How To Make Car Fender Covers? Best 4 Ways

Thinking of getting a new fender cover for your car? You can make one by yourself. You have taken a very good decision of making your car fender cover on your own because using a fender cover will keep your car safe from unexpected scratches and damages.

Buying a fender cover for the car will cost you money. Moreover, sometimes you don’t get the right size covers for your car fender. That’s why the best thing to do is making the cover yourself for saving cash and getting the right size fender cover.

We are here to help you create a car fender cover, but only knowing how to make car fender covers is not enough; you must know how to use it, its importance when to use it, and other necessary pieces of information.

How To Make Car Fender Covers

Hence, spare a few minutes, and let’s read out our guide from top to bottom to get every detail you must know regarding car fender cover, including the DIY car fender cover process.

The Purpose of A Car Fender Cover

The Purpose of A Car Fender Cover

The chief purpose of a car fender cover is to protect your car. It can protect from damage caused by different tools while working and coolant or oil spill. Even it can repel break fluid because this will surely damage your car paint.

Sometimes you may work Using different chemicals, and you don’t know if the chemical is harmful or not. The car fender cover will help you at such time and make sure that your car doesn’t get the chemicals’ touch.

Also, it doesn’t let the dust ruin your car’s beautiful color. The car fender offers the right protection your car needs from any damage.

What Things Do You Need To Make A Car Fender?

Things Do You Need To Make A Car Fender

Well, you will be relaxed knowing that making a car fender cover is the easiest job you have ever done. The material you need for creating a car fender cover is so common that we are sure you have them in your homes.

Okay, we will no more keep you in wait. Here we are revealing the materials you need to make a car fender cover below;

1. Find An Old Cloth

Find An Old Cloth

The first thing you need is an item of clothing. It will be better if you can get a leather jacket or coat that is thick. Do not go for clothes made of silk. They are not useful at all for being used as a fender cover.

Thick clothes like leather coats or jackets will provide you more safety while working on the car, especially to keep the tools stay on it. You can also use a blanket as an alternative to leather coats.

2. Get A Large Scissor

Get A Large Scissor

To cut the clothes giving it the right size of your car fender, you must have a scissor.

3. Hooks Or Magnets

Hooks Or Magnets

When are you working on your car having a cover on its fender? You don’t want it to move and fall on the ground often.

That’s why you need either hooks or magnets. These will help your car fender cover stick to the right place.

4. Super Glue

Super Glue

If you choose to use magnets instead of hooks to keep the cover stick to the car fender, you need super glue. We will explain to you the super glue will help you make a car fender cover.

5. Paint


This is optional. If you love colorful covers, paint your fender cover by putting any color and design you want. Be sure to use a good quality color for paint.

How To Make Car Fender Covers?

Car Fender Cover

Now that’s you know what materials you need to make a fender cover for your car, let’s jump onto the procedure.

First Step

Get your old yet clean thick cloth and scissor. Put the cloth over the car fender and cut it in a shape that matches your car fender.

Second Step

If you want to use magnets and not hooks (this is a better option), then take 15-20 pieces of magnets. Put and spread them within a little area of the cover upward.

Use the glue around the cover’s upward boundaries and flip it to stick it to the other part. Let the glue stick perfectly, and now you are ready to use your brand new car fender cover.

Third Step

This Step is for when you have hooks only as an option. It’s very simple, but the car fender covers the fender and hooks it around the car fender.

Fourth Step

This is the optional Step. If you are interested in having a nice color fender cover, paint the cover from both sides and let it sit. Use it later when dried.

The Benefits of Car Fender Covers

Most people use it to keep their car safe from getting scratches and minor or major damages, but it does provide some extra benefits. Let’s see one by one the benefits we get using a car fender cover;

1. They Protect Your Vehicle While You Are Under The Hood

They Protect Your Vehicle While You Are Under The Hood

The most common scenario is you are repairing something under the car hood. At that moment, all your focus works for that specific task, and you don’t check if you have bumped the car fender.

Using a cover will reduce the risk of your car getting bumped when you are working.

2. They Keep Spills Off The Paint

They Keep Spills Off The Paint

Most car owners face another common problem: spilling something on their car fenders like oil, brake fluid, or coolant fluid. These fluids can damage your car’s paint.

Your fender covers will save your car’s paint from fluid spills. Remember to clean your car fender cover often, or else your cars will get dirt from the dirty fender cover.

3. They Give You Somewhere To Put Your Tools

They Give You Somewhere To Put Your Tools

A fender cover made of high-quality rubber or a vinyl-made fender cover can provide you a convenient perch for the car tools.

It will protect your car from getting damaged by those tools. Hence your car will have zero chance of getting bumped or harmed by anything.

How To Take Care Of Your Car Fender Cover?

How To Take Care Of Your Car Fender Cover

Car fender cover protects your car so, it’s also necessary for you to protect the fender cover to continue to provide the service for a long period. The fender cover is mainly a piece of cloth, either thick or thin.

Therefore you need to take its care by washing it. After every use, do not forget to wash the cover with detergent and remove every little dirt and chemicals after washing, dry it properly under the sunlight, and when it’s fully dried, store it somewhere safe.

While carrying your car fender cover, be cautious and check that it’s not getting stuck anywhere, or else you might notice, but your fender cover will tear apart. Do not directly wash the fender cover, first gently clean the dust and then wash it.

Is There Any Alternative To Car Fender Cover?

Is There Any Alternative To Car Fender Cover

There is no alternative to car fender cover, but you have alternative ways to take care of your car fender. After doing the job, whenever you do work on your car, first clean the fender a piece of with clean cloth.

Second, spray some water on the car fender and clean it with another clean cloth (using the same cloth will make the dirt sit on the fender).

This way, you can take care of the car fender, but it will require more effort. Therefore the wise thing to do is to use a cover on the fender.


What Are Fender Covers Used For?

Fender covers for the car are used to prevent scratches and scuffs on the car. It protects your car’s fender from the UV rays and harbor grime.

It is made of stretchy polyester fabric that is thick and washable. Also, it helps to keep the tools stay on their places.

How Thick Are Car Fender Covers?

Usually, the car fender covers are 1.6mm thick. It is constructed using Non-Slip PVC. They are very good at preventing the tools and parts from falling when cushioning. Easily washable with water and light soap. It lasts a long time.

When Should Fender Covers Be Used?

You should use a fender cover every time you decide to check or work in your car when you have to work opening the car hood.

Because while working some by any tool or chemical your car might get damaged. To reduce this risk, always use a car fender cover.


We have shared with you every knowledge about a car fender cover, including how you can make it. We hope now you are ready to make the perfect car fender cover for your car.

If this will be your first time making it remember not to get confused choosing the cloth you are going to use to make the fender cover. Choose any cloth we suggested and start the making process. I hope now you know about how to make car fender covers.

Before we close, we have one little tip for you; If you don’t have a thick cloth, then buy a cover fender because the thicker the cover, the safer is the car fender.

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