Weld Through Primer 3M – All You Need To Know

If you are working on a welding project, you must be looking for a weld through primer. Otherwise, who wants their welding material to get rust and contaminated even before using.

Primers are mostly used on the metal surface to prevent any contamination and corrosion of the welding metal. And, of course, it’s used before welding or before storing the metal. So, how to weld through primer 3m?

If you want to store the welding material for a long time, you must use the primer on the surface and joined parts of the metal. Thus, it will help you to preserve your welding metal and also give you an assurance of your material not getting wasted.

Weld through primer 3M

Well, the weld through primers 3M has produced, can assure you of all of that. Before going to our main topic, let’s know some basic information about weld through primers so that you can also compare different types of weld through primers to find the best one for you.

Now, let’s start!

What Is Weld Through Primer?

What Is Weld Through Primer

Well, weld through primers is mainly made up of zinc found either as an aerosol or spray or liquefied. You can also brush it on the metal or just spray it. Mainly zinc-based primers cannot be used on aluminum. Still, it gives better protection.

But, No worry!

There is also copper-based copper-based weld through primer, so um, you can use this in aluminum one.

Why Do You Need To Use Weld Through Primers?

Why Do You Need To Use Weld Through Primers.jpeg

Weld through primers is mainly manufactured because of this rusting nature of metal. When you leave the metal for a long time in the environment, it will react with the oxygen, which will cause rusting, resulting inin the welding metal deteriorationetal.

And, of course, you don’t want your material to become unusable without getting a chance to use it. It will be a waste of money, right?

That’s why one should use weld through primers to protect the metal from getting rust and to prevent corrosion.

It also depends on what type of weld through primer, you are using. Some primers may help you to reduce weld spatter as well, and some may not.

You can find weld through primers in hardware shops, or it’s also available on amazon.

How To Use Weld Through Primers?

Weld Through Primer

It’s mostly applied on the surface of the material. To prevent rusting, you should also apply it on the hindered and joined parts of the metal and the edges.

Before using primers, you should clean the metal, and it should be your priority. Making it free from dust, moisture, and other chemicals. After that, spray or brush it off on the metal properly.

As a reminder, paint is also a substance that may cause weld failure. That’s why you should not use primer on the part of the metal where you have painted.

But you may want to use it after painting. Still, you should remove paint before using the primer to not cause any rusting in the future.

Finally, it’s time to return to our topic.

In the next segment, we will provide you necessary guidelines of 3M weld through primer so you can use it without having any trouble.

Weld Through Primer 3M – All You Need To Know

3M Weld Through Primer

3M directly manufactures 3 M weld through primer. And It’s a zinc-based primer found as a liquefied aerosol spray. It blends with the metal easily and also prevents corrosion.

Other than that, it also resists the spattering of welds. As it’s a spray, it can be easily applied on the metal and takes almost 10 to 20 minutes to dry up.

How To Apply?

As we have already mentioned above, primers need to be used on bare metal. The same goes for this primer.

Before applying, follow these steps:

  • First, make sure the metal is free from dust, rust, moisture, and other contaminated chemicals. To ensure that, clean the metal perfectly.
  • Remove any kinds of paint if the metal has any.
  • Then spray the primer on the edges, surface as well as hindered parts. Make sure not to miss important parts otherwise later. That part will get rusted.
  • Let the metal dry after spraying the primer and wait before welding. It can take 10-20 minutes for that.
  • Apply two coats of thin layer and, in the meantime, dry it properly.

Even if you want to store the metal, you should apply the primer. It will help your material not get rusted. But then you must clean the metal before welding.


There are always some precautions which you must follow while using any product. And When you are using this spray, you must follow these precautions as written below:

  • Do not use water for cleaning.
  • Do not drink or eat while using this product.
  • Make sure to wear glasses to avoid any eye contact with the spray.
  • Shake the can before applying.
  • As you have to apply the primer on the bare metal, make sure it’s cleaned properly.
  • Dry the metal after spraying the primer.
  • Do not weld the wet metal.
  • Use two coats. And before applying the second coat, make sure the first coat is dried properly.

Make sure to follow these precautions; otherwise, it will be a weld failure or might bring harm to yourself.


Why would you use this primer if it doesn’t get you better benefits than others? Well, the benefits that 3M weld through primer provides are quite good.

And those are:

  • Protects from corrosion of the parts and also from getting rusted.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Resists the heat of the weld and protects the welding parts.
  • Reduces weld spatter.
  • Keeps the metal as well as overlapped parts strong bonded.
  • Makes it easy to weld the material.
  • Doesn’t take much time.
  • This can be used on non-weld metals as well.

This weld-through primer is quite user-friendly and also comes with a guarantee.


Apart from the benefits, it also has disadvantages, like the nozzle may not work properly. Because of spraying, the nozzle gets clogged easily, which can cause some inconveniences. It also can’t be used on aluminum as it’s a zinc-based primer.

Final Remarks

3M have been known for more than decades now in the industrial industry. So, you can put your trust in their products.

But you should also follow proper steps to get the wanted benefit. And if you can get more benefits, then why not using it?

Don’t make a mess while using weld through primer, and also follow all the precautions. Otherwise, it will all go in vain! I hope now you know about how to weld through primer 3m.

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