10 Best Needle Nose Pliers [Reviews With Buying Guide]

We all should have a needle nose plier in our house because it has so many valuable features. Like from repositioning wire to snip it, from using it to solve electrical devices to designing jewelry.

We can’t describe the importance of needle nose pliers in few words, from network engineering to artisan work. If you have it, but it has become old, or if you don’t have it until now, you need to purchase an excellent new needle nose plier.

You may think choosing one is easy, but honestly, you might choose an inferior quality product if you are not careful. Hence, we are going to share with you some best needle nose pliers. Stay with us to see what they worth and know every little detail!

Best Needle Nose Pliers

Which Type Of Needle Nose Plier is The Best?

Which Type Of Needle Nose Plier is The Best.JPEG

Before we answer that, we must first know how many types of needle nose pliers are available. To put it simply, there are two types.

  • Straight-Head Needle Nose Pliers

  • Vent-Head Needle Nose Pliers

Now that you know how many are there, it’ll be easier to crown the winner. Sorry for spoiling the party, but it’s not as simple as you think. No plier is objectively the best. It depends on your work and preference.

Suppose you have to cut a wire that’s located in a tight space above your hand level. You won’t reach it with a straight head needle plier because you can’t work with it against surfaces.

But if you have a vent head needle plier, you can fit your plier in the space and cut the wire.

Because the head is vented, you can efficiently work with it without blocking your line of sight. It’s essential to have a vision of what you are cutting, or else you might cut something you weren’t intending.

So vent head pliers are better, right? Well, no. Vent head pliers can’t generate as much power as straight head pliers because they are built.

A straight head plier will always be more strong and durable. Along with solid build material, a straight head plier can cut through a wide range of things.

So, it comes down to you. What do you want? If flexibility is your concern, go for vent head pliers, but if you care about performance more, go for straight head needle-nose pliers.

10 Best Needle Nose Pliers

1# LF01 Needle Nose Pliers Mini

Mini Needle Nose Pliers - LF01

If like us, you too prefer quality over other factors, then SHE’s LF01 mini needle nose plier is a perfect choice. It can impress you with its professional quality works. The manufacturer has left you with six choices of noses so that picking one gets a simple job for you.

They added a black grip handle which is very much durable. Besides, it can give you much comfort while working. The production material is carbon steel, which is claimed to be a high-grade material for the production of needle-nose pliers.

Its flat ends quickly fatten as it reaches out the tip. This flat design makes it better as a holder to hold metal pieces and wires in their places.

Another feature Includes a long nose, which does the perfect job for wire straightening or holding round shape objects without causing zero scratches. The other feature is the round jaw, and it is beneficial when needing a small diagonal cutter for cutting at small areas.

If you are looking for a needle plier to bend the shape of a memory wire, use the needle nose. Because its neck is more extended, it allows it to grasp what you are doing the job.

The round nose feature works best in bending jewelry, removing links from the watches’ bands, and repairing watches.

It can be handy, can’t it? You can now repair clocks on your own with it. Plus, its bent nose features narrow ends. No matter how narrow a place is or how difficult the work becomes, you can do the job using the bent nose.

You can see the SE manufacturer is putting some effort thinking about the customer’s satisfaction first. Any job of diagonal cutters, you can finish them with this needle nose plier.


  • The carbon used to produce the needle nose is of superior quality for making it much durable.
  • The grips were made carefully, and so it feels comfortable to hold onto it.
  • It can do plenty of jobs such as any cutting, sizing, and repairing
  • The needle can do its job in any area mo matter spacious or narrow
  • It does not get affected by rust easily


  • It is made with poor machining
  • There is a slight gap on the cutter side


The overall performance of the LF01 Mini Needle Nose Plier was outstanding. Though it has cons, these don’t much affect my work.

Of course, this is not the only leading product, but it can impress you for sure with its performance.

2# Channellock Long Nose Plier

Channellock 317

Looking for a long nose plier? Channellock brought to you their 317 model nose plier that is 8 inches long. It even has a side cutter.

Its edges were cut using laser heat treatment to make it live long and forgiving perfect cuts. The producer added a crosshatch pattern on the grips of the jaws so that they can work tight.

The specialty of these nose pliers is, unlike other nose pliers, Channellock cutting edges are made like the anvil and knife style.

For it, you are ensured with edges of superior cutting and perfect mating. To provide you the high-quality performance, Channellock is made of premium quality carbon C1080 steel.

You can now keep your nose pliers anywhere because it’s not going to get affected by rust easily because of a robust electronic coating known as an excellent rust preventer.

Its grip looks attractive for being colored with blue. Moreover, it can give you comfort when you hold the grips.

It promises to deliver its owner the satisfactory experience of working with it. You can be relaxed and enjoy having it because it will continue to provide service for years.


  • Made of premium quality carbon for enhancing its durability
  • It is made using laser heat treatment for making it stronger
  • The manufacturer coated the needle-nose with electronic coating for preventing corrosion
  • They used anvil and knife style to make its edges superior for cutting
  • It provides the best service comparing to its price so, and it is a total value for money product


  • The pliers of needle-nose have no cross-toothed jaws
  • The plier tips don’t touch each other


If you are looking for a satisfying performance within a limited budget, don’t look further than this one. From beginners to experts, anyone can go for it without any doubt.

3# P6 Needle Nose Plier

P6 Needlenose Plier

If you plan to land the following large catch, the brand sea striker will be there to help you with their great-designed needle nose plier.

You will love its performance and believe that it is one of the best needle plier products.

These can cut considerably any steel and line. It’s even simple to keep clean. All you need to do is brush it into the saltwater with your hand and rinse it with a clean piece of cloth.

The cutter is 6 inches long enough. It means the cutter can be used as a long cutter. It gives the best service for bending jewelry.


  • The P6 needle nose plier is produced with good quality material so that I can work longer.
  • It does best in bending materials, meaning you can easily do jewelry designs.
  • It’s strong enough to pull off the seals from items
  • The grips a very much comfortable to get a hold on
  • The plier always deliver a smooth operation


  • It is a little clunky
  • Sometimes managing it doesn’t seem easy


Since the product is impressed and satisfied with its performance, we can say the disadvantages don’t put the user in trouble.

From many other products at such a budget, the P6 needle nose plier will prove to you with its service that it is the best one.

4# KNIPEX 8 Inches Long Nose Plier With Cutter

KNIPEX Tools Long Nose Pliers with Cutter, 8 Inch

If you care for having your job done with ease, you will love Knipex produced needle nose pliers and cutters.

Because it is made rugged and versatile so that you don’t feel like putting an additional effort working with it will instead act as extra support.

The most annoying thing we face while working with a nose plier is the plier slips and falls on the object. But a Knipex nose plier will not let you have such a bad experience because it can stay firm on any object you want to work on.

The grip also never gets slippery, and thus you need to give less force with your hand. You can do any laborious job, such as turning fasteners, grabbing, or joining wires with its hardened jaw teeth.

But yeah, it will not be a good choice to use it in small areas. And if you don’t want your plier to be attacked by the rust, you have to put any rust preventing coating yourself.


  • The product is made of high-grade material, so it will not be ruined soon if it is kept carefully.
  • The tips of the needle-nose plier are so good that objects don’t slip
  • The grips are made solid so you will not feel uncomfortable while holding it
  • No need to put additional effort into Knipex nose plier
  • Best for doing heavy jobs like turning fasteners, sizing wires, etc


  • There is always a big gap when the jaws are closed.


Over 90 percent of the Knipex needle nose plier users are pleased with the product because, with a minor defect, it still does all the jobs fine.

The manufacturer is very reputable for serving excellent goods. That is a value-for-money product.

5# IRWIN Vise 6 Inch Grip Long Nose Plier

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Long Nose Pliers, 6-Inch

If the quality of the product is what you care about first, Irwin has something of high quality to offer you. Their nose plier is constructed with very high-grade steel made of both nickel and chromium.

That’s why it is claimed to be a solid and durable plier. Think of having no hand fatigue using a nose plier, and it would be fantastic, right?

To surprise you, the IRWIN manufactured plier can provide you with a little extra comfort to reduce your hand fatigue. The player’s jaw is machined very well that can give you a maximum of gripping strength.

Besides, it will have its edges sharpened for a more extended period because they were hardened very well. Its length can do jobs in any confined area.

We can say it’s one of the best Chinese products we have ever used. If you look at its price and then compare it with its performance, you are seriously going to recommend it to others.


  • The IRWIN vise nose plier is made with premium nickel-chromium material for increasing its durability.
  • The grips of the nose plier can give comfort to the hands and decrease hand fatigue.
  • The jaws are correctly machined for providing a tremendous outstanding strength.
  • The cutting edges are hardened carefully and nicely to make the edges stay sharp for long.
  • Specially designed to work in confined places.


  • The pliers have a large gap at the tips.
  • It needs to be coated with any coating to prevent rust.


In general, we were astonished to see such an excellent performance with a product that is manufactured in china.

The design is quite attractive from top to bottom except for the slight disadvantage that doesn’t hinder while working.

If you find it available now, you must get it as it works as the world’s best.

6# Edward Nose Plier, Long With Side Cutter

Edward Tools Long Nose Pliers

If you have faced difficulty as the plier bent before, you know how disappointed it feels. That’s why it’s vital to choose needle-nose pliers made of complete quality material, just like Edward’s long nose plier.

Unlike most other nose pliers, it doesn’t bend easily because the forged steel is hardened well enough.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about corrosion because the manufacturer gave their product a rust-proof finish.

They are never going to slip from your hands for having matte-finished grips. The cutting edges, as well as the side cutter, are sharpened extra.

What we love most about the plier is it offers a warranty. Yes, the manufacturer promised to give you free service any time, and each time you need to repair them, they will do it for free.

What else can be excellent than this? So, you should hurry and get yourself one of the best Edward-produced needle nose pliers before it gets stocked out. We assure you, it’s the best needle nose plier.


  • Very much durable in that it doesn’t get bend
  • The grips are constructed matte so that it doesn’t slip from the hands
  • To give the best service you the buyer is given a lifetime product warranty
  • There is rust preventing coating on the surface of the plier for preventing corrosion
  • Both the top edges and side edges are extra sharpened


  • The handgrips are matte, so it gets sticky.


Usually, it’s not possible to have any product that doesn’t have a single con. The only con of Edward’s long nose plier does not make it a useless product. Instead, it is claimed to give superb performance by its users.

If you are such a customer who wants their money to be valued, this product is for you.

7#Kiwi Bent Head Nose Plier

EZRED KWP2 Kiwi Bent Head Needle-Nose Pliers

Are you searching for a plier that can work fine in tight places? If this is your demand, we got your back. Manufactured by EZRED, the kiwi bent nose plier is designed for working in tight places.

Its head is designed with a unique bent that allows you to look at it when working from any angle in tight spaces.

Plus, its durability is impressive because it features heads made of spring-loaded, and the grips are rubberized.

Therefore you will feel comfortable holding it. With the long handles comes extra you can work with it from any angle. The product is produced with long-lasting quality complete material using heat treatment.


  • Made of superior material to provide you with a long-lasting needle plier
  • The handles are designed curved to get easily fitted to your hands
  • The tip of the head is bent in an angle that will never use your sight while working in tight spaces
  • The spring-loaded steel increases the durability even more
  • The rubberized grips don’t slip out of the hands


  • The plier jaws are not properly aligned
  • The metal finishing work is poor


For a product like this with so much praise, it is not a good idea to seriously take its minor flaws.

Instead, the wise choice is to try this once because we can ensure your satisfaction. Of course, it’s not the number one product, but obviously, it is a leading one.

8# Channellock 738 8 inches long Needle Nose Plier

Channellock 738 8-Inch

The specialty of this Channellock product is it can reach for complex and lengthy applications. Made with an excellent teeth pattern (crosshatch) can handle any job it is given.

Its durability is considered much because it is much better in quality than most other nose pliers on the market.

The manufacturer is the USA, and we all know how much effort the US manufacturers put in making their products.

So, you can sit, relax and order one. Throw in the worry for corrosion because the plier surface has an electronic coating that reduces the risk of rust attack.


  • Its durability is excellent because the production material is high-quality carbon.
  • There is less chance of corrosion because the plier is coated with the rust-preventing electronic coating.
  • Specially designed to reach out to long and complex spaces
  • The edges are sharped well for increasing the lifespan of the plier
  • It can give much satisfying performance but costs less


  • The tips get bend very soon
  • The grinding finish is poor


In our opinion, we think it can satisfy any buyer because the durability, sharpness, and quality are very impressive compared to its price.

Most of the Channellock 738 buyers are happy with its performance, and we think yes, it is one of the best.

9# Klein D203-8N Long Needle Nose Plier

Klein Tools D203-8N

Though the product is a little heavy but has an advantage, it increases the power to cut things even more.

The design is unique, and they made it for us to reach the hard places. The edges are nicely shaped and hardened to bring ease in cuts.

The joint is made using hot rivets to give a smooth and robust performance in the areas confined. The handles are plastic-dipped, so you will feel comfortable working with them.


  • The plier is designed uniquely for increasing the cutting power to provide ease to your hands. The handles are extended.
  • The head is designed to slim to make working in confined places easy for you.
  • The edges are well sharpened and hardened for increasing its working life
  • Joint is strengthened to deliver smooth performance


  • It weighs heavy, so that it can cause hand fatigue.


Overall, Klein D203-8N Long Needle Nose Plier has an outstanding performance. It seems a little heavy about its one con, but if you want you to have professional-level finishing, you have to get this.

Without effort, you cannot provide the best, can you? To us, it truly deserves to be called the best product.

10# KastKing Cutthroat Fishing Plier

KastKing Cutthroat 7 inch Fishing Pliers

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the KastKing has to offer you their fishing cutthroat plier. It is free of the risk of rust attack because there is a tough coating on the surface of the plier.

The stainless steel fishing plier is 46 percent more challenging than the pliers made of aluminum. Even the bending strength is increased three times of the aluminum.

It will provide you a long time performance and is suitable for both salty or fresh in both kinds of water.


  • The stainless steel used for producing the plier quality is great
  • The robust rust-resistant will prevent rusting for a long term
  • The durability is increased using 46 percent harder stainless steel than aluminum
  • The bending strength is also increased three times than the aluminum
  • It can perfectly perform in any environment, no matter if it is freshwater or harsh saltwater.


  • The grips are not strong enough so that they can get break easily.


If you don’t want to lose the chance to have a good product, you should overlook its only disadvantage.

Because if it is used carefully, it will not break. Most of the customers are satisfied with its working capacity, and they claim it to be one of the top needle nose pliers they have used.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Needle Nose Plier

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Needle Nose Plier

Needle nose pliers can have a wide range of attributes and can also come in various sizes. As they are essential for your work, it’s mandatory to know all the crucial factors if you hope to buy the best one.

So check out how these factors come into play while buying a needle nose plier.


The quality of the material used for making the jaw of the plier has a direct connection with the performance. Chrome vanadium steel and carbon steel are the most common materials used for needle-nose pliers.

We all know that needle nose pliers are not meant for heavy works such as cutting thick copper or steel wires.

But if you like to push your luck and don’t want to switch between pliers, we would suggest you buy the one made of chrome vanadium steel. This steel is a lot harder and durable than carbon steel but is also a bit heavier.

But if you want to do light work like cutting small wires, carbon steel is a neat choice. It also costs and weighs less. So it’s a win-win situation.


Well, it’s not a surprise that needle-nose pliers aren’t just used for cutting wires. They are also used for gripping or holding small objects such as screws or pins. This is why the size of the plier is essential.

But first, ask yourself what sort of work are you going to use the plier for? Are you a jeweler who has to cut a lot of solid materials? Or are you a computer/cell phone mechanic who has to work in narrow spaces?

Buy a big plier if you aim for heavy work because the bigger it is, the more power it can generate. But buy a small one if you work in tight spaces because the small jaws will extend your reach.


Yes, we know it’s an obvious thing but trust us when we say that people can often overlook this while purchasing a plier.

Because needle nose pliers are small, slim, and long, they are anatomically more fragile than other types of pliers. So it’s effortless to break one while working. In fact, this type of pliers is renowned for getting damaged.

If you have a warranty, you can send the plier to the manufacturer and get a new one without any cost.


Last but definitely not least, you should get a comfortable plier for your hands for an extended period of work.

Handles that have a flat plastic design can cause hand fatigue. Always look for handles that have a rubbery texture on them.

Rubbers are soft on your palms and fingers, whereas plastic feels rough. Using something that feels rough can make your hands strain. Thus, slowing down your work momentum.

You should also go for a plier that has an ergonomic design. This will ensure that you get a proper and firm grip while working.

Pliers that don’t have such a design can slip out of your hand. You wouldn’t want that, would you? For extra comfort and ease of use, get a plier that has a self-opening spring mechanism.

This will ensure that you don’t have to open the jaw of the plier every time you squeeze it because it opens on its own. It also saves your energy so that you can work for a more extended period.


Can A Needle Nose Plier Cut Through 25 Gauge Wire?

This depends on your plier. Check if your plier can cut wires or not. Sometimes a needle nose plier is just made for grabbing things and not for cutting.

Will A Needle Nose Plier Get Rusty?

If the plier has a coating over the steel, then it’s safe. Look for pliers that have chrome plating. If it does not have it, you’ll have to put in an oil or varnish coat regularly to prevent rust.

Is Normal Handle Design Better or Spring-Loaded Handle?

A spring-loaded handle design is always better because it’ll open on itself when you squeeze it. On the other hand, you’ll have to manually open a normal handle after squeezing. So it requires more energy.

Final Words

We hope reading the details of each product we mentioned would help you find your desired product. You can choose any product from these with ease, and we assure you to have no regrets about using any.

We found out the products that give the best performance among all other needle-nose pliers with much of our efforts. Enjoy doing your work with the nose plier you have decided to purchase. I hope now you know about best needle nose pliers.

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