Best DIY Car Fender Covers Ideas & Procedure

You don’t want to put a scratch on your favorite car fender, right? That is why you need to be very cautious while working under the hood of your car.

And here comes car fender covers made for protecting your precious car fender from getting scratched and being dirty at the time of working. So, what are the best DIY car fender covers?

You will find different types of car fender covers on the market. But the thing is, you will have to spend a lot of bucks to purchase them. Again, there are always chances to not get the right size of cover for your car fender.

Best DIY Car Fender Covers

But what if you make your car fender covers by yourself? It will be very cheap, and also you can adjust sizes of your own. Let’s talk about some DIY car fender covers in this guide then.

Shall we?

Best DIY Car Fender Covers For Mechanics

Best DIY Car Fender Covers For Mechanics

Car fender cover is one of the most important mechanisms for mechanics and car lovers. It provides a lot of benefits for your car fender.

There are chances to damage your car’s body by accident if you don’t protect your car fender with anything. It can happen with your tools or even yourself while working.

But, using a car fender cover will save you from any minor damages. Besides, it will lower the risk of getting major damages too.

Car fender cover acts as a defense and protects the front of your car from body damages and liquid spills. Here are some DIY car fender covers that you can use while working under the hood of your car.

Cheap But Great DIY Car Fender Cover Ideas

These are the DIY car fender covers you can use in your car garage. They are cheap and protective covers for a car fender.

1. Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats

A yoga mat is great as a car fender cover. It is so flexible, has a rubbery foam, and cushioned. The size of a yoga mat is also big as well as washable. Besides, it will only cost you $10 to $12.

2. Blankets


A blanket can be a great DIY cover for your car fender. It is thick enough to defend against any damages as well as light enough to wash. It is cheap and long-lasting, and easy to keep clean.

3. Bath Towel and Bath Mat

Bath Towel and Bath Mat

Bath towel is so soft and long enough as a car fender cover. It will easily protect the paint. As well as a bath mat is thick enough to protect any damages to your car’s body.

If you use a bath towel with a bath mat on it, it will serve as a great cover for a car fender. It is also cheap, soft and comfortable.

So, now you know the ideas, you can use them well.

Here is a tip for you: Wear sweatpants while working, as well as no buttons, no belts, and no snaps. Those objects can damage your car fender without you noticing.

How To Make Your DIY Car Fender Covers From Cloth

How To Make Your DIY Car Fender Covers From Cloth

People usually don’t put much effort into making the right cover for a car fender. They just use pieces of clothes and put them over the car fender.

That may seem simple, but it is not very helpful. Why? Because a piece of cloth doesn’t seem to be important, hence anyone can take away the fender cover to use it for other purposes.

Therefore, giving that piece of clothing the look of a car fender cover is much needed. Forgiving that the rear fender cover looks, you need some materials.

The followings are the materials –

1. Choose Any Clothing

Choose Any Clothing

Choosing a cloth for a DIY fender cover is a tricky step. Because you can use any cloth, no matter thin or thick, blanket or leather coat, keep in mind to pick thicker cloth if you want to create a long-lasting car fender cover.

2. Get A Scissor

Get A Scissor

Scissor here does the action of changing your fender cover’s shape. Just a piece of cloth doesn’t look good on your amazing car.

Hence cut that cloth in a way that it gets the shape of a car fender. Use a large scissor for better cutting.

3. Take Some Pieces Of Either Hooks Or Magnets

Take Some Pieces Of Either Hooks Or Magnets

It’ll be so annoying when you will work with a focus on your car, and the car fender cover often falls along with the tools.

If you don’t want to face such an annoying situation, then you have to make sure your car fender cover stays in its place. To ensure that, any hooks or magnets will be a big help.

Although magnets would be best, place some magnets on the cover’s top and fold them one time. Stick the fold using either glue or tape.

And if you are thinking of using hooks, simply hook the cover around the fender.

4. Color It Using Paint If You Wish

Color It Using Paint If You Wish

If you are fancy and like colorful things, you might always think of painting anything you make. The car fender cover is made of cloth, and you can paint on clothes. Therefore, if you wish, you can paint it to give it a fresh new look.

Ways To Take Care Of Your DIY Car Fender Covers

Ways To Take Care Of Your DIY Car Fender Covers

Car fender covers do a great job saving our cars from getting affected by chemicals and damaged by different tools. Therefore we should take care of the fender cover.

The process is simple. All you have to do is wash your DIY car fender covers after each time you use them. After washing, make sure you dry it under the sunlight and after it’s fully dried, keep it in a store.

Do not store the cover not washing because it will have dirt in it, which will later damage your car paint. Take light soap to make the soapy water and wash the fender cover with it.

That will keep the cover fabric safe and damage-free. Be careful while moving your car fender cover because sometimes we don’t notice, and the fender cover tears apart when getting stuck into something like a spike.

The Alternative To The DIY Car Fender Cover

The Alternative To The DIY Car Fender Cover

To be honest, there is no product alternative to a car fender cover, but yes, you can take care of your car fender in some ways.

You can first clean the fender with a clean piece of cloth. Spray some clean water after and wipe it off with another clean piece of cloth. Then use any other clothes as the car fender cover.

You also have to use that used cover because the dirt and dust it got will make your car fender dirty again.

Moreover, it will not seem an important thing, so other people in your family may use that for other purposes. Hence the better is making a perfect looking brand new car fender cover.


What Is The Difference Between A Bumper And A Fender?

There’s a difference between a bumper and a fender. A bumper is made of metal, and it frames well your car’s wheel.

But not the back or front. The fender is made of thick fabric that can extend from the front bumper to the front door. A fender covers the front wheel of a car.

Why Is It Important To Clean And Store Fender Covers After Each Use?

An unwashed fender cover has dirt and dust, which can later damage your car’s outer parts, especially the paint. Hence, storing it in a box or bag after cleaning will make the car fender work properly.

How Thick Are Foam Fender Covers?

Foam fender covers are great for use because when tools are put on them, they stay still, and nothing can damage or scratch the car fender for such a thick layer of foam.

These are usually 1.6 mm thick and produced from non-slip PVC. Foam car fender covers are used for the tools not to fall from their places.


DIY car fender covers are great and cheap to use, even sometimes better than other car fender covers. Besides, you can customize it as you wish. Underestimating it will be a great loss for anyone.

I hope now you know about what are the best DIY car fender covers. Let’s end this guide with a tip: Wash your car fender and car regularly to avoid scratches. As well, wash your DIY car fender covers also and try to keep them softs.

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