Top 9 Best Diagonal Cutters [Review With Buying Guide]

Suppose you are working on a project and making it appear flawless; you have to cut some wire ends. You cut the first one and move on to the next wire, but now your cutter cannot bite through it properly.

Its rustiness is showing. So you immediately rush to buy a new one. There’s a catch, though. You can’t just buy a random cutter and expect it to not end up like the previous one you owned.

We understand it’s not your fault. There are just too many brands of diagonal cutters. It’s tough to pick the one which fits your needs. So this is why we have picked some of the best diagonal cutters available in the market to help you narrow down your options.

Best diagonal cutters

We will also provide you with a detailed buying guide which will help you select the right one. So without further delay, let’s see what these diagonal cutters can offer!

Best Diagonal Cutters Reviews

The diagonal cutters we selected can easily cut through a wide variety of materials and give you the best bang for your buck.

Take a good look at these well-received cutters from various brands before you think of buying one.

1. KNIPEX Tools – High Leverage Cutter


Not being able to do your job in time can sometimes set you off, which is understandable. But when you want top-notch performance, you have to bear in mind that it also comes with a price.

Keeping all that in mind, we will start our list with the KNIPEX tools diagonal cutter, built to give you unmatched cutting power.

Because of the high leverage design, the knipex diagonal cutter requires 20% less effort to cut something. Great, isn’t it? More work with less effort.

With a length of only 200 mm, the cutter has a compact design. The knipex 74 01 200 fits in most bags and is really easy to carry around. Now you can just take your cutter wherever you want and show off your skills.

This diagonal cutter has an angled design. And this design will let you work against flat surfaces and still give you enough room for your fingers to grip. Now you can cut that awful nail stuck in your rooftop with ease.

Unlike other brands, KNIPEX uses joint axle design on their rivets. This means they forge the handle directly onto the plier. The cutter will feel a lot smoother when squeezing the handles.

The cutter is forged from oil-hardened chrome vanadium steel, ensuring long-lasting usability. Go and unleash hell on all those nasty wires which were bugging you.

Then they again harden the chrome vanadium steel with 0.8% carbon. Because of this, your blades will have enhanced precision. Now you can just cut any type of wire without having to worry about your blades getting blunt.


  • Compact and lightweight form factor which you can carry anywhere without any effort.
  • The ergonomic non-slippery plastic handle will ensure that you can get a firm grip and also ensure your hand does not hurt while using it for long.
  • Precision cutting edges will let you cut from soft copper/aluminum wires to piano wires or even ACSR wires.
  • Since the steels are hardened with 0.8% carbon, it’ll ensure that your cutter stays nice and sharp even after using it for many years.


  • It costs a lot more than the other cutters at this range while not being leagues ahead of its competitors.
  • Since you are buying such an expensive cutter, it’s almost a deal-breaker not to get any warranty or guarantee.


After examining all the features, it is safe to say that the knipex 74 01 200 is easily the finest diagonal cutter among all the other choices.

If you have a bit of extra budget in your hand, we would advise you to go for this one. It’s better to buy a long-lasting product with a bit of extra cash than to buy a cheap one that will get rusty over time.

2. IRWIN Vise-Grip Diagonal Cutter


As the world is getting bigger, people are leaning towards smaller tools. It is not always about the most top performance available. Sometimes people need something compact and easy to use.

But don’t take this 6-inch adorable cutter too lightly because it can outclass even some bigger ones out there.

Being a small cutter makes it the ideal one if you go around places and like to carry your cutter with you. It also fits into tight spaces to get your job done.

It is a nickel-chromium steel cutter. This means you’ll have a hard time stopping it from doing its job. Even after years of usage, it’ll still work like new.

The cutter’s edges are induction hardened, meaning it can cut through any wire you throw it. Yes, even steel wires. It’s awe-inspiring for such a small cutter to cut through steel wires, isn’t it?

Since you’ll squeeze the handles a lot, you need something to comfort your hands after repetitive usage. Well, look no further; the Rubber-plastic coated handle, which they call “pro touch” grip, can reduce hand stress and fatigue caused by extended usage.

Easily the most appealing thing about this cutter is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. This means the brand is so confident that they will back your tool up for the rest of your life unless you intentionally break it.


  • The price is so cheap that you can buy 2 of these with the same amount of money you need to buy an expensive cutter, making it an affordable choice.
  • Small in size means you can reach tighter spaces when cutting wires, and you can also keep it in bags or pouches for easy access.
  • The induction hardened edges will let you cut any wire, even the metal ones.
  • The Lifetime guarantee on this product automatically implies that it is so good, the brand is willing to give you support until they no longer exist.
  • It has a good handle made out of plastic and rubber, which will comfort your hands and make sure you have a good grip on it, ensuring long work sessions.


  • As it’s cheap, it does not have an exemplary manufacturing process, so some of the cutters don’t have adequately aligned edges, which renders the product useless.
  • Being small in size, you can’t apply too much force to the cutter, making it less suitable for heavy work.


Weighing all the pros and cons, this diagonal cutter can even give expensive cutters a run for their money.

But should you consider buying it? Well, that depends on you. You can’t expect an industry-leading cutter at such a low price. And you just have to keep the price in mind while buying this.

3. IGAN DC7 Diagonal Cutter

IGAN Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Everyone dreams of having a cutter that can do everything, be an all-rounder, and also not cost much, right? Well, your dream just became a reality (sort of).

The IGAN DC7 is made out of carbon steel and then hardened by induction heating. Carbon steel can withstand heavy amounts of pressure.

So you can rest assured that your precious diagonal cutter won’t break if you apply too much pressure, so go and test its limits.

High leverage design makes it easy to operate. The longer the handle’s distance from the pivot point, the heavier the force you can generate.

This means you can cut denser materials with less strength. So you won’t get scared the next time you hear of thick steel wires.

With only 7 inches in size and weighing 238 grams, this is also a very easy cutter to roam around with. Because it is a self-opening cutter, we don’t recommend keeping it inside your pant pockets.

The padded handles are made out of TPE material. This will ensure that you don’t lose the cutter’s grip, and you can also use it for a more extended period without getting hand stains.

This won’t eliminate your hand strains or fatigues, but it will minimize the amount. Since we are talking about handles, you should know that the IGAN DC7 comes with a spring mechanism.

This means that the handles will remain open until you close them manually. It enables you to use it with one hand, which means it requires less energy to operate the cutter.


  • With a high leverage design, this cutter can generate much more force than the other cutters without such design, resulting in an efficient workflow.
  • The spring mechanism ensures that you no longer have to manually open the cutter’s jaw, leading to even more efficiency.
  • The materials used to make the handle of this cutter are excellent. It feels soft and can minimize the hand strain you would get after using it repetitively.
  • You will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. They will replace your product with a new one if it ever fails for any reason.


  • This is a minor thing, but since it uses carbon steel instead of chrome vanadium steel, it can lose its edge after a few years. But the price makes up for it.
  • We have tested it and found out that it does not work well on steel wires. It works but not good enough. So you should only use it for soft wires, which is a bummer.


This cutter aims at being energy efficient rather than giving you cutting-edge performance. So, if you want a cutter that will put less pressure on your hands, then look no further; the IGAN DC7 is a fantastic choice for you.

4. Klein Ironworker’s Diagonal Cutter


Some people want the best possible performance from their tool, no matter the cost. They think cheap ones are not worth it. Well, if you are that person, you just hit the jackpot.

As for the price range, this diagonal cutter sits at the higher end of our product list. But will it deliver the performance according to its price? We are optimistic that it will.

The high-leverage design with a short jaw makes it an excellent choice for heavy works. Because of this, the cutter can generate 36% more cutting power than other cutters without such design.

The forged steel blades are induction hardened. Also, the durability of these blades is impressive, and they will last longer.

With the high leverage design and forged steel blades, you can cut through many soft and hard wires with minimal effort.

The handle is excellent for grip since it is a rubbery plastic. But the design of the handle is plain and straightforward, not ergonomic at all.

This means it might not be as comfortable as other cutters when using it for more extended periods. So don’t forget to give your hands some break in-between work sessions.

The spring-loaded mechanism on the handle keeps the jaw open. While other cutters require you to open and close the jaw manually, this one only requires you to close the jaw. So just squeeze and forget about opening it up.

We all know that after cutting a wire, the cutter immediately sends a hard snap effect which can be bad for your hands.

The exclusive handle tempering design can absorb such a “snap” when cutting wires. Sweet little feature, isn’t it?


  • The deep channel knurl design provides an easier grip for you to twist and turn wires smoothly.
  • The induction hardened forged steel blades will enable you to cut any wires or nails without applying too much force. Plus, your cutter will last longer as well.
  • The spring-loaded mechanism will keep your handle open and the jaw closed, which means that you won’t have to manually open the handles.
  • The jaw joint is designed to give you a smooth cutting experience and make sure it doesn’t wobble when you are using it.
  • You might think that this is an expensive cutter, but the performance it provides can be compared with cutters that have twice the price.


  • Sure, the handle can give a good grip, but the handle’s flat and straightforward design can make your hands tired after prolonged use.
  • Since it’s a 9-inch spring diagonal cutter, it’s not very compact, and you can’t carry it in your pocket comfortably.


Even though it’s not very compact and weighs slightly more than other cutters, the Klein diagonal cutter is still a great choice.

It aims towards all-around usability with a great price to performance ratio, which will make you fall in love with it.

5. BLEDS 6″ Diagonal Cutter

BLEDS 6 Diagonal Cutter

We understand that not having faith in cheap products is entirely normal. But what if that affordable product offers outstanding features? Having a look at it won’t hurt, right?

This affordable diagonal cutter has chromium-vanadium steel in it. This type of steel can give you long-lasting performance and is less likely to fail while doing your job.

Along with a high-frequency heat treatment that hardens the steel, this cutter will provide clean and flush cuts even more.

The size of this diagonal cutter is 6 inches. You can use it for clipping down the soft wire, PLA, and ABS-like butter since it is small and lightweight.

The points of this cutter are very narrow, which lets you reach tight spaces. But be careful not to use it on steel wires. It might make the blades dull.

The handle has polyvinyl chloride. This will make your hands feel less strained after using the cutter for a long duration of time.

The ergonomic design helps you to hold the cutter firmly and provides comfort. Now you can just work more without worrying about your hand strains.

It comes with a spring mechanism that is embedded inside the handle. This lets you easily open and closes the cutter.

The handle returns to “open position” if you don’t use it, reducing effort and ensuring that you don’t get operator fatigue. Spring mechanism along with small size gives you one-hand usability.

The company is providing you with 3 years after-sales service warranty. If anything happens to your cutter, you can just get a new one.


  • The chrome-vanadium steel provides excellent cuts. Really good for DIY 3D printing and electrical works.
  • With the price starting from only 9 dollars, this diagonal cutter can give you an excellent price-to-performance ratio.
  • Handle designs are essential because you will be using the cutter for a long time, thus making your hands hurt. This cutter has a great handle which will reduce hand fatigue.
  • Because it is tiny in size, it lets you reach tighter spaces and work efficiently.
  • The brand will provide you 24/7 support and will give you a 3-year warranty as well.


  • You can’t use this cutter on hard wires. This is a terrible sign considering that there are many other cutters at this price point that can cut steel wires.


This cute little cutter with sharp edges is best suitable for light works. So ask yourself, what kind of projects are you going to do?

If you’re a person who does 3D printing or electrical works and wants something small which you can carry around with you everywhere, well, look no further because the BLEDS 6″ diagonal cutter is a fantastic choice for you.

6. Crescent 8″ Pro Series Diagonal Cutter

Crescent 8

Let’s ask you a quick question first. What do you want in your diagonal cutter? You might say reasonable pricing, sharp cutting blades, portability, and ease of use.

Keeping all of these needs in mind, we came across Crescent 8″ pro series cutter. Trust us, it lives up to the “pro” title.

Made with chrome-vanadium steel, the edges are hardened with induction heat. This will give you the utmost durability and a smooth cutting experience. The edges of the plier won’t get blunt even if you try your best.

Increase your cutting power by 50% with the high leverage design of this diagonal cutter. This is the highest percentage of cutting power any brand has offered in our product list.

Also, this cutter takes half the effort compared to other standard pliers. The plier amplifies your every squeeze. Even though it is 8 inches in size, the pro series cutter is ⅓ lighter than typical cutters in this size range.

You can carry it around in bags, and you won’t even feel anything in your bag. As it is very light, the cutter won’t make your hands hurt in long time usage.

This cutter has a fantastic handle design. The handle is ergonomic and co-molded with PVC, which is also 30% wider than most cutters.

This will help you in your work because the wide handle will spread out the grip’s load against your finger. And since it’s ergonomic, the handles will provide comfort for your hands. It even comes with a spring.

You also have to remember that this cutter is ideal for two-hand usage. Since it generates cutting power from being wide, you can’t use it with one hand. Not recommended for people with small hands, though.


  • The chrome-vanadium steel used in this cutter will let you cut any steel wire or nails. However, the amount of effort may vary depending on how hard the material is.
  • High-leverage design helps you complete your work with half the effort needed compared to other cutters.
  • Wide and ergonomic handle design helps you by giving comfort to your hands and ensuring that the cutter sits firmly on your hands.
  • The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If it starts acting weird or falls apart, they will replace it with a new product (conditions apply).
  • Heat-treated joint design will ensure you smooth and consistent cutting without any wobbly feedback.


  • Although we have praised the handle for being good, the problem is that it’s not comfortable for left-handed people.
  • The joint rivet is not directly forged into the plier itself, leaving a sign that it might break if you were to apply a lot of pressure.


With all the features it comes packed with, this energy-efficient diagonal cutter can make your day-to-day wire cutting easy.

So if you are not left-handed or if you don’t have small hands, this is the ideal diagonal cutter for you.

7. Channellock 338 Diagonal Cutter

Channellock 338

It is not always about how great the tool is when you are doing heavy work. Sometimes it is about how durable and well-made it is.

Constructed out of high carbon C1080 steel, this is the second cutter in our list, carbon-based steel. You can cut any type of wires (including piano wire) or nails, but you will have to use extreme force.

The cutter is very durable and can absorb the “snap” after cutting a wire. They have created a new type of high leverage design called Xtreme leverage technology or XLT.

Positioning the rivet closer to the cutting edge and making the handle longer makes chopping wires easier. Less force is required compared to other high leverage designs. Neat, isn’t it?

You can rest assured that your cutter will have a long-lasting sharpness and strength because the cutter’s edges are hardened with laser heat instead of induction.

Besides, they also use precision-machined knife and anvil style cutting which ensures better performance than other cutters.

The handle is effortless and plain looking. Still, it has a bright blue color coating that will help you quickly identify it among other tools when kept together.

Only a few brands offer rust protection for cutters. Since these cutters are not made with stainless steel, they can get rusty over years of usage.

But Channellock provides an electronic coating for rust protection. So don’t worry, you won’t have to buy any additional lube to keep it rust-free.


  • The Xtreme leverage technology makes the cutter easy to use, and it increases the performance and reduces hand fatigue.
  • The carbon steel provides excellent durability and endurance.
  • Since it is specially made with electronic coating, it can save your cutter from rust.
  • While most cutters use induction hardening or oil hardening, Channellock uses laser-heated edges to ensure that your edges don’t get dull over years of usage.


  • They claim that the grip will provide comfort, but in reality, it does not do that. Because it is just plain plastic, your hands can feel strained after a while.
  • The cutter does not come with any spring mechanism. You’ll have to manually open and close the handles, and that can be annoying sometimes.


Considering the price, size, and features, we have concluded that it is a perfect diagonal cutter for people who want to do heavy work. Although it has some minor flaws, the pros outweigh the cons at the end of the day.

8. iExcell 4.5″ Diagonal Cutter

iExcell 44

Unlike any other diagonal cutter on our list, this cute little cutter can make your job a lot easier. With only being 4.5 inches in size, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of carrying it around.

It might be small, and all but that does not mean you should take it lightly. The cutter is made of chrome-vanadium steel, one of the best steels out there for diagonal cutters.

You can easily slice and dice through many materials, including (but not limited to) soft copper wires, ty-rap zip ties, headpins, eye pins, and chains.

Since it is tiny in size, it is also very lightweight. It only weighs around 85 grams making this the lightest cutter on our list.

You can use this cutie in tight spaces where bigger cutters won’t be able to reach. Carrying it around is very easy as well.

The blades on this cutter are hardened with high-frequency thermal radiation. It can do your job nicely. Making flush cuts is its job, and being honest, it is very good at its job.

Even people with severe wrist pain can use this cutter without any issue. Being small makes it ideal for people with small hands.

The handle is made out of PVC material. It is a plain handle, nothing special or ergonomic. So do not expect a lot of comforts while using it.

But it will give you slip protection. You don’t have to worry about the cutter accidentally slipping out of hand.

Another good thing about this cutter is that it has a spring-loaded mechanism. Even lots of expensive cutters sometimes bail on this feature.

The spring will keep the handle wide open. This will make things easier because you won’t have to manually open it every time you squeeze the handle.


  • Made out of chromium-vanadium steel, this little cutter will do your lightweight job well.
  • With the springe placed between the handles, this makes it a lot easier to operate.
  • The affordability of this cutter is shocking. At only 7.88, this is a very cheap yet good cutter.
  • The surface of this cutter comes with oil-based rust protection, which will prevent it from getting rusty.


  • Since it is tiny, it is evident that you won’t do heavy work like cutting wires.
  • While it provides a PVC handle for grip, it is not very comfortable in hand after usage.


If you want something quick and sturdy to do your job well, look no further from electricians to jewelers because the iExcell 4.5″ diagonal cutter is an excellent choice. But we would advise you not to buy this cutter if you will use it on wires.

9. TEKTON 7″ Diagonal Cutter


If you are just a beginner and want a diagonal cutter that is simple, reliable, and affordable for your work, look no more. Being the final product on our list does not mean it’s the worst. Thinking that will be a mistake.

Much like more expensive cutters, The TEKTON 7″ cutter has an optimized 82-degree angle head that will let you work in tight spaces or cut wires against flat surfaces.

The cutting edges have been hardened with an induction-heating process which lets them cut through tough materials like a knife slicing through butter. Just In case you are wondering, the blades have a hardness of 58-64 HRC.

The handles are made with a single-layer vinyl grip which offers a comfortable grip and smooth yet non-slippery surface.

Besides, the handles are also wider than other standard diagonal cutters. This means that the pressure will get evenly distributed on your hand, providing a pleasant squeezing experience.

The best part about this diagonal cutter is that it uses a knife-to-knife design instead of a knife-to-anvil. It provides a clean and low-effort cut, even when operating on hard wires.

This design also makes sure that the blades do not have any gap between them when cutting. You can get a flush cut because it does not have any gaps.


  • Since the blades use a knife-to-knife design, both blades are very sharp compared to the knife-to-anvil design, which lets this cutter cut your wires neatly.
  • After heating the plier for the first time, tekton heats the plier again with induction heating. This ensures the best possible durability.
  • The wide yet not too bulky vinyl layered handles give you a non-slippery grip and give your hands comfort after repetitive use.
  • Since the blades are angled, you can work against flat surfaces with ease.


  • It seems like it is made out of vanadium steel, but the manufacturer offers no details about it. We don’t know what these cutters are made of.
  • The absence of a spring-loaded mechanism makes it hard to use since you have to open it manually after every squeeze.


While everything we’ve had to say about this diagonal cutter so far has been mostly positive, a few minor issues hold them back from being the perfect cutter among all the other products we have enlisted.

Although that does not mean it’s a wrong choice, it’s far from being a bad one.

Diagonal Cutter Buying Guide

Diagonal Cutter Buying Guide

Diagonal cutters can have a wide range of features and can come in different sizes as well.

As they are essential tools, you should know about all the crucial factors before buying the best one for your needs.

In this section, we will illuminate the most important details and aspects of a diagonal cutter so that you can make up your mind about which one to buy.

Types Of Diagonal Cutters

Types Of Diagonal Cutters

There aren’t any exact details about how many types of diagonal cutters are out there. So we thought we should group them based on their purposes.

Choose the suitable cutter for your needs after inspecting the given details to get the best performance possible.


Before heading out to buy a cutter, ask yourself what kind of work you will do? Depending on the size, a cutter’s performance can vary vastly.

Consider whether you have small or big hands and how much strength do you have. Longer handles will give you high leverage, which means less effort for more work. But having a long cutter might be a problem when you are working in tight spaces.

On the other side, smaller and compact size cutters will give you efficiency, and you’ll be able to work in tight spaces. But don’t just buy a cutter based on one factor.


The steel used for making the cutter’s jaw is essential. The harder the steel, the better it can cut. If you want to use your cutter for heavy works like cutting metal bolts or steel wires, you should look at the metal type. Chrome vanadium steel is ideal for tough jobs. The harder your tool will perform.

But if you are just going to use the cutter for light works such as cutting clips, chains, or soft copper wires, you can just buy a carbon steel-based cutter which is easier to use. But no rule says you can’t purchase hard cutters for light works.



One of the things you can’t just ignore while looking for a cutter is the comfort and grip it provides.

Always go for ergonomic handle designs because they are crafted to fit your palms and fingers properly. Try to avoid handles that look plain.

The material used for making the handle is essential as well. Only plastic molded handles won’t be good for the long run. Search for the ones that have a rubbery texture.

Since you’ll be squeezing the cutter a lot, you should go for a cutter that has a self-opening spring mechanism on it.

Cutters without spring will require lots of opening and closing but cutters that have spring only require a finish, resulting in less effort.


The pivot-point is basically the point where both the blades are joined together.

And the pivot-point quality is crucial because this is another essential thing that will determine your cut’s quality.

Cheap cutters have poor quality pivot-point, which results in “play” in the handles mechanism. This will make your joints lose and create a gap between your blades, making it challenging to cut wires.

Poor quality pivot-points can also make your handle and jaw difficult to open or close. If something like that happens, you’ll have to oil your joints. But why put extra effort when you can just buy a cutter which has good quality joints.


Can A Diagonal Cutter Cut Through Hotwire?

Yes, it can cut. But we would not recommend doing this because it will make the blades of the cutter fail fast. Instead, wait for the wires to cool off.

Will The Cutting Edges Get Blunt?

Any type of cutter will get blunt over years of usage, but you can extend the cutting edges’ life by taking care of them. Avoid cutting from side to side. Instead, cut at right angles.

What Materials Can Diagonal Cutters Cut Through?

Depending on the brand, a diagonal cutter can cut through a lot of materials such as soft copper wires, jewelry, zip ties, CAT6 cables, piano wires, and T-grid wires. You can use it for cutting nails and bolts as well.

Which Is Better? Angled Cutters Or Straight Cutters?

Angled cutters are easily superior because they can be used in tight spaces, and they are designed to make sure that you can work against flat surfaces.

Final Words

Whether you’re working with a 3D printer or you’re an electrician, or a jeweler, a pair of diagonal cutters are as crucial as all the other tools in your toolbox.

Diagonal cutters are improving every year and becoming more and more portable with the latest engineering updates. It is a matter of time before we hit peak cutter design.

So, suppose you’re trying to start your mechanic/electrician career, or you are just a DIYer who needs the correct tool to cut those nasty wires. In that case, the best diagonal cutter is your prime tool for starting your career or project while ensuring your comfort.

If you have made up your mind, we would advise you to re-read the reviews and information again just to be on the safe side! I hope now you know about the best diagonal cutters.

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