Fabric For Boat Fender Covers – Guidelines

What materials are used as fabrics of boat fender covers? Fenders are used to protect your boat hull from hitting other boats or docks. But what if your boat fenders get scratches and damages while saving? You should protect your boat fenders too.

As to protect boat fenders, there are uses of covers which are very good as shields. They can protect your boat fenders from getting scratches and even sometimes from damages.

What if you want to make those covers by yourself? You can make your custom boat fender covers easily. It will be cheap but serve you the same as the covers sold on the market.

However, you will have to know the materials you will need. Also, you have to know how to choose fabric for boat fender covers. So, why not get into the details?

Fabric For Boat Fender Covers

How To Choose Fabric For Boat Fender Covers?

You have several options to choose fabric for your boat fender covers. Just you have to pick the right one for your boat’s hull protector. Here are some things you should think about before choosing any fabric.


Fabrics quality is essential in this proceeding. The reason is, it is the primary material to make the cover. So you have to choose a good quality fabric that should be soft and easy to sew and roll.


Design is another essential thing to consider. Because your fender covers should be a perfect size, otherwise, it will not protect the hull guard perfectly.

As to make fender covers from fabric, the dimensions and configurations matter if you want the perfect cover.

Decorations (optional)

If you want your fender covers to look a bit cool, you can consider this option. Choosing a matching color as a fender or a defense with some symbol will, of course, increase its beauty.

Types of Fabric of Boat Fender Covers

There are different types of fender cover fabric you will find. The quality of the material varies on the price.

Usually, a fender cover which you will see on the market is made of polyester or acrylic. Polyesters are only available to the manufacturer.

There is a low chance for you to get those fabrics to make your boat fender covers. However, there are some alternative fabrics you can use. These fabrics will also do the job well.

Boat Blanket As A Fabric of Boat Fender Covers

Boat blanket fabric is truly a protective, durable spectropile fabric of boat fender covers. It is a non-woven and plush polyester fabric that has an outer surface very soft.

It also has Chemical and UV resistance. You will find this boat blanket in great colors that will match the outdoor environments. As to make a fender cover, rugged yet soft fabric is required.

And a boat blanket is perfect for that. Besides, it is easy to sew. It will be the best fabric to be used as a boat fender cover.

However, it will cost a bit more bucks than other fabrics (i.e., around 84.0 dollars or more).

Sweatpants As A Fabric of Boat Fender Covers

Sweatpants fabric is another one you can use as a boat fender cover because it’s made from polyesters and cotton, often knitted heavily.

Such soft fabrics are ideal for making the perfect type of boat fender cover out of it. The best thing about this fabric is you can purchase it at a reasonable price rate. You will find a lot of people using this fabric of boat fender covers.

T-shirt As A Fabric of Boat Fender Covers

T-shirts are also an excellent fabric for making boat fender covers. These are made of cotton, which is soft, and you probably know this well.

Anyway, if you want to make a boat fender cover at a low cost, you can use T-shirts as fabric without any confusion. Also, T-shirts are very durable and decorative.

Fleece As A Fabric of Boat Fender Covers

Fleece is another fabric for low-budget people who want to make boat fender covers. It is as durable as other fabrics even though it is cheap.

You can choose your custom colors and design if you make the fender cover with fleece. So, try it to save money and make your boat fenders cover scratch-free with decorations.

Now that you know some types of fabric for boat fender cover. But, how can you make the fender covers with these fabrics?

If you never made any boat fender covers by yourself before, you can read below to learn to make it. It is super easy.

Process of Making DIY Boat Fender Covers

We have already mentioned to you that you can make your boat fender covers by yourself. Let’s see how you can make these covers.

From Boat Blanket Fabrics

A boat blanket is an excellent fabric, and you already know that. To make fender covers from it, follow these steps:

  • Measure the length of the fender without the eyes
  • Take the size of the circumference plus one or two inches
  • Take the boat blanket and cut a rectangle with the measurements. ( Use a pencil to mark the measures on the blanket’s back, and cut with a seizure)
  • Install a white polyester hook on the rough side of the edges. It should be positioned down the link of one side of the boat blanket along the length. Cut it as long as the length of the boat blanket you cut. Now sew the hook with it by a machine.
  • After that, dart the top and bottom. Then divide the edges with the number of darts and an extra one. Hold the darts on two sides and put the middle on the soft side of the blanket. Then sew the two sides of the dart together. Do that with every dart. Then cut the extra part after sewing the sides.
  • Now you can put it onto the fender and cover it. That’s all.

From Sweatpants Fabrics

Using sweatpants as fabric of boat fender covers is easy to make. Here are the steps:

  • Check the circumference and size of the length of your boat fender you are planning to cover
  • You can use each pair of sweatpants to make two fender covers. If you multiply by two the sweatpant’s width, then it will approximately match the fender circumference.
  • Suppose a boat’s fenders are 29 inches. You have to pick 3XL size sweatpants that should be 14.25 inches wide. A 2XL might get large for two slightly small fenders. Measure to be sure that sweatpants leg is long enough as well as the leg cuffs are elasticized.
  • Stuff one boat fender into the sweatpants leg and let it go as far as it can. It should close-fit the fender. Attach the ring on the top end of the fender.
  • While measuring the length, be sure to allow a 1-inch seam at the end of the crotch. Mark accordingly and cut after you have removed the fender.
  • Now, stitch along the edge you have cut and form a 1-inch tube. Draw a small line length through the tube.
  • Cut inside the tube to insert a safety pin with a line. Then slog the bar inside the box and draw it to the other end. Heat the end lines with some fire or butane whip with a lighter to stick it tightly with the fender.
  • Now, put the fender cover onto it. Draw it upward and tie the ends tightly.
  • Simply tight the other end. Tie and tuck a knot inside the fender.
  • Attach the lines to the rings fitted to the boat fender.

From T-shirt Fabrics

Well, this method of making a boat fender cover is different. Let’s see how it is.

  • Put the t-shirts onto the fenders and pin them to create the fender shape on the t-shirt. Pin on the sides and its way up. It’s okay if you have gathered a little bit of fabric at its top. No need to stress for a perfect finish on the top end. Remember not to pin the bottom of your t-shirt, instead of the pin until the fender’s straight end.
  • Take the fender cover off the fender, turn its right side out and be sure that you can see your prints.
  • Put the t-shirt’s inner part out again to cut the sleeves and sides off.
  • Take a usual straight stitch and stitch the pin lines using a sewing machine. Start sewing from the top and continue stitching both sides until they are attached evenly. Make sure to sew the back part at the pin line end.
  • After you are sewed its basic shape, turn its inner part out again to put the cover on your fender.
  • Now, tidy up the seams and sew them both using standard sewing techniques.

From Fleece Fabrics

Making boat fenders using fleece is the same as the procedure of making boat fenders using t-shirts. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the fleece fabric should not be either too thin or too thick.

Pros and Cons of Boat Fender Covers

Though the boat fender covers are used to protect the fender, some still don’t like to use it. Why? Well, there are some pros and cons of using a boat fender cover.

Most people ignore the cons because it does not matter to them, but some people just don’t like it. Let’s see what’s those pros and cons of using a boat fender cover.


  • A fender cover can reduce scratches
  • It keeps the noises down
  • Also, a fender cover protects the fender from damages caused by UV rays
  • It lowers the cracks of the hull if it gets any hits
  • It protects the fender from getting slipped


  • You have to keep the covers always clean
  • Takes a long time to get thoroughly dried
  • They quickly get tatty, torn, and faded


How Are Boat Fenders Measured?

To measure the fender cover length correctly, do not arrange the tape on the fender cover ends. Each time of counting, start from the top end to the bottom end with a yardstick or straight tape.

Do Fender Covers Prevent Denting?

Fender covers prevent denting because it works like a safety barrier and takes any damage or scratch on itself to save the boat fender.

When Should Fender Covers Be Used?

You should use a fender cover to protect your boat fender from getting any damages by the UV rays. Generally, rubber fenders make things worse.

They get melted soon by the sun heat and stick to the sides of the boat. But fender covers protect from the UV rays and don’t melt away.

Can You Paint A Boat Fender?

The idea of painting the boat fenders is a bad one. You can paint the covers, but sadly it will not last long because it will either wash away or stick to the boat when touched by water.


Now that we are at the end of this discussion. You have hopefully got your every desired information on fabrics for boat fender covers. Also, as a bonus, now you know the process of making boat fender covers by yourself.

Well, let’s end this conclusion with a tip; you can ignore the cons of using a boat fender cover. It doesn’t matter at all. I hope now you know about fabric for boat fender covers.

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