Should I Use A Car Cover Outside? – Know The Answer

Car covers worth your investment if you want to keep your SUV, car, or truck looking brand new after years.  Whether you store your vehicle indoors or outdoor, covering your car is the ultimate solution to avoid being dusty or any damage.

Here, we’re going to put light on why you should use a car cover outside. Covering a car while in the garage is a very common scenario. Even though the vehicle is stored indoors, it can still collect dirt and dust on its surface and cause discolor to the paint. So, should I use a car cover outside?

While you’re at your work during the day, leaving your car outside, prolonged exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, humidity, and dirt can damage the seats, dash, and overall paint job.

If you want to sustain the condition and value of your vehicle, it is a must-to-use car cover outside. Now, let’s see why!

Should I Use A Car Cover Outside

Should I Use A Car Cover Outside?

You might not have any specious parking facility in your garage or leave for office keeping the car outdoor; whatever the reason is, you might be worried about parking your vehicle outside for a longer period.

The vehicle becomes more subjected to contaminants or dirt fallout, UV damage, and tree sap. While you’re evaluating if you should store your car outdoor, let’s remind you about some side effects of parking the vehicle in the open daily.

Besides some safety issues, parking outdoor can cause other potential negativity such as UV damage, dents, and bird droppings.

Due to parking outside, extreme cold, as well as hot weather, affect your vehicle’s performance. And, regular parking under snow or sun makes it more sensitive to such issues.

For example, parking a vehicle in cold temperatures may boost up the rusting process on the brakes. And, extremely hot weather may result in shortening the longevity of the car’s battery.

Additionally, the sub-zero temperature is responsible for making it harder for the battery to get started. As the battery fluid gets freeze in cold temps, the battery cells can be damaged and, therefore, shortens the lifespan.

While parking your car all day long in hot temps, it will take much time to blow cool air through the A/C.

This same situation occurs while keeping the vehicle in direct cold exposure. Your car may cause a delay in getting warmer.

The tires of your vehicle may face premature tire aging or side-wall cracking due to UV rays from the direct sunlight.

If parked under the sun for extended hours, the tires’ rubber compounds can get deteriorated and broke down. And, the outside cracks of the tire treads lead to concession the safety as well as the integrity of it.

Basically, it is not a wrong decision to park your car outdoors, instead of the garage or indoor. Unless the vehicle is well-protected and washed regularly, it’s good to do that.

Protecting Your Vehicle With Car Cover

While you’re leaving your vehicle outside for long hours, it will face some certain issues such as-

  • Get dirtier faster
  • Becomes more susceptible to tree sap, bird poo, iron fallout, or other pollutants
  • The vehicle’s sealant, wax, or coating will start to deteriorate sooner
  • UV rays damage

All these above-mentioned issues can be reduced and solved by using car covers. The sun, rain, snow, birds’ deposits, tree sap, and dirt- these are the biggest adversary of your vehicle.

Nevertheless, the place you live on this earth, you cannot prevent your vehicle from getting dusty, not even parked in the garage.

But, using a car cover will sustain the cleanliness of the four-wheeler. You can save enough money and time on washing it.

If you want to continue the straight-out-of-the-dealership look of your car for many days, then the car cover plays a crucial role in protecting the cosmetic appeal of the vehicle.

You will be surprised to know that your car’s painting does a lot than just to give a shiny look. It works as a protective layer on the metal body to prevent rust, dents, and moisture damage.

But, excessive exposure under sunlight causes the paint layer to oxidize, fade, and even peel.

Covering your vehicle will help keep the paint from getting faded or scratched and prevent the exterior design from being harmed by sticky bug residue, acidic bird poo, and tree sap dripping.

Not only this, the car cover keeps the interior of the vehicle from cracking and discoloring and prevents the convertible tops from fragmenting.

While leaving your vehicle street-side covered with a car cover, it protects the steering wheel and dashboard from cracking and fading due to UV exposure and high temps.

Moreover, if you want to keep your vehicle safe from thieves, a car cover works as a restraint that keeps the contents inside of your car out of plain sight of the robbers.

Removing the car cover will take much time, making a difference for the thieves to get caught.

You know why it is so important to use a car cover while parking the vehicle outside. You must be thinking of which type of car cover you should go for.

Let us help you!

What is Special About Outdoor Car Cover?

While indoor car cover is made of cotton and so soft to touch, you would need something rigid to protect your vehicle parking outside.

Even if your vehicle should be covered with a cover that is manufactured with specific fabric for a little time to give protection from any harsh elements.

The fabrics used in producing an outdoor cover are must pass the test of breathability, waterproof, dust-proof, and UV resistance.

Car covers to use outside are designed to protect your vehicle from dirt, rain, sun, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, and any other pollutant.

No matter how long you leave your car alone under direct sunlight, the car cover will protect against UV rays.

While choosing a car cover for your vehicle, keep in consideration that it should be breathable as well as water-resistant, along with being waterproof.

As fully waterproof can be harmful to the paint of your car, breathable fabric allows trapped moisture beneath the cover to evaporate through it and protect the paint.

Universal-Fit or Custom-Fit Cover?

There are several ill-fitting covers available globally that are very cheap. But, you don’t want to get those as they don’t fit the vehicle appropriately and can blow away with the wind.

Also, those car covers are not made with menial fabrics that can deteriorate faster.

You must want to save money and avoid the hassle you can face by buying these low-grade car covers. So, you should go with a custom-fit cover. What is so special about it?

Well, it’s made following the accurate measurements of your car to give maximum coverage and protection to it.

Moreover, it won’t blow away if there is a bit of wind. Also, your vehicle will look fit and good with this car cover.


How To Take Care of the Car Cover?

You will get specific instructions on washing your specific car cover while you buy it based on a particular fabric.

However, in general, you can wash a car cover in a washing machine at your home. Also, you can use the dryer to make it dry. Constant washing expands the longevity of the cover.

How Long Does a Car Cover Last If Used Outdoor?

Well, it depends on the usage and based on how long your vehicle remains under sunlight. Sitting outside or in the driveway, a car cover can do well for up to 4 or 5 years.

How To Use A Car Cover?

You should place your car cover on a dry and clean car surface. Even though your car cover is water-resistant, it can store enough moisture beneath to spoil the paint.

Also, if you toss a car cover over a dirty place, the smudged dirt would scratch the finishing line of the car paint.


We hope there is no confusion left regarding if you should use a car cover outside or not. If you love your four-wheeler and want it to be the same even after few years of purchase, there is nothing better than using a car cover.

The overall condition of your car depends on how well you take care of it, and while it’s parked outside, it needs much attention.

A car cover gives your vehicle protection from high heat, rain, and other contaminants. So, yes, you should use a car cover outside. I hope now you know should I use a car cover outside.

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