How To Solder Wires To Connectors Properly? Guideline

If you are working on a project that requires the soldering of wires to connectors or wires to wires, you will need to follow a proper way. Of course, you don’t want to play with electricity.

Perhaps, you might not know how to solder wires to connectors. Doing soldering might be your first time. You also might have a lot of questions. Importantly, how should you do that? 

Though It’s fun, you have to be careful while soldering. As it requires a high temperature, you have to be cautious while working. So, don’t be confused and afraid.

How to solder wires to connectors

Well, here we’re going to discuss the soldering method. But before doing that, we will let you know some basics. 

Let’s go then! 

What Is Soldering?

What Is Soldering

Soldering is joining electrical things, like wires to wires or wires to connectors, or even to PCB (printed circuit board). Soldering requires specific equipment. 

The required equipment is as below:

  • Solder
  • Iron solder
  • Wires 
  • Connector 
  • Sponge

Even though you may not be a pro, you can do soldering easily by using this equipment. And after soldering, it will give you a smooth finish.

What Is Solder?

What is Solder

This question often comes to mind because Soldering and Solder seem pretty confusing, especially when you hear that for the first time. Soldering and Solder both are different.

Soldering is a process, and Solder is a mixture consisting of metal alloys and also sometimes flux. Mainly Solder contains lead and tin. 

Well, flux makes it easier and makes the joint strong. If your Solder does not have flux, then make sure to put some on the wire.

It is applied to the point where the soldering process is needed to occur. But it has to be done carefully.

Solder melts by heat while joining two parts of wires or joining wire to the connector. That’s why without Solder, the soldering process can’t be done.

After knowing Solder and soldering, you would be curious to know about the method. Then let’s not drag it anymore and go to our main attraction.

How To Solder Wires To Connectors?

How To Solder Wires To Connectors

It’s not as tough as you might be thinking it is. It’s pretty easy if you follow proper procedures. 

First, let’s fix the wire.

Start with stripping the wire. You have to strip the insulation of the wire, or you can remove it. But make sure the wire is not damaged. And the stripping should be about 2-3 cm. Do not strip a lot.

Then take a connector and tin it. If you are using a PCB or other connectors containing holes for wire, you don’t need to tin it. It’s easier then, as you have to stick the wire to the hole only.

Next, you need to connect the wire and connector. Heat the connector with the soldering iron. 

To do that, touch the connector with the tip of the soldering iron. Then, heat it at a high temperature of 300 to 400c. After heating, remove the soldering iron.

Lastly, put Solder on the wire, especially on the tip. Make sure to heat it before, because of that the Solder melts and joints with the connector. And then hold the soldering iron for 3-5 sec unless the Solder is melted. 

When the Solder is melted, it will automatically create a strong bond between the connector and wire. Make sure to hold the wire and connector together.

Finally, remove the extra Solder with a sponge. And then cool it for some time. Don’t be in a rush. Let it take some time.

You have to repeat the process to connect more wires. And now you are done soldering.

It’s easy, right? Just follow the steps.


Do You Need A High Temperature For Soldering?

Well, you do. Heating is vital while soldering. If not, proper heating is done, then the wires and connector will not join properly. And it will take a long time even if you re-apply Solder or may not work at all.

You can also use heat adjustable iron soldering for that. Still, sometimes, it may be unable to provide proper heat.

Do You Need To Heat The Connector Or Wire Before Doing Solder?

Of course, yes. Before using Solder, you need to heat the wire or connector first. Solder melts because of the heat and joints to the wire to connector or wires.

And if you don’t heat it before, then the Solder will take some time and may not work correctly. Or it will just hold the wire and connector for a while and then will separate them.

But make sure not to heat too much as it may damage the wires.

Do You Need A Soldering Station?

It depends on you, actually. The soldering station consists of a sponge and also controllable iron soldering. So, you can adjust the heat as you want.

You will mostly need it if you are working on a big project. But you can also use it for small works as well.

Can You Use Lighter Instead Of Soldering Iron?

Not at all. Look, soldering requires a high temperature. And of course, a lighter is not capable enough to provide high heat. If you use low temperature, then the Solder will not work.

But if you have something else that provides high heat and is safe to work with, then you can use it. But soldering iron is safer.

Final Remarks

You don’t have to be a pro here. Everyone has to go through their first time. So, if it’s your first, then don’t be afraid. Just go for it, and the rest will happen naturally.

Electricity is not something to play with. That’s why one has to be careful while soldering. And also, wear gloves and wash your hands after soldering is done.

If you don’t want to keep the soldering, then you can also desolder it by the desoldering process. Lastly, enjoy working! I hope now you know about How to solder wires to connectors.

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