because if any mismatch appears, your whole project will go in vain. Wait up, buddy, we got your back!

We have gathered every bit of information that you require to get the best solder for copper pipe. If a leak-free joint is all you crave without any hassle, today’s discovery will be more like a blessing to you.

We have gathered the solder choices according to material quality, level of strength, diameter, spool, and many things more. So, without any further delay, let’s dive deeper!

Best Solder For Copper Pipe

Which Type Of Solder Is Best For Copper Pipe?

Which Type Of Solder Is Best For Copper Pipe

A solder is an object used for joining two things together, especially pipes and wires. The basic usage of solder doesn’t need many tools and elements.

If you want to join your copper pipes together, then you may choose lead-free solder for your soldering.

There are two types of solder: lead-free and lead-based. Lead-based solder is for those who are well experienced in soldering and for tough and big projects.

It is because lead-based solder is way too tough to handle for beginners, while lead-free ones are really easy to use and to handle.

This is why lead-free solder is highly recommended for beginners. However, in some cases, the soldering needs to be done with a mixture of lead-free and lead-based solders.

If you use the mixture, you will get more tin and less lead in your solder. For some products, the mixture is just what you need to get the work done perfectly.

For copper, lead-free solder is what you call the perfect companion. You will get the lead-free solder in any store’s plumbing section.

You may wonder why isn’t lead-based solder capable of copper. It is because lead-based solder can damage your water pipe. This is why lead-free solder is perfect for copper pipes.

8 Best Solder For Copper Pipe Review

8 Best Solder For Copper Pipe Review.jpeg

1# Oatey Company 30374 1.7 Oz

Oatey Company 30374


We have noticed that oatey products are made with high-quality technical and industrial support with our personal experience. That’s why you should consider Oatey company solder to be the best.

While soldering the copper pipe, the main concern is to make it safe and durable. You can get professional health and safety features from the most capable oatey solder.

The silver solder has some advanced features which will make your experience way much better.

Like we must talk about the diameter, if your copper pipe is of a large diameter, it will surely save your back.

It’s pretty hard to find a perfect solder for large diameter copper. But for your large copper pipes, we would suggest you switch to this solder without any hesitation.

One of the most problematic occurrences that people face with solder is turning the beautiful copper pipe into a green mess.

But this one will never make your copper turn green. On the other hand, fortunately, if we get one perfect solder, it always seems that the solder is super hard to use. But this solder is super easy to use along with all the features of that.


  • It is formulated with high-quality materials so that it can provide you with reliable service along with durability.
  • You can get professional safety standards from this; no further worries!
  • These can deal with larger copper pipes because of the diameter, which you can lack from many of the solders.
  • You don’t have to worry about your copper turning green with this silver solder.
  • It’s not only easy to use but also comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Does not come in a metal container, so it’s a little hard to store the product.


If you get this solder, you will get the solder formulated with the highest quality ingredients and has a reliable safety standard.

That’s why you will never be disappointed by co-occurring the service and durability of this silver solder. This is 100% lead-free as well beats the safety standards!

2# Canfield 50/50 Solder – 1 Lb Roll

canfield 50

How would you feel if your solder does not match your preferred safety standards? Well, that’s not happening with this one.

Canfield has been dealing with its best safety standards for over 160 years. What else can you ask for?

The melting temperature of solder is a big matter of fact because if it gets heated up than the tolerance level, your pipe joint will break off.

And then, your work is gone! Hear the blessing. This one comes with a melting temperature of 361°-421°F, which is just perfect for every region.

Want a solid fix for all the leaks? Trust us; you can never get a better fix than this solder. It will hold up the leakage like a bonding that can never be broken.

Not only copper pipes, but you can also fix radiators with this one. So will it be a crime to call it a multipurpose tool? Not at all!

You are assuming that these reliable features and high standards won’t come at a reasonable price. In that case, you don’t have to worry as well, as this silver solder is very pocket-friendly! Thank us later with your savings!


  • The best leak-proof solder that you can ever get because of the solid bonding
  • High-grade material used for better durability, the brand is renowned for its quality.
  • The look of this one is not like any ordinary ones; it will impress you as well.
  • The weight is very light, handy, and easy to deal with, so it won’t overweight the pipe and cause breakage.
  • Effortless usage can save a lot of time for you if you are new to soldering.


  • Nothing specific, undoubtedly an incredible solder to go for!


In one word, it’s awesome! The lightweight can save you from future breakage, and the strength will hold everything in place. No more leakage if you use this one to protect your copper pipe joints!

3# Oatey 50684 Safe-Flo Silver Plumbing Kit, 8 oz-

Oatey 50684

Here we go. Couldn’t help but pick another one from Oatey again. You already know how pleased we are with the outcome of this brand.

And this one is another incredible option that people just love, even we are fascinated with the effectiveness of this one.

The main built material of this solder is copper, bismuth, tin, and silver alloy. The material combination speaks for its strength.

As for the joints, our first consideration is strength. You will get the best out of this one because of its built-in materials.

If you are looking for a solder to join the pipes of your drinking water supply, hear the good thing.

This one is entirely safe to protect you from any hazardous particles. It doesn’t contain any ingredients to make your water polluted. So safe water, here we come!

Another impressive thing is, it meets the ASTM Standard B-32 standards. So you know, Oatey never compromises about the quality. And once you start using it, you will get it by yourself.

On the other hand, you will need a very little amount of solder to make a joint. So it’s a total win-win situation because it comes at a reasonable price as well.


  • Meets ASTM Standard B-32 standards, no doubt about the best quality.
  • You will require a very little amount to fix the leakage.
  • The safety standards go for water supplies, so you can use them for repairing water supplying copper pipes as well.
  • Perfect size for all the regular fixations and leakage protection.
  • Very simple to use, even if you are a beginner, it will seem to be very handy.


  • The paste/flux does not burn off sometimes; it can cause some annoyance.


When the talk is about solder, we firmly believe that Oatey is an incredible brand to go for.

This solder is specifically known for its safety standards. The easy usability also impressed us, except for the drawback of the less flux burn-off problem sometimes.

4# Forney 38060 Solder LF Solid 1/8″, 4 oz, Silver

forney 38060

Wanna talk about strength? We are quite sure that nothing can give you better strength and durability than this one.

The Forney solder has been a protector of all the leakage for years. And durability just speaks for hope, much of the strength it holds!

If you are specifically looking for a solder to fix your potable water pipe joints, this is the one to go for. Not only regular shower water pipes, but the safe material of this solid solder will also help you with your water supplies as well.

You will be impressed once you check the safety standards with the help of any professionals, no joke!

A feature that we found unique about this solder is it cools off very perfectly. You can use it, and it will stick to the pipe within no time!

So for a quick job, you can blindly trust this solder. And as mentioned above, strength is never compromised.

High temperatures can always be an enemy for the solder work. If your solder is not tolerant to high temperatures, it will just melt and make a mess that you won’t like to see.

But this one is perfectly fine for using even if you live in a region of high temperatures. So bravo for your amazing purchase, really!


  • Solid build quality, handles water pipes and any copper pipe perfectly.
  • Dries up quickly without wasting your time and energy.
  • Compatible with very high temperatures so no worries of it being melted.
  • Ensures smooth water flow if you are using it for water supply pipes
  • People who love non-lead solder needs will be blessed because it doesn’t contain any lead.


  • It might be less durable in some cases, even though we found it to happen rarely.


No doubt in calling this one the best solder to fix your water pipes. The safety standards will keep you safe and the ingredients won’t get mixed up with your drinking water. As it doesn’t contain any lead, you can understand how safe it is!

5# Victory White Metal Stained Glass Solder

Victory White Metal Stained Glass Solder

Victory never brings bad quality products for us. That’s what is also happening while you get their Glass solder. Words can’t describe how incredible those little creations are for your copper pipe.

We found this to be the highest purity stained glass solder which is capable of making you impressed by their extraordinary features and qualifications.

The formulation of 50% tin and 50% lead is quite strong and provides you with heavy-duty service.

While large glass gaps are our intolerable headaches and can’t be filled without high-quality lead, these glass solders work as our greatest escape.

The quality and strength are all top-notch, no doubt in that. Impressively the flux can never burn out with these amazing glass solders.

If you want to use them for decorating soldering, you are welcome to do that as well. They are very easy to use and move. Nothing can harm your pipes when you get these, as they come with 100% safety standards.


  • Got the heavy-duty formulation of 50% tin and 50% lead which offers heavy-duty performance.
  • Excellent at handling glass gaps and filling them.
  • These are high-quality solders for stained glass, don’t make any mess.
  • Good for using for decorating soldering as well.
  • Super easy to use and super easy to move.


  • Not specified; everything is just perfect!


Getting a good glass solder is pretty hard. You can switch to victory glass solders because they can provide your copper pipes with heavy-duty performance and handle the glass gaps properly. You can use and move them easily, even if you are a beginner.

6# Oatey 22004 95/5 Wire

Oatey Oatey-22004

Here we go again! As stated above twice, Oatey presents their super capable solder for you, which brings you great features and reliable service.

They are formulated with a lead-free alloy of 95% tin and 5% Antimony which makes the solder the strongest ever.

Because of the formulation, it will provide you with heavy-duty performance as well. All the safety standards can be earned with these solders.

So no more leakage assured once you get this one for yourself. Furthermore, you already know how much of the quality this brand ensures!

Additionally, if you are looking to fix your water supply pipes, these solders meet all the requirements of safety standards for drinking safe and clean water.

On top of that, if you suffer because of extreme temperature changes and vibrations, then this solder will work as your great escape. Aren’t you just relieved by discovering this wonderful outcome?

You can easily install this with your copper pipe, which absolutely gives the best technical support ever. Moreover, moving these is easy as well with their proper thickness and lightweight.

The quality and durability of this will impress you and make your experience better. Your copper pipes are 100% safe with the installment of this Oatey solder.


  • The high-quality materials make the solder stronger and durable.
  • These are constructed in a way that they can provide you with heavy-duty performance.
  • These are easy to install as well as easy to use.
  • Capable of meeting all the safe drinking water requirements.
  • Can deal with extreme temperature changes and vibrations.


  • Not specified, another perfection for you to deal with!


If you live in an area where extreme temperature changes occur, then get this solder as soon as possible. It will provide you with heavy-duty performance, 100% safety standards, and all the requirements you need.

7# Worthington 331760 Wire Solder

Worthington 331760

Worthington presents the super-powerful solder in front of you, which brings you a great experience.

What’s the thing you want the most from a solder you get for your copper pipe? Versatility undoubtedly! Worthington solder is versatile enough.

You can do hand soldering with this wire solder as well. All the requirements of yours can be fulfilled with this solder.

The construction and formulation of this solder include the highest quality materials, which make the solder durable and capable of impressing you with its heavy-duty, reliable performance.

We call it the great solder for copper pipe ever at a very reasonable price. You can hardly find any other good solder at this price limit. While other solders of the renowned brands are way too much overrated, it’s the perfect pick of yours.

You will get 100% safety standards with this solder. These are super easy to install and super easy to use as well.

The thickness of the materials yet the lightweight of the solder helps you to move the solder easily. With all the features and specifications of this solder, you can do any kind of soldering with your copper pipes.


  • You will get this at a very reasonable price with all the reliable specifications.
  • You can do all kinds of soldering with this one, ideal for hand soldering.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty materials, which make this even more reliable.
  • Can meet all the requirements of your copper pipes.
  • You can easily install this, and it comes with lightweight and proper thickness.


  • It shows no cons except that it can’t be used in extreme temperature changes.


 If you don’t seem to find any versatile solder which can provide you with various features at a very reasonable price, then stop further looking and switch to Worthington solders.

Also, the material quality impressed us, along with the strength that it ensures.

8# SHARK 12015 0.125-Inch Lead-Free Wire Solder

SHARK 12015

If you want to get a reliable solder that will provide you with heavy-duty performance, then look for the SHARK Free Wire Solder.

The formulation of this wire solder will overwhelm you. It’s formulated with 95% Alloy of tin and 5% antimony alloy, and no lead at all. So if you want to avoid lead because of its bad reputation, stick to this solder!

=Any kind of non-electrical application can be done with this wonderful solder. So the versatility is also ensured profoundly.

High heat and temperature changes can be dealt with with this wire solder. No matter how extreme the heat or vibration is, your copper pipes will always be saved with SHARK Wire Solder.

Want the least hassle and problems? Trust us when we say that your pipes will show no failures even after using for months and months. At such a reasonable price, you will get long-term durability. Which we all expect, don’t we?

If you don’t find any solder which can make you capable of dealing with applications that require heavy strength, then get a SHARK Wire Solder.

The lightweight and proper thickness of this solder will impress you as well. As it is lightweight, no fear of breakage or fragility of the copper pipe will ghost you anymore.


  • No matter how rough you have to use this, this solder will always provide you with heavy-duty performance.
  • Extreme temperature changes and vibrations can be dealt with this.
  • Ideal for any kind of soldering as it’s super versatile.
  • Constructed with high-quality materials which ensure durability.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.


  • Not specified, you can cheer yourself for a bit.


There are very few solders that can tolerate temperature changes and vibrations along with providing proper service.

SHARK Wire Solder comes with that feature and makes your experience much better. And guess what, the price will astonish you as well!

Things To Consider While Buying The Solder For Copper Pipe

Things To Consider While Buying The Solder For Copper Pipe

Here’s what you should know before buying the best solder for your copper pipe:

The Flux Core

There are two types of flux cores well known for soldering on a regular basis. For electronic works, the acid core is used in most cases. On the other hand, the Rosin core is used for plumbing cases.

Both are different in their characteristics. So, select which type of core you need before jumping into the soldering.

Choose Lead-Based Or Lead-Free Solder

Depending on your work, you have to select if you want to go with lead-based solder or with lead-free ones. Lead-free solder is highly recommended for beginners as they are easy to work with and to handle.

Lead-based solder tends to be a little bit tough for beginners to handle. However, you can also go for the mixture of lead-based and lead-free solder. In the mixture, you will get in more than the lead in your solder.


The diameter of your solder is very important for the joints. For example, if your diameter is large, then the join would be large too.

The diameters that are large in size are meant for big projects of tough work, where you need to join a lot of objects together or where the joint needs to be very large.

However, for basic soldering, it would be best for you to select 0.062 inches or 0.032 inches of diameter in your solder.

The Spool

You need to check the size of the spool, too, besides the diameter. The perfect size of the spool that you need depends on your usage. It is because every solder has its lifespan depending on the alloy and the flux.

So, selecting the perfect size is important to avoid loss as it is recommended to change the solder every six months, and for non-based ones, the solder needs to be changed within a year.

For basic and small projects, a spool of 5 ounces is supposed to be enough and perfect to go with.

Melting Point

The melting point is another issue to look into. If the solder melts at the least temperature, you cannot use it to fix your copper pipes. Always choose solder that can deal with high temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Kind Of Solder Do You Use For Copper Pipes?

For your copper pipes, in case if you are using them for your water supply, you will need 100% lead-free solder. Though in other cases, a combination of other materials won’t do much harm.

You will find this kind of solder in the plumbing section of any store. Otherwise, lead solder can leach into your water supply.

Can I Use An Electrical Solder On A Copper Pipe?

It’s better to use lead-free solder for your copper pipes. Otherwise, you will face water supply issues.

Although electrical solders provide heavy-duty performance, they include lead. That’s why it’s not appropriate to use electrical solder for copper pipes.

Can I Use Regular Solder In Extreme Heat Changes?

No, not at all. In extreme temperature changes and vibrations, you will need the wire solder, which is made with such kinds of materials that can tolerate heat changes and vibrations.

Other solders won’t be able to deal with the temperature changes and vibrations. Your copper pipes will be destroyed in that case.

Can You Overheat Copper Pipe When Soldering?

Never do so. If you overheat copper pipe while soldering, then the flux will burn out, and your copper pipe will be ruined.

The whole copper pipe system will stop working. There will be a huge mess in that case. So never overheat the copper pipe even when soldering.

What Is The Best Flux For Soldering Copper Pipes?

Tinning flux undoubtedly. They are made in a way that they are ideal for soldering copper pipes. They help with any kind of water leak.

If you want to use flux as a replacement for the solder, then you can do so. They work pretty well with copper pipes.

Wrapping Up

For absolute beginners, soldering sounds like one of the toughest jobs to do when you don’t have any experience with it. But, everything needs a perfect companion to work with, right?

The same rules go for soldering too. Hopefully, our picks on the best solder for copper pipe have been entirely beneficial for you.

If you want our recommendation, we would suggest the first solder. It was the best one when we tested the results and compared them. On top of that, as strength and durability matter the most while soldering, nothing can beat the brand in these cases.

So re-read the reviews, our verdicts and make a choice for yourself. It’s better if you pick up the products depending on your specific needs.

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