9 Best Fender Covers [Reviews With Buying Guide]

Imagine that you are going on a long drive, and halfway through, your car stops, and now you have to inspect the engine. But doing so will most likely scratch or harm your fender. So what should you do? You’ll have to use a fender cover.

And not having a cover can make your car repair very tough. So, to avoid such problems, you have to have a fender cover in your car all the time.

But you have to think about so many factors before buying a fender cover that, most of the time, it gives you headaches. So it’s only natural for you to look for opinions and advice. Don’t worry because we might be able to help you with that.

With our honest opinions on some of the best fender covers, we will try to make everything clear for you. Furthermore, our buying guide will give you all the details necessary to narrow down your choice.

So without further delay, let’s dive in!

Best fender covers9 Best Fender Covers Review

9 Best Fender Covers Review

The fender covers we selected can keep your precious car paint safe from a wide range of outside attacks while you repair your car. Before you make up your mind, take a look at these fantastic fender covers below.

1# RUPSE Mechanic Fender Cover

RUPSE Automotive Mechanic Magnetic Fender

Before buying a fender cover, a person is most likely to think about how it will perform? Will it save my paint finish? How affordable is it? How many extra features does it come with?

Keeping all these crucial factors in mind, we are starting our list with the RUPSE fender cover, which will give you all that you need and more.

This waterproof fender is made out of synthetic leather. This type of fabric guarantees you a long-lasting life. So what’s stopping you from going wild with this fender cover?

Since you are using the cover to protect your car paint, it’ll take all the hits. You’ll have to wash it after every work session.

Keeping this in mind, RUPSE made the fender cover washable as well. It’s waterproof and washable at the same time. Sweet thinking, right?

While ordinary brands offer you only one piece of cover, RUPSE provides you with three pieces. Now you can work on your car without having to worry about the sides because RUPSE is here to protect them.

Easily the best part about this fender cover is that it comes with magnates. Since cars are shiny and slippery, your fender cover can easily slide off from your vehicle.

Having magnates which will hold the cover in place for as long as you want is such a blessing.


  • Made with leather fabric, this fender cover is waterproof, meaning that you are now safe from oil and grease as you work.
  • We all know fender covers can get messy after repairs; being able to easily wash off those specks of dirt and messes is such a beneficial thing to have.
  • The anti-corrosion feature makes it an excellent choice for long-term usage.
  • Comes with three pieces of cover so that you can protect both the sides of your car as well as the front.


  • The only con is that it does not come with any pockets to hold your tools which means you’ll either have to hold it or keep it on the ground.


These features make it the best fender cover if you are just starting off and need something reliable. Plus, the long-lasting life will make it hard for you to get rid of it.

2# OCM Premium Fender Cover

OCM Premium Magnetic Fender Cover

It is not a surprise that car people love their cars more than anything. And they will always buy the best possible product for their cars no matter the cost. Well, if you share the same thought, you just came to the right place.

Made with PVC vinyl, this cover can genuinely protect your fender from getting harmed. The backside of the cover is super soft. You can say that it’s rough on those nasty scratches but soft and adoring on your paint.

6 strong magnets are sewn into this cover so that it can hold itself on top of your fender while you show your car engine who’s the boss. The magnets are so strong that they can even hold tools and screws.

Additionally, it includes three hook and loop straps so that you can securely place your cover and not have to worry about it falling off.

It makes the cover so securely placed that even if you wanted, it’d be hard for you to make the cover fall off.

The edges of the cover are made out of nylon. This will make sure that your cover does not get teared up easily. And the round and soft design just make you want to appreciate it even more.

The fender cover is utterly flexible. You can easily fold it and carry it around with you. Yes, other covers can be folded too, but what makes this one special is that the fold marks go away automatically.


  • 6 non-slippery magnets are sewn into the cover to ensure that it does not slide off your fender while you work.
  • 3 hook and loop straps ensure you fully secure cover placement for cars with composite body panels.
  • Fender covers can get messy after work; this cover will let you clean the mess with a simple towel and cleaner wipes.
  • The cover’s backside is soft, making it scratch-resistant, and it will also protect your paint finish.


  • Since it’s a vinyl cover, it’s less durable than leather covers. So be sure to take extra care of it if you want it to last longer.
  • Although the magnets can hold your tools and screws to some extent, the lack of pockets still makes it hard for you to have your tools around.


Does the OCM premium fender cover live up to its name? It sure does. With all the features it has to offer, it is an excellent fender cover to protect your fender while you take your mechanic skills to the next level.

3# Performance Tool W80583 Fender Cover

Performance Tool W80583

It’s not always about top-notch performance and features that make the best fender cover. Sometimes you just need something really comfortable to work with. Beginners can easily use this fender cover to kick start their mechanic career.

Made with heavy-duty vinyl fabric, this fender cover will make sure that nothing harms your precious paint. The cover itself is scratch-resistant. So what’s stopping you from giving your best shot at repairing the engine?

The cover has a foam layer at the backside. This design ensures that your paint finish does not lose its shiny-ness.

Since the front and back are made out of vinyl and foam, you can flip the cover and use it to go down to check your car’s bottom.

The edges are fully sewn. The sewn edges ensure that your cover does not get torn easily. This 33″ x 24″ cover is big enough to protect your whole fender. The uncovered area will easily get scratched.

So be sure to check whether it covers your fender fully because different cars have different fender sizes.

Lots of brands skip on including pockets in their fender covers to reduce making-cost. But this fender comes with 2 pockets that can hold your tools pretty well.

Now you won’t have to hold your tools or worry about your tools falling off from the fender while checking your car.


  • The cover is made with vinyl fabric, meaning it will be highly resistant to all scratches and damages.
  • 33″ x24″ big size ensures you complete coverage of your fender while also being easy to carry.
  • The foam layer on the backside will provide extra protection for your paint finish while also acting as a mat for you to check the bottom of your car.
  • The fender cover has pockets sewn into them. Because of this, you can keep your tools on the cover without worrying about losing them while you work.


  • This cover does not have any magnet or straps, so it’ll most likely slide off from your fender. It’s annoying if your cover keeps sliding down while you work.
  • It is not a waterproof cover. So you’ll have to be careful when using it.


Considering the price and all the features it comes with, the Performance tool W80583 is the best fender cover you can choose if you will do light to medium mechanic work.

4# Reizen Tech Magnetic Fender Cover

Reizen Tech Professional Magnetic

Cars are getting bigger in size, so are the fender covers. But it’s not only about the size; your car sometimes needs something durable and something easy on the paints.

Well, look no further because the Reizen Tech magnetic fender cover is here to the rescue.

This extra-large cover can effortlessly protect your whole fender so that you won’t have to worry about scratching any corners.

Adjusting the cover every now and then can be really annoying, we know. 8 fairly strong magnets give you maximum stability while making sure that it does not slide off.

The magnets are so strong that you can stick them onto a vertical surface, and it still won’t fall off.

The cover is made of highly thick yet soft vinyl padding, which ensures as much protection as possible. Rest assured that nothing will go through this cover while it sits on top of your fender.

We all know how exhausting and messy repairing a car can be. The cover is there to protect your fender. While doing so, the cover gets dirty.

But don’t worry because the Reizen Tech fender cover is washable. Just wipe it with some cleaner, and voila, a fresh-looking fender cover at your service.

The cover is lightweight and easy to carry. But that’s not all; you also get a resealable storage bag. Now you can just fold it and throw it behind your car. Who knows when you might need it?


  • It’s a large cover which covers all the needed surface ensuring maximum protection.
  • 8 super strong magnets keep your cover sturdy while you work. So no need to adjust the cover frequently.
  • Made with thick and soft vinyl fabric because protection is Reizen Tech’s top priority
  • This rugged and durable cover is also easily cleanable. No matter what you spill on it, you can wipe it off without much effort.
  • This fender cover comes with a resealable bag which lets you protect the cover itself. You can also carry it around without any hassle.


  • It does not come with any straps. Yes, it comes with magnets, but sometimes magnets aren’t enough to hold your cover from falling.
  • The lack of pocket forces you to either hold your tools in your hands or keep them on the ground. You can keep them on the cover, but they might roll around and fall off.


Whether you’re a professional mechanic or you just like to repair your car on your own, The Reizen Tech magnetic fender cover is a fantastic choice if you want to keep your fender in tip-top condition.

5# Bumper Buddies Boat Fender Cover

Bumper Buddies Boat Fender Cover

Whether you own a car or a boat, the purpose of a fender cover remains the same. It protects your fender at all costs.

Keeping that in mind, we selected this fender cover. But don’t take this cover lightly because of its cute name. This fender cover can give even the most top brands a run for their money.

This affordable fender cover comes in a package of two covers per pack. This means more coverage with less money.

The material used for making this cover is very thin. It feels soft when you touch them because it is thin, giving you a sense of comfort. The cover is durable as well. Pretty good for a cover that costs so little.

We all know how important aesthetics are. Since the fender covers will always be hanging around beside your boat, it is important that you choose a color that complements your boat’s paint.

Well, don’t worry about that because Bumper buddies fender cover lets you pick from 10 different colors.


  • The price of this cover is very reasonable compared to its performance.
  • Every pack comes with 2 covers ensuring that you get the best product quality for the least amount of money.
  • Comes in 10 different appealing colors to fit the aesthetic of your boat. It makes your boat pop out from the rest.
  • This cover is made with soft and thin material ensuring that the paint on your boat does get harmed while docking or incoming clashes.


  • Not the ideal fender cover if you have a permanently docked boat. It will not last long.


Considering how cheap it is, the Bumper buddies boat fender cover is a delightful deal if you use it for occasional docking or rifting. But expecting it to perform better than expensive fender covers will be a mistake.

6# OwnMy Leather Fender Cover

OwnMy Lightweight Automotive Mechanic Magnetic Leather Fender Cover Protector Gripper Mat Pad

Getting your car scratched and dirty even after you buy a fender cover can easily make people angry. You have to look at many aspects of a fender cover, especially how big the cover is.

Well, you won’t have to look anymore because the OwnMy fender cover is here to cover all the surfaces of your fender.

The fender cover is made out of durable PU leather. We all know how strong leather is when it comes to protecting your fender. The soft layer on the backside ensures that your paint finish does not get harmed in any possible way.

Since it is made out of durable leather, you can easily fold it without the worry of having fold marks. So what’s stopping you from carrying it around in your car everywhere you go?

We know that all the fender covers come in black color. It can get boring to look at the same color fender cover everywhere.

This is why OwnMy gives you the option of buying both black and red cover. You can also use it to match your car’s color.

Most of the manufacturers provide you with only one piece of cover. But OwnMy gives you 3 covers for the same price.

Since the fender has 3 sides, having only 1 cover means that you will have to move your cover when you change sides. Not anymore, just place the 3 covers on each side and concentrate on repairing your car instead.

The cover also comes with magnets and straps to ensure that your covers don’t fall off when you are working.


  • With a size of 52 inch x 24 inch, this fender cover makes sure that no surface is left unprotected
  • Comes in 3 pieces each pack to ensure that your fender is covered from each and every side.
  • Made out of PU leather which means you will get a long-lasting and durable fender cover.
  • The cover has magnets and straps that will prevent it from sliding down.


  • The only con is that it does not have any pockets sewn into it. So you’ll have to keep an eye on your tools when you place them on the cover.


With immensely positive feedback from both the customers and the critics, the OwnMy leather fender cover is undoubtedly one of the top fender covers available in the market right now.

And the features of this cover will encourage you to do mechanical work even more.

7# RUPSE Automotive Fender Cover

RUPSE Automotive Mechanic Magnetic Fender Cover Mat Pad Set with Hooks Big Size for SUV 3PCS

We know it’s not always about the size, but sometimes you have no other choice but to get the largest one possible. For instance, a small or medium size cover won’t be able to protect an SUV’s fender.

For such situations, we introduce you to the RUPSE automotive fender cover. This cover is 62 inches x 25.5 inches in size, making it the most oversized fender cover on our list.

Like its younger sibling, this one also has a waterproof design. Since it’s waterproof, oil or grease does not stick on the surface easily.

Furthermore, the washability ensures an effortless cleaning process. Just take an ordinary cleaner and wipe off those nasty substances, easy peasy.

This leather fender cover will make sure no harm comes to your valuable car. We all know that leather fabric is almost perfect for saving your paint from getting scratched.

Leather also lasts longer than vinyl fabric. Durability and long-lasting life, sweet, isn’t it?

Moreover, the backside of the cover is very soft. It will protect your paint from pressing marks and heat. Since car exteriors are smooth and slippery, your cover can easily slide off from the fender.

This is why the RUPSE fender cover comes with magnets and hooks. These two will make sure that your cover does not fall while you work on your car.


  • Comes with 3 pieces of large covers which will make sure that there is no surface left uncovered.
  • This smooth-looking leather fender cover will protect your fender from all sorts of harm while also being super flexible to fold.
  • The cover is waterproof, washable, durable, and also anti-corrosion
  • It has strong magnets and hooks to keep itself from sliding down from your fender.


  • The price is a bit higher than other fender covers that provide similar features.
  • No pockets to hold your tools while you work. You will either have to hold the tools in your hand or keep it on the fender cover.


After weighing all the pros and cons, we suggest you buy this one if you have a bit of extra cash lying around.

If you have the budget, this fender cover is one of the best for you. And the additional features will make you fall in love with it even more.

8# GEARWRENCH Fender Cover

GEARWRENCH Magnetic Fender Cover - 86991

Sometimes the best product isn’t the one that provides the best performance, but the one that is the most compact. Lightweight and easy to use products are always welcomed by the customers.

With a length of 32 inches and a width of 15 inches, this fender cover only weighs around 200 grams. Such lightweight design makes it a really flexible cover that you can fold and carry around easily.

The material used in this cover is PVC vinyl. This will protect your fender from all sorts of scratches. Although the cover is not really thick, it does the job pretty well.

Besides, the vinyl used in this cover makes it shine like a diamond. With the big gearwrench logo on top, this is a very slick-looking fender cover that you can use to flex on your neighbors.

Magnets are sewn into the cover to ensure that it does not fall down while you work on your vehicle.

We all know how annoying it can be. Covers without magnets or hooks slide off the fender easily because of the smooth surface of the car.

We all know how messy repairing a car can be. So keeping that in mind, GEARWRENCH has made their cover oil resistant. Now you can just wipe off those stubborn oil layers from your cover without much effort.

Easily the biggest attraction of this fender cover is that it comes with 1 year of limited warranty. On paper, it sounds really short, but you have to keep in mind that only a handful of brands offer a warranty on fender covers.


  • Made with PVC vinyl fabric, this fender cover can keep your car’s fender from being scratched and also can keep your paint finish safe.
  • The cover is oil resistant, making the cleaning process a lot easier than other fender covers.
  • Comes with magnets that ensure the cover won’t fall off from the fender while you work.
  • This fender cover has a limited 1 year warranty. If anything happens to your cover, you can just get it replaced (conditions apply).


  • Sometimes the cover falls down because the magnets are not that strong. So keep an eye on the cover while you do your work.


Although the price is slightly high, this fender cover is still a great choice if you have some extra bucks to spare. And the limited warranty will make sure you won’t be able to get rid of it any time soon.

9# YIFAT Black Automotive Fender Cover

YIFAT black Automotive Fender Cover

Often people don’t want to buy anything cheap because of quality concerns or anything too expensive because of budget. So they settle down for something in-between. If you are that person, then look no further.

YIFAT black fender cover is the last but definitely not the minor fender cover on our list. Aiming for affordability, this fender cover can give you the best bang for the buck.

Only costing around 20 dollars, this fender cover comes in two covers per pack. One for each side of your fender.

Unfortunately, your front fender will not be covered up, so be cautious. But if you want, you can buy a pack with three covers which cost 10 dollars more. Worth it if you ask us.

Each cover has 2 velcro straps and 3 effective magnets to ensure your cover stays in place and does not wobble when you work. We know how annoying it can be when your cover falls down or does not stay in place.

Made with PVC material, this fender cover can easily defend your paint finish from nasty scratches. The protection is furthermore enhanced with a soft layer at the backside.

We all know the covers get dirty after a session of work. Keeping that in mind, YIFAT made this cover waterproof and washable. Oh, and it’s anti-corrosion as well. So now you have one less thing to worry about.


  • Ultimate scratch resistance with PVC fabric. The fabric is durable as well.
  • With 2 velcro straps and 3 magnets on each side, this cover won’t even move an inch from where it was placed.
  • The cover is waterproof, washable, and also anti-corrosion.
  • The compact size makes it easy for you to fold and carry it around when you need


  • The only con is that the cover is very thin, so you can’t put too much pressure on it


With only a minor issue holding it back from getting the title of the perfect fender cover, it is still a fantastic choice if you are looking for something in mid-range budget. Plus, the features will make sure that you get easily attached to this brand.

Best Fender Cover Buying Guide

Best Fender Cover Buying Guide

Fender covers can come in many different shapes and sizes. As they are a crucial part of your car maintenance, you should know about everything before you settle down for the one you need.

In this section of our article, we will talk about everything there is to know about fender covers so that it helps you narrow down your choice.

Types of Fender Covers

Types of Fender Covers

There are only two types of fender covers out there for protecting your fender.

  • Boat Fender Covers

  • Car Fender Covers

Choose the right cover depending on your vehicle. Remember that you won’t be able to use a boat’s fender cover on a car’s fender and vice-versa. And also, keep these following things in mind to get the best possible fender cover.


The material of a fender cover has a direct relation with performance and durability. It will also determine how long it will last. So you should be very demanding while inspecting.

The two prime fabrics used for making fender covers are leather and PVC vinyl. Leather is created through the tanning of animal skin. So this is why leather is rich in quality, durable, and soft to touch.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is made out of synthetic plastic. It is also very popular. Vinyl is commonly used to replace leather because leather costs more.

You can guess that leather is better in quality. So it is evident that you should always go for leather fender covers.

But this does not mean vinyl is terrible; it is pretty good considering its price. But if you can get a leather cover at the same price, always go for leather instead of vinyl.

Magnets or Straps

We all know that the exteriors of our cars are really smooth and slippery. If you place your cover on top of your fender, the cover is very likely to slide off and fall.

In some cases, you are responsible for the cover falling because you have to lean towards the cover when you are working.

So it’s apparent that you need something that will hold the cover in place. That’s where magnets and straps come in.

Many fender covers use magnets to make sure it does not fall off. Magnetic covers are also easy to detach from the fender.

Straps or hooks, on the other hand, provide a very firm grip. But it takes a bit more time to install the straps on the fender.

If you can get a magnetic cover with straps, that’ll be a great deal.


When you work on your car engine, you’ll either have to keep the tools in your hands, or you’ll have to put them down. You can’t put them down on the fender because it has a very narrow space.

To solve this problem, some fender covers come with pockets to hold your tools. If you have pockets on your cover, you can just keep your tools right beneath your hands. You can use the tool required without wasting any time.

This is why always go for the fender covers that come with pockets unless the other features make up for it.


Car maintenance is not easy. It includes lots of materials and tools like screwdrivers, oil, wax, air filter, and many more. These tools and materials can cause a lot of mess.

Since your fender is protected by the cover, your cover takes all the hits and gets really dirty. So you need a cover that is resistant against such fluids or dirt. You’ll also need a cover that is easy to wash.

Car maintenance itself is very troublesome work. If you also need to spend a long amount of time cleaning the cover, when will you get to your engine?

This is why you should always go for the cover, which is waterproof, easy to wash, and anti-corrosion.

Final Words

Whether you’re a professional car mechanic or you’re just a person who loves to do everything on your own, a fender cover can be your best buddy along the ride.

Without this, your vehicle is as helpless as you. And who would want to put their precious vehicle in harm’s way, right? So what’s stopping you? You’re just a few steps away from saving your car from those nasty scratches.

Besides, the fender covers have been dramatically improved and updated over the years, and now they are full of features that will help you in every situation.

You might be happy, but are you “doing maintenance on my car without worrying about anything happening to my car” happy? I hope now you know about the best fender covers.


How Do You Wash A Fender Cover?

Washing a fender cover is fairly straightforward. First, sprinkle water all over the cover, then take your cleaner and use a towel or any type of cloth to wash off the dirt.

Are the Magnets Strong Enough To Hold Tools And Small Parts?

Although most magnets that come with the cover are able to hold small tools and screws, we do not recommend doing so. You can easily lose your screws or tools if you keep them on the cover.

Which Material Gives The Best Performance?

Covers that are made with leather give you the best durability and lifespan. Just make sure that the backside of the cover is soft so that it’s not harsh on your paint.

Can I Use The cover For Under-Body Car Inspection?

Yes, you can use the cover (depending on the quality) as a mat for under-body car inspection, but we do not recommend doing so because it can reduce the lifespan of the cover.

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