Bernzomatic Torch Repair Parts – A Troubleshooting Guideline

Among the popular brazing torches, the bernzomatic torch is one of the best because of its durability and self-ignition capacity. It is suitable for professionals and at-home DIY projects as these torches are usually very long-lasting.

For some reason, if the torch does not light up, it needs repairing. The torch might malfunction after two or three months of use. We will help you figure out the source of this problem and the ways to resolve it. So, what are the Bernzomatic torch repair parts?

Bernzomatic torch repair parts

Bernzomatic company does not sell spare parts for safety reasons. Torches are not complicated devices. So it is best to repair it on your own.

Let’s see how you can do it! 

How Does The Torch Work?

How does the torch work

To store propane in the tank, you have to apply pressure. The propane can escape through to the valve as it provides an exit for the liquid propane.

The valve is a regulator for the propane to come out of the tank. Also, the pressure outside the tank is lower than the pressure inside the tank. This low pressure is keeping the propane in a liquid state. 

When the valve is turned on, the propane starts to transform into gas. It draws in temperature from the environment and turns to a gaseous state.

How It Lights Up?

How it lights up

When the torch head is attached to the tank, the propane gas travels through a very narrow pipe towards the valve. When the valve is loosened, the gaseous state’s propane further proceeds towards the opening of the tube. 

In between is an open area where the propane mixes with ambient oxygen. This stoichiometric mixture exits the tube. The piezo igniter provides a spark, and the torch then lights up.

Bernzomatic Torch Repair Parts

Troubleshooting the Bernzomatic torch

Check Igniter

Check igniter

Before trying this, please separate the propane tank. Not separating the tank might cause an accident if it stays connected while checking ignition. This step is only applicable with self-ignition torches. 

The torch must have a spark to light up the gas mixture. There should be a spark when you push the ignition button at the end of the gas tube. Besides, this spark ignites the gas on the fire. 

If the button is not working correctly, you have to replace the piezo igniter. There is a solution to this problem. 

That is, you can buy a spare igniter at the hardware store or shop online. You can also find an electronic cigarette lighter with a certain type of igniter with a similar length.

Check The Fuel Source

Check the fuel source

The fuel source might not be working properly. Also, the tank inlet adapter can freeze. Open it and reattach it.

Furthermore, there are two scenarios where the fuel source, meaning the tank, is not working. The two scenarios are stated below.

  • In the first scenario, the Ambient temperature being low.

The season might affect the efficiency of the torch. It is a common phenomenon, and it happens because the ambient temperature is shallow. 

Hence, there is not enough available heat to produce the endothermic reaction needed for the liquid propane to flow into the tip. 

The gas near the valve is very dense. Thus it can not create a mixture with the external air at the ventilator. 

  • The second scenario is long usage.

You were maybe using the torch for too long at a stretch. It can also cause the problem. As it is working for a long time, a continuous endothermic reaction has been taking place. 

The process will take up all the external heat from the environment. As a result it freezes the tank. The solution is to let it thaw for some time. 

You can keep it near a warm place. But be cautious that it is not placed near an open fire or hazardous position. 

When warming it up, do not apply too much heat. It might cause the tank to explode. Change the tank to see if it is the root of the problem.

Use a fresh tank so that the propane is not old and mixed with oxygen. Otherwise, this will cause a weak flame.

Cleaning The Unit

Cleaning the unit

Specks of dirt and debris can get into the gas line and react with the moisture. These clog the internal gas line, and the mixture can not pass through. 

So you have to make sure there is no clogging internally. Then blow air through it. Do not introduce new dirt when you are doing it.

If you find that the nozzle or the gas tube is jammed, use a screwdriver or something sharp to get the stubborn dirt out. 

Boil the nozzle and dry it properly before use. If it is not dry, then it might hamper the capacity of the mixture to light up.

There could be a blocked ventilator aperture near the tip of the torch. It might not be allowing enough oxygen to mix with the propane. 

Also, you can use a piece of stiff wire and poke through it. Ensure these holes are free and clean.

Check The Fuel Level

Check the fuel level

It is vital to keep checking the amount of gas. If the gas is not enough, the torch will not work. At a certain level, the pressure decreases. 

Thus, there will not be enough gas flow. You can find accessories that keep the gas levels checked. Fill the tank up before the next use.

Worn Out Wire

Worn out wire

With time the wire can become worn out. In this case, it needs to be changed. Open the handle with a sharp object. Take out the wiring that ignites the spark. Replace it with a new one. Use proper insulation.

Issues With The Valve

Issues with the valve

First, a frozen valve may be present because of the endothermic reaction. To fix this part, thaw the valve. Then check if it works.

The Problem At The Tip

The problem at the tip

At the tip is where the spark takes place. You can adjust the spark initiating wire towards the frame. For some people, this trick worked. 

The gravity sometimes pulls the wire down and causes this problem. If still, this does not work, you have to change the tip. You can find these parts on eBay.


Why Is The Flame Weak?

There could be a problem with the vent. This happens when proper airflow is obstructed. Not enough air means the propane can not make the mixture. 

Check the vents if they are clogged. If so, clean the debris away. Also, make sure the holes are properly clean.

What Causes Yellow Flame?

The cause of yellow flame is inappropriate combustion. It is a weaker flame than a blue flame. The blue flame is the strongest, followed by yellow, orange, then red.

What To Do If There Is A Problem With The Insulator?

If there is an issue with the insulator, the spark will take place internally. To solve this problem:

  • Use a rubber wire cap.
  • Use heat to reshape the bottom of the cap where it will attach to the opening.
  • Make a hole in the cap.
  • Attach the tube along with the wire.
  • Thread the wire through the cap hole.
  • Test it out.


These bernzomatic torches are custom-made. That is why it is hard to find replacement parts. Some of the parts like the piezoelectric igniter can be found on some websites or inside lighters. But other parts are specially made for the application of only bernzomatic torches.

You must not get upset over the malfunction of the torch. Try your best to repair the parts as directed above. If none of these work, try updating to another model. I hope now you know about Bernzomatic torch repair parts.

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