How To Sharpen Cable Cutters? Step-By-Step

You often use a cable cutter to cut cables to your needs. A sharp cable cutter is needed, no matter whether you are using the edge for any professional or unprofessional reason. So, getting an excellent cut is the most critical fact for the cutter users.

But having damages in cutting-edge can be an interruption for a pleasant cut. You must be thinking of sharpening, right? Yes, we are too indicating the same.

Because sharpening is a common solution, we all know. But, the prominent question is how to sharpen cable cutters most nicely?

Well, there are a bundle of ways to get all the amazing tips to get your cable cutter well- razor-sharp. So, let’s see what they are!

How To Sharpen Cable Cutters

How To Use Cable Cutters Accurately?

How To Use Cable Cutters Accurately

Whatever types of cutters you are using, all the cutters work in the same way. Cable cutters are exactly like a pair of scissors. To place the cable inside, you need to separate the handles and open the blades.

Now, close the handles again like the scissors to bring the blades together for cutting the cable. Keep continuing the following steps as many times as you need.

How To Sharpen Cable Cutters?

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To sharpen your cable cutter is as easy as cleaning your kitchen tool cutting. Even it will take less than an hour to sharpen. Not necessarily; it requires you to be an expert to sharpen your tool-cutting.

However, we studied three essential steps that you should prioritize while sharpening. So, let’s travel around the next segment to find out the answer on “how to sharpen cable cutter”!

Choosing Sharpen Tools

Sharpen Tools

We suggest you be attentive while choosing your sharpening tools. Although you will hear people are not giving that importance to sharpener performance, but we do.

You can sharpen your cable cutter using different types of sharpening tools like- Angle-Grinder, Grinder-Stone or Bench-Grinder, etc.

But, we recommend you choose a hand file that is affordable and well-controlled over rapid spinning. Also, it is pretty easy to use for beginners.

This is because the cable cutter’s sharpen-area is too small to select, which is tough for beginners. And they need to be more careful while selecting.

Start Rubbing To Sharpen Your Tool

Start Rubbing To Sharpen Your Tool

Next, select the exact spot to sharpen and rub that place gently using the hand files. But, make sure that you aren’t rubbing excessively or for a long time. Rubbing your cutter for a long time can damage it. So, be careful!

Clean and Place in its Case

Once you have finished sharpening, you don’t have to use the sharpener for a little long time. So, all you have to do in this step is clean the sharpener and cable cutter properly. Put them in the right place now.

And that’s how you do it!

The Common Causes of Your Cutter-Damage

The Common Causes of Your Cutter-Damage

You should know the reasons before going to explore the sharpening-ways that why cutters get damaged. The reasons for a cable cutter being damaged can be-

Misuse of Right Measurement

The cutting tools are designed to fit a specific measurement. So, you must use the right tool for the right purpose. Suppose the cable cutter you have chosen is made for small work.

In this case, you are not allowed to cut thick or high-forced materials. But if, means you are going to get the edge of your tool damage. And it is called the abuse of measurement.

Excessive Uses

You must get what we are going to talk about already. Yes, you are right! It is the excessive use of your tool that can bring bad damage to its edges.

We recommend you not to use your cable cutter in an excessive way that can reduce its life-span.

Too Old to Use

Constant use of your cutter for a long time is another reason to get damaged. Having no repair or replacement for a long period can make the tool old and emaciated as well. In such a matter, your cable cutter needs a comprehensive replacement.

Keeping Dirty

We examined the most common cause of edge-damage is unclean aptitudes. Many users keep their cable cutter unclean while finished using. So, if you too are one of them, you have to be conscious about your tool’s cleanliness.

Here is a tip for cleaning your cable cutter with no hassle –

To remove the deposits of the blades, you can use soap-water. Soap-water is a good solution to clean deposits that often creates oxidization between joints.

But, be sure that you are drying the pliers properly. Or else, the wetness will be another cause of your tool damage.

Keep the Tools Wet

Even we found causes like the wetness of the tool. Means your tool will be damaged unless you make sure it is dry of water.

After cleaning the cable cutter, you have to dry it carefully. Otherwise, the blades–edges will not work to get you a sharp cut.

How to Maintain Your Cable Cutter?

How to Maintain Your Cable Cutter

If you take care of your cutting tool properly, it will not require much sharpening. Maintenance is very important to boost the longevity of the cutter-blade.

To make proper maintenance, you have to make sure the right uses of your cutting tool. If your task is for a thick-cable cutting, you must use the cutter designed for thick cable.

But, if you start using the cutting tool that you have bought for your small size and softer materials, you will lose your tool long before its life-span.

Besides, you have to be careful about the cleanliness of your tool. Keep it clean and dry properly every after use.


You will not find any family or person who doesn’t need a cable cutter. Maybe some of them need it once a week while some of them need it every day. But the thing is that we all need a cable cutter.

Despite the way you use your cable cutter (whether it’s a big or a small deal), you need it to give you a sharp, clear, and nice cut. You already have known all the great tips to expand your cutter’s permanence or life-span, we believe! I hope now you know about how to sharpen cable cutters.

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