Where To Buy Weld Through Primer? [Practical Advice]

Do you know which mistake does many welders make while planning their welding project? They miss adding the weld through the primer.

Weld through primers are mostly made of zinc, and very few are made of copper. Applying these to your metal material’s surface will protect it from corrosion or rust. It also increases the lifespan of the steel material.

Moreover, some people may know the importance of weld through primers, but they don’t know where they can get it? If you, too, are looking for this answer, then you are at the right place. So, Where To Buy Weld Through Primer?

Where To Buy Weld Through Primer

In this guide, we will reveal the place where to find weld through primer but each necessary information regarding it. Therefore, spare few minutes and take a clear idea about this query.

Is Weld Through Primer Needed?

Is Weld Through Primer Needed?

If you are thinking of starting a welding project, you might be thinking about how you can enhance the steel’s durability.

You don’t want your welding project to be a loss project. Hence, it would be best if you used to weld through primers on the steel surfaces.

Besides, when you weld and make a product out of the metal material and don’t use primer, it will soon damage the rust. It will be a big hassle than to repair it again. So the best is to use primer after you have finished welding.

Moreover, the primer’s coat enhances the beauty of the materials and makes them look even more attractive.

It’s a must to use weld through primers on every product made of metal, or else that will not take a long time to get attacked by the rust and become useless.

Fundamental Tips Regarding Primers

Before you start using weld through primers on your weld, the most necessary job to do before you start using weld is cleaning totally.

Ensure your weld has nothing left on it because the purpose of primer is to keep it safe from any kind of rust or metal corrosion.

It even safeguards the welded material’s inner edges. That’s why you should be careful of any substance left on the material because it can later lead to disruption to your welding process.

Weld failures occur in such situations when you don’t take this precaution in advance and start carrying out the weld. Rust is the chief contamination in metal materials.

So before starting any welding project, be sure to have your materials free of dirt, dust, moisture, and corrosion using weld through primer.

Where To Buy Weld Through Primer?

Where To Buy Weld Through Primer

The popular place you can find the best weld through primers is on Amazon. Although you can find it at the local hardware markets, we suggest purchasing from Amazon.

Most of the products you can buy from this popular online marketplace are of good quality. Besides, you will be able to see a lot of buyers together and ratings of the consumers.

Deciding to pick the best weld through primer will be a piece of cake there. So order it online or go to any local hardware store near you.

Best Weld Through Primers Available

Best Weld Through Primers Available

You have quite a few choices and varieties to purchase weld through primers. Below we mentioned some of them which you can use for your upcoming welding project.

Dupli-Color DPP 108 Prime

Dupli-Color DPP 108 Prime

It’s an amazing primer with awesome durability and can get dry quick enough. The primer takes at least 15 minutes to at most 30 minutes to dry.

It seals and cleans the metal in a way that it becomes one of the best corrosion resistance. Dupli-Color primers have zinc coating that can be applied easily on dry steel surfaces.

It comes with a gray color, and this feature makes it suitable for most metal works.

3M 05917 Weld-Thru Coating II

3M 05917 Weld-Thru Coating II

This product is from 3M, which means it is way too good at preventing corrosion. This one also has a zinc coating. Its coating is so good that it strengthen and boost the durability of the metal.

Please put it on any dry material using an aerosol spray. The primer coating color is gray as the previous one so, and it can also get blended in with most materials.

The duration takes to get dry is 10 to 20 minutes. The product comes with a warranty of one year to guarantee weld protection.

When Should You Use Weld Through Primer?

When Should You Use Weld Through Primer?

The perfect time to use weld through primer is when you are about to start a welding project. If you want, you can also apply the weld through primer on your metal material surface before even starting the welding project.

It will continue to protect the metals while you are storing them. There’s another situation when weld through primer will be a must-needed product. It’s when your materials will have two, three different colors like red, yellow, and black.

These unique colors usually get affected by corrosion or rust if not protected well with weld through primer.

If you plan on painting the steel, you better apply the weld through primer to keep it safe from rust. Because paint doesn’t work as a primer, it misses some point when brushing but welding through primer doesn’t.

The last situation you would use the weld through primer is when many of your metal parts overlap or overhanging, especially on the under-hanging pieces.

Keep in mind to apply two coats of the weld through primer. When you have put the final primer coat, wait at least thirty minutes to let it dry totally.

How To Use Weld Through Primer?

When Should You Use Weld Through Primer?

You must know how to apply a weld through primer to make the best use out of it. Follow the process below and use the primer on metals easily;

  1. You should be applying on the bare metal, clean of any substance. Therefore clean every area you have planned to weld.
  2. If your metals already have any paint or coating on them, clean their surface to remove them using sand or solvent lightly.
  3. Coat all the overlaps (if any) and the bare steel with weld through primer.
  4. Let the coat sit properly on the metal surface so that zinc can bond accurately to the material.
  5. Before starting to weld, make sure to have no weld through primer remaining on the surface, or else the paint will not adhere to the steel surface.

How Long Can A Metal Product Survive Without Weld Through Primer?

How Long Can A Metal Product Survive Without Weld Through Primer?

Well, any product made of metal cannot survive without the coating of weld through primer for more than one or two weeks.

But if you put the painting on it, that’s another story. It will survive a good long time but not for years.

If you truly want your steel-made product to survive a very long period, you must apply the weld through primer first and secondly paint it with any color. It will keep your metals safe from corrosion for ages.


Can I Paint Over Weld Through Primer?

You can paint over weld through primer, but you must apply weld through primer on the metal surface your product to be welded before this.

Also, the coat must get dry because if you start painting right after applying the weld through primer, both the chemicals will get mixed and will cause damage to the metal material.

There is a wait at least thirty minutes after applying zinc or copper coating and paint later on.

Can You Mig Weld Through Paint?

It won’t be wise of you to try to weld over the painted objects. Besides, working on objects that are painted before is quite problematic.

Because while welding can create excessive smoke and toxic fumes. That’s why welders commonly grind their metals to empty the metal surface of paint leftovers.

Is There Any Alternative To Weld Through Primer?

There is an alternative product to weld through primer you can use before welding. Use picklex that is almost like Ospho (a similar metal prep) to help your metal surface promote welding.

Plus, it works excellent for keeping the metals free of rust for enough long time but only as long as your metal products are kept away from direct contact with water.

Is Weld Through Primer Any Good?

Using weld through primer has more benefits than drawbacks. The benefits of using weld through primer include zero rust on the metal surface, no risk of corrosion problem,

strengthening the metal material eases to put paint on the surface, enhances the product’s look, saves from damages caused by direct water contact, and helps keep the paint stay new for a long time.


We have explained every important fact regarding weld through primer. We hope you can find the weld through primer easily and use it following our mentioned ways.

Although there is an alternative product, it cannot do the same job of the weld through primer. I hope now you know where to buy weld through primer. We are ready to close now, but before saying a goodbye take one small useful tip from us;

“You want your welded products to stay for long, therefore when purchasing a weld through primer, be sure to buy one of the bests welds through primers because that will must ensure your metal product’s long lifespan and make you feel it’s worth it.”

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